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My Summerslam 2013 Card

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John Cena (C) vs Daniel Bryan
Winner: Daniel Bryan by DQ
Story: Kane interferes (without his mask now) and attacks Daniel Bryan getting John Cena DQ'd; Ends with Kane destroying Daniel Bryan and becoming fully heel

HHH vs Vince McMahon with Stephanie McMahon as Special Guest Referee
Winner: Vince McMahon
Story: I don't know what the story line is going to be going into this one; Just have a feeling Vince will book himself winning

Alberto Del Rio (C) vs Dolph Ziggler vs RVD in a Triple Threat Ladder Match for the World Heavyweight Title
Winner: RVD
Story: High stakes ladder match with RVD winning the belt

The Shield (C) vs The Undertaker and Kane
Winner: The Shield
Story: The Shield pick up the win after interference from Dean Ambrose; Kane goes ballistic after the match and storms to the back leaving Taker looking frustrated in the ring

CM Punk vs Brock Lesnar
Winner: CM Punk
Story: CM Punk gets a clean win over Brock; Goes over big with the crowd and a GTS on Paul Heyman

Big Show vs Ryback
Winner: Ryback
Story: After all of Ryback's losses over the past months he picks up a huge win on Big Show and a Shellshock

Curtis Axel (C) vs Christian vs The Miz vs Wade Barrett
Winner: Christian
Story: Christian takes the belt, not much of a story behind this match

Randy Orton vs Sheamus
Winner: Sheamus by DQ
Story: Randy Orton finally turns totally heel at Summerslam and punts Sheamus multiple times

Pre Show

Dean Ambrose (C) vs Rey Mysterio for the United States Championship
Winner: Dean Ambrose
Story: Ambrose wins dirty over Mysterio

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  1. Rude Awakening's Avatar
    This is good but I'd only add one twist to the Shield/Brothers of Destruction match: after the Shield win by power bombing the Undertaker in the center of the ring and getting rid of Kane on the outside, STING hops over the barricade and just as Undertaker is getting up, drops him with a Scorpion Death Drop. Challenge for Mania issued.
  2. kakarot786's Avatar
    Allow this sting shit. He's so over hyped! There's still credible challengers for the streak which could do a much better job.

    1. rock
    2. lesnar
    3. bryan
    4. jericho
    5. even cena

    would love to see though

    angle vs taker

    and this one unfortunately won't happen but would have been off the charts:

    taker vs eddie guerrero #viva la rasa # i'm your papi #latino heat
  3. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Pretty good predictable card, Christian and RVD winning isn't something I agree upon.
  4. BrettManWWEFAN's Avatar
    Great card! but the only thing i would change is maybe putting christian somewhere in the world title match but not winning
  5. OneLastScream007's Avatar
    This is great. I agree with everything, and it sounds pretty realistic. I want Kane and Randy Orton to turn heel so much!! I love how you made it happen, too.

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