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Rocks wm xxx opponent

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Hi guys this is my first blog so go easy on me. i know a lot of you are rock haters but he's still on level that few can compete with. in fact the only person who can touch him on the mic is punk. I don't know why people think seen is a good talker. he is utterly boring and a douche bag but i leave that for another time. I wanted to find out who you think should face off at wm xxx. I want you to give me ur choice, a dream choice and a realistically who will actually face. You can have multiple choices for each.

First off realistic

lesnar- this seems to have been teased already but i don't want to see it. its been done. rather see something new and theres no story.

taker- rock has mentioned he would like to take on taker and it would make sense as these two are super elites (rock, taker, bret, austin...hhh nd hbk not quite on this level) of the wwe and is fitting of a event the caliber of wm xxx.Story writes itself (rock wants to cement himself as greatest of all time, done everything except beat taker at wm). However as much as i believe this could be great (only got to look at no way out and vengence 2002 as example) and should be both's retirement match because they are super elites i think it would be too damaging to rock to take the loss as i believe the streak should go unbroken. i think this should be left off for wwe universe to say what if...?

my personal choices

daniel bryan- bryan is the most over superstar in wwe right now and is without a doubt of the way to a wwe title reign. I see this match as an elevation match for bryan to solidify himself as the next face of the company by facing the previous and one of the most popular faces of all time. it only makes sense. this has so much potential to steal the show with bryan pushing the rock beyond his limits and giving an incredible performance. story is just that, bryan wants to prove that he is now the man and to do that he has to beat the rock or something like that, can integrate there little interaction at raw 1000. I'd love to see this happen and even though the rock vs punk matches didn't quite live up as much as they should've I do see this match doing so. - Would love to see this happen

orton- i'm surprised this match hasn't happened yet. story- 3rd gen vs 3rd gen. only issue for this to work orton needs to be heel again and had a big push back to how he was around 08-09.

ziggler- again same thing purpose as dbryan match just different story. everyone knows that ziggler isn't rocks biggest fan. story is dolph is sick and tired of rock stealing the spotlight and main events from others, as that's his thing and at wrestlemania he's just gonna shut the rock up. again takes rock to limit and makes him dig deep to put on an excellent match. perfect time for dolphs face turn. even though id see rock winning the match id see him raising dolphs hand as a sign of respect and cutting a promo (maybe next night on raw) just putting over dolph too a huge pop. i see a similar scenario in dbryan match except dbryan is already face but i think ziggler and bryan would benefit more from losses than wins.


hbk- there's only one dream match that hasn't happen and I believe its this 1. Story writes itself - icon vs icon, people's champ vs mr wrestlemania, brahma bull vs heart break kid, great one vs showstopper. i know this is near impossible to happen as i don't think even the chance to face rock would tempt hbk out of retirement but imagine if it did. one night only hbk returns and to face rock. vkm would've sold out wrestlemaina just with that and these two could really do something special even though they've past their primes.

Well there it is guys. Let me know what you think and give me your own suggestions nd stories for each.

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Updated 06-11-2013 at 09:39 AM by kakarot786

Thoughts and Opinions


  1. anon316's Avatar
    hey man, i dont wanna be a douche but didnt he say he's had his last match after he got injured?
  2. Kajmere's Avatar
    Your personal choices won't happen, not believable enough to end the streak I don't care how big DB blows up. I agree with the Rock being the best on the mic (Punks not even close brotha), and hes the greatest WWE entertainer ever, but nOt the best wrestler.
  3. kakarot786's Avatar
    First off with out a shadow of a doubt he is the best entertainer of all time and no hes not the best wrestler (he was a lot better before his absence) but he said he's not sure he's done. To be honest I can't imagine mania 30 without him. I'm sure Vince will convince him. The only way I possibly don't see him being on the card is if they have an equally big a star (aka stone cold vs punk)in it. With regards to believablity of ending the streak rock is always a huge threat to anyone he faces but he would need to prepare some more to be a lot more crisp in the ring to make the match must see and with rocks promo work and the ring experience combined of these two this match should be epic. With regards to my personals i am quite aware that they are 99% unlikely to happen but if it was my choice I would book the rock in one of those three as he should be giving back to new talent (more ziggler and Dbryan than orton). He did this with lesnar and sort of with orton (wm20) so i dont see any reason for him not to do it again. In my opinion the rock could've been used much more effectively for wm 29 than to put cena over. if anything the rock vs cena 2 at rumble and rock vs punk at mania or if they had to have cena in there then a triple threat. when i first saw mania29 poster with brock, rock and cena i thought that would be the main event. That would've at least added a new dynamic to it or punk instead of brock (i think this would've happened if taker wasn't on the card). or they could've had him team up with team hell no vs shield to get some payback/ revenge for costing him the title.
  4. walldo 3:16's Avatar
    Realistic probably lesnar or hhh .. Personally I would love to see taker but the match would probs let me down .. Fantasy if both were in any where near gd shape and on form HBK .. Would also love to see angle have a mania match with someone of the calibar as the rock
  5. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Orton or HBK for me.....those are the only two on my mind that I want to see. Wouldn't mind seeing him face Bryan or Dolph o. Same guys he has faced in the past like Lesnar or Taker....

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