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WWE Raw 6-17-13 Hits and Misses

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In here I will give a overall score of Monday's show 1-10, the hits, the misses, and a summary of the blog.

Overall Score:


Del Rio Segment: I'm really happy that WWE has decided to turn Del Rio back heel. I never liked him as a face as I found him so cocky and arrogant. With that being said I'm okay with him winning the World Title from Ziggler as long as Ziggler turns face which he has. I thought Ziggler would interupt Del Rio so it was a pleasant suprise to see Punk walk out. Now for this segment I thought they would have Punk go after the World Title which quite frankly is a step down for him but more on what will actually be taking place later on. I also like that Punk is branching off from Heyman. It could be a little too premature though. I'd like to see Heyman cost Punk an actual match first but either way it's good.

Wade Barrett vs. Christian: I always love when WWE brings back superstars. It's great when their music hits when you haven't heard it for 6 months, a year, or multiple years. It'll be interesting to see what they do with Christian though. Maybe have him feud with Axel over the IC Title. Another thing, thank god RVD is coming back.

Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan in a No DQ Match: It was very interesting to see WWE make these two square off so soon. Not that I have a problem with this match I just think they could've saved it for MITB. Has the kendo stick replaced the steel chair as the go to weapon in a No DQ Match? I liked that they had Orton showing some heel tendencies throughout the match. Please turn heel quickly Orton. The ending was a little odd but it did look like Bryan got injured during the match. It also gave Orton a pass on breaking character and checking on Bryan.

AJ Lee Segment: I'm glad WWE is starting to give the Diva's credible air time throughout Raw. AJ is the best diva since Trish retired and it's nice to see her hold the title. Also nice to see how every diva wanted a piece of AJ last night since she's been a thorn in everybody's side. It'll be interesting to see if they turn her face with Dolph or keep her heel with Big E.

Antonio Cesaro vs. William Regal: I'm glad that they're going to do something with Cesaro. Cesaro was labled "boring" by upper management and usually that means your doomed to be nothing, but looks like they're going to give him another shot. I like the alliance with Coulter because it keeps Coulter on TV and managing superstars. I also like Regal getting some air time. I don't like Cole's obnoxious commentary though. Shutup.

Mark Henry Segment: Amazing. Just amazing. I seriously thought he was retiring. I, like so many of you, was eating out of the palm of his hand. I thought something might be up when he asked Cena to stay, but when he started talking about his career and family I thought he was gone. I like all the little jabs at Cena though. "I've had a successful career, well not like John has." Good little jab. I'm glad that Henry's not retiring though. I see one more run in him and glad he's going to do it.

Alberto Del Rio vs. CM Punk: The match itself was good but I'm going to talk about after the match. Really suprising to see Ziggler show up and attack Del Rio. Del Rio solidified his heel turn early in the show and Ziggler attacking him after the match solidifies his face turn. I was extremely suprised to hear Lesnar's music hit. I love his music by the way. Gives me chills everytime. I like them setting up Lesnar vs. Punk for probably MITB. Make it Summerslam though. It'll be interesting next week to see if Paul told Brock to attack Punk, if Brock did it because he was mad that Punk said Lesnar needs Paul's help, or a combination of the two. I'm just glad Lesnar didn't talk. He sounds like Kermit the Frog on steroids too me.


Team Rhodes Scholars vs. Sheamus in a Handicap Match: I'm glad Sandow is gettting some main event spotlight but I don't care for this feud. Why make this a handicap match anyway? Why not just Rhodes vs. Sheamus? Either way it made Rhodes Scholars look weak with how Sheamus was dominating even though they got the win.

Kane vs. Dean Ambrose for the US Title: I just don't like these two in a match. I don't think Ambrose is that fluent in the ring and pairing him with Kane doesn't make it any better. To have it go 3 minutes then have The Shield interfere was pointless and at least it ends this feud. I also don't like The Shield interacting in the back. They're supposed to be loners.

Heath Slater vs. Chris Jericho: I get that you have to have Jericho on the show but this was pointless. I know it was a filler match but don't have Jericho in a filler match. He's more than that. He just faced Punk at Payback.

Curtis Axel vs. Sin Cara: Same with the last. Don't have your newly crowned IC Champion in a filler match. He's more than that. Plus I don't want to see a Miz-Axel feud. Just put Christian in.

Overall a very good show. Hard to find anything wrong with it except the filler matches and the two others. This creative and writing staff needs to show up every single week. If you want me to invest a third of my day in wrestling Vince, make Raw more like this.

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  1. weems's Avatar
    I really enjoyed the Bryan v Orton match as well. I agree Orton was showing some heel tendencies, hopefully the turn is coming soon. Also, does anybody truthfully know if Daniel Bryan is really injured or if is this just a kayfabe injury?
  2. Y2JLionsault's Avatar
    Enjoyed the blog, agreed with pretty much everything you said. The only thing is the part about the Shield being loners. I think the backstage segment was good. Apart from it creating more tension between Trips and Vince, I feel like it adds a new dimension to the Sheild. They are one of the best things going at the moment and the last thing you want is for them to get stale. That was a good start, now we can maybe get to see more backstage stuff from them apart from their promos. Backstage segments are good for starting feuds sometimes as well
  3. Super monkey's Avatar
    Your days only last 9 hours?
  4. PSOjedi's Avatar
    I think Christian won't go for the IC but the US title, vs Dean Ambrose
  5. Anthony_Eckman's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by weems
    I really enjoyed the Bryan v Orton match as well. I agree Orton was showing some heel tendencies, hopefully the turn is coming soon. Also, does anybody truthfully know if Daniel Bryan is really injured or if is this just a kayfabe injury?
    He got a stinger in his neck during the match so the Ref stopped it to help not further the injury, but he was cleared by doctors after the show. Originally they were going to have Bryan pin Orton on Raw to set up him getting huge wins to face Cena at Summerslam for the title
  6. Kajmere's Avatar
    This will probably be an unpopular opinion, but I kind of don't buy the injury. Suppose he did suffer a stinger, why the hell would they wait so long to stop the match? DB was going crazy after the move (if it occurred where I think it occurred).
  7. sret's Avatar
    "AJ is the best diva since Trish retired and it's nice to see her hold the title."

    AJ is truly amazing. The divas match was the third best match at Payback and during the Raw segment AJ continued to show that she's really stepping up her game. The sky's the limit!
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