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Money in the Bank 2013

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Hi Guys go easy as this is only my second blog but have a look and let me know your thoughts. I've tried to combine in part how I think parts of the ppv will be booked and how I would like other parts to be booked. So Lets Start.

Match 1 Divas Title: AJ vs Kaitylyn- rematch, winner Aj.

Kaitlyn gets her rematch. She dominates Aj and sets up for the spear. Aj dodges With Kaitlyn going into the ring post and then Aj rolls her up for the three.

Match 2 Intercontinental Title: Cutris Axel vs fandango. winner axel.

Fandango returns as a face saying that it should be him as champ and not axel and he deserve to face axel for title. Good to and thro match with both competitors kicking out of the others finisher. Fandogo has axel down and sets up axel for the perfect plex which axel reverses into his own to win the match. (trying to keep miz and barrett out of ic picture)

Match 3 Tag Team Title: Shield vs Usos , winners the shield. Usos pick up momentum by going on a winning streak. They then call out rollins and reigns and say they're best tag in wwe or something like that and face off in singles action with both teams getting a win a piece. Standard tag match. close falls and reigns spearing one of the usos through the barricade. With these two out the other uso is on the top rope to hit splash but rollins hits him with a insiguri (kick to the back of the head and then hits the sky walker ( for the pin.

Match 4 US Title: Dean Ambrose vs Christian, winner no contest.

After continuous attacks by the shield, christian destroys the shield with a chair attack and hangs over dean ambrose and issues him a challenge for the us belt. next week ambrose responds and cuts a promo on how justice will be served at mitb or something. On the night we see ambrose instruct the other two members not to get involved. That this is something he had to go at it alone. Were treated to absolute clinic with plenty of reversals and near falls. Each competitor hits their finishers with the other kicking out. Action spills to the outside with both competitors going over the ropes after a full force clothesline from christian. Both competitors continue to exchange blows to the outside and get counted out. Even after the bell both continue to feud. Now either of the two can happen. Either christian hits a spear to ambrose through the anounce table or off the stage. Either would be awesome.

I know for these next two matches there is a little unevenness with the heels and faces. You could possibly move a couple of superstars between the two but i was restricted as there were a few superstars I would have used instead who are injured.

So they are tyson kidd, mysterio, kofi and possibly big show. Out would then be sin cara, mcintyre, and big e. but anyways McIntyre has split from 3 mb a returned as his brutal old self but i see big e as a tweener. I see the whc mitb as the showcasing of the younger talent with lots of great spots with a duel between sheamus nd big e, sin cara doing a moonsult off the top of ladder, someone getting like a spinebuster move or lying on a someone hits elbow from top rope to break ladder...

Match 5 WHC MITB Match: Barrett vs Sheamus vs Cody Rhodes vs Damien Sandow vs Antonia Cesaro vs Drew Macintyre vs big e vs sin cara

winner cody rhodes.

I would have a surprising finish with sandow and sheamus feuding atop two different ladders trying to reach the contract and then cody sets up another ladder and shoves sheamus off his ladder going through a table. Sandow and cody share a laugh atop the ladder then cody topples sandow off of his ladder going through another table or a ladder and then unlocks the contract to end the match with sick smile on his face as he looks over at the carnage he just caused.

Match 6 WWE title MITB Match: y2j vs punk vs dbryan vs kane vs ryback vs randy orton vs RVD vs miz

winner dbryan.

Again looks of great spots with rolling thunder on a ladder, rko off the top of ladder, double codebreaker at the top of the ladder. no lock locked in on ryback atop and using the ladder...

Finish: Punk hits his kick to the side of head to rvd. He is just about to grap the contract but then lesnars music hits, lesnar comes running down but before he can do anything punk hits hit with a suicide dive from the ladder. He then locks in the anaconda but brock uses his super power and stands up and rams punks body into the ladder and then hits the f5. During this time bryan has climbed up the ladder and grabbed the briefcase. Hence proving to all he is not the weak link and setting up summerslam against cena.

Match 7 WHC Title: ADR VS Ziggler, winner by dq adr.

Good solid match with dolph dominating most of it. Del rio is down when ricardo tosses in a chair but ziggler grabs it first (at this point dolph is venting with anger) he lashes out at del rio with multiple chair shots (like 10-12 mainly to head) and then screams out to the crowd who give him a huge pop. He is disqualified for using the chair and del rio is bleeding from the head. Rodriguez comes in to try and help del rio get up but ziggler now fuming even more tosses the chair at rodriguez who catches it and ziggler hits him with sweet chin music. He then looks down at rodriguez with disgust when he sees del rio sterring to get up using the ropes and hits him with sweet chin music. This is the official passing of the move to ziggler(from wwe, not hbk). Ziggler stands over del rio and raises the whc.

Match 8 WWE Title: Mark Henry vs Cena winner cena.

Now as much as would want henry to win this one i don't see it happening. I see this match going with henry dominating and whenever cena starts building momentum henry stops it by over powering him. Finish. Henry hits the world strongest slam but cena kicks out. He does it again but cena kicks out again. Henry is infuriated and getting frustrated that he can't get the job done.He then goes for the splash but misses and cena hits aa. Henry kicks out to a huge pop. Cena looks stunned and goes to hit it again but henry breaks out. Henry then goes for another world strongest slam but it is countered to aa. 1,2 kickout. An even louder pop. Cena goes "aw man" (like wm28). He locks it stf but henry is able to overpower, gets up and runs cena into the corner. He then runs from the opposite corner at cena and crushes him. He then drags cena and puts him in position for splash from top rope. Cena get up and climbs ropes and hits aa from top for the pin. Both men are absolutely exhausted and cena rolls out of ring and walks up ramp. Henry starts to get up and cena gives henry a salute from the ramp as a show of respect. The crowd aploud henry and start chanting "thank you henry... sexual chocolate...". There is a tear in henry's eye and he smiles. he then mouths thank you and absorbs in all the emotion. He then leaves the ring. Now you can decide what happens from here. Either this is henrys last night and he retires or he returns after a few months off or he retires on raw of he appears on raw as a face, changed attitude and embraces all the sexual chocolate chants.

There you go guys hope you enjoyed. let me know what you thought.

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  1. Kajmere's Avatar
    Cena climbs the ropes and AA's Henry off the top? I'll shit myself
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Axel vs Miz would make more sense here. Disagree with MITB winners o.....MITB is pretty much booked. Rematch for Divas title is likely, Cena vs Henry is already on the card, Ziggler getting his rematch for the world title makes the most sense here, Ambrose vs Christian is a good match.
  3. AWyatt's Avatar
    Dont agree with D Bryan winning WWE MiTB Contract. I cannot see it as we know he has a match with Cena at SS. In all fairness I see Ryback winning it. At least, I hope. That'll keep him out of the WWE title picture for 6+months whilst he rebuilds himself and then the WWE can finally pull the trigger on him.
  4. walldo 3:16's Avatar
    Rvd and ziggler will win a case each
  5. weems's Avatar
    I like your card. Mine is not too much different. Here is how I would book it. I would like to see one MITB match be all former WHC champions and the other be a group of guys who have never been WHC or WWE champion.
    1. Punk v Bryan v Kane v Swagger v Christian v Orton v Sheamus v Jericho - WWE MITB
    2. Ryback v Barrett v Rhodes v Sandow v Truth v Gabriel v Sin Cara v Kofi (if healthy) - WHC MITB
    Other matches:
    3. Henry v Cena - WWE
    4. ADR v Ziggler - WHC
    5. AJ v Kaitlyn - Divas
    6. Ambrose v RVD - US
    7. Shield v Uso's - Tag
    Pre-Show: Axel v Miz - IC

    Personally, I don't believe that the MITB matches need to have a balance of faces and heels. I view MITB just like the Royal Rumble where the match sells itself regardless of who is in it.
  6. Kajmere's Avatar
    The Shield crashes one of the ladder matches and hijacks a briefcase.
  7. kakarot786's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kajmere
    Cena climbs the ropes and AA's Henry off the top? I'll shit myself
    My aim was that this match needed a bigger finish than a standard aa to make henry look good even though he's taking the loss and also keep that threat there of cena loosing the title if they deciding to rematch.
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