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What to do with the abundance of Superstars

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Alright, let's give this blog thing another, there is a lot of people debuting, coming back, etc. and I feel that there is a much bigger issue at hand, and that is the overflow of people vying for airtime on WWE-TV, so this is what I think should be done about a bunch of them;

- Mark Henry: Listen, I swear to god he should get an Oscar nomination for his performance on RAW, because he had me and everyone else fooled. But I think he really has deserved a WWE Title shot. This can maybe last until after Summerslam, maybe throw Daniel Bryan in the title mix too, have Bryan v. Henry. Cena at MITB, and then Henry goes after a newly face-turned Ryback while Bryan and Cena duel at Summerslam? I feel like Henry has another 1-2 years in him. Regardless, Henry deserves to be in the main card for awhile.

- CM Punk: I feel like he has already turned face, that's the vibe I'm getting, especially by ditching Heyman basically. And after just seeing Lesnar showing up and attack Punk, it seems like something will be built up for Summerslam, maybe have Punk in the MITB match to add star power, but have Lesnar attack him there too, and set up a match for Summerslam and then maybe get a Punk v. Bryan WWE Title feud, a dream feud.

- Curtis Axel: I really like Hennig's new gimmick, I do. Should he have won the IC title already? I don't know, but it looks like a Miz v. Axel fued may be brewing, but I think Christian should be thrown back into the mix, maybe setting up a Axel v. Miz v. Christian match at Summerslam, heck, maybe throw Barrett in there to add some....value to it? A fatal four way match at Summerslam would certainly make the title look better then it does now, and help Axel get over if he can win cleanly, maybe actually make the IC Title picture fun to see again.

- Christian: As I suggested above, maybe throw Christian back in the IC Title picture, but if not, I think he could start a feud with Randy Orton, or heck, feud with Ambrose over the US Title, get Ambrose over, maybe get a Steel Cage match at Summerslam to prevent interference from the Shield and make it a real match for a once. I think Christian should come back to help put over talent and maybe try and add some prestige to the mid card title(s) before he might have to retire for good.

- Rob Van Dam: First, I am stoked that RVD is coming back. Unfortunately I read he only is coming back on a part time schedule and won't travel a lot. So he won't be on TV every week, so I don't see a meaningful feud for him with his lack of appearances, so maybe he leads an assault against the Shield, or help revitalize the tag team division by starting a team to fight the Shield to give them some real competition. I have a feeling he won't be here for more than a year or two before he disappears again/retires, so same with Christian, help put over new talent and try to help fix whatever he can before wherever next he goes.

- Fandango: For the first few months, I enjoyed this gimmick, it was fresh, it was new. But now, it's gotten stale and this is the perfect time while he is recovering to maybe tweak it a bit, maybe not make it as flashy or over the top. I like his work in the ring, his mic work is decent, but his gimmick is too much. He needs a good feud, and not some fluke WM win against Jericho, that doesn't do anything. I don't know who, maybe uh..Sin Cara perhaps? They are both pretty much high-flyers, and could work well together, complement one another? He just needs to get less over the top and have a good feud for once.

- Big Show: Oh boy, what to do with this giant...hmmm, maybe, well throw him in a tag team, he was great is Jeri-Show and ShowMiz, so I think that is where he is needed the most. I can't think of who he should be in a tag team with, maybe go off with like Adrian Neville, where there would a high flyer and a powerhouse, to give PAC a start, so eventually he'll be established.

~~~ So this is what I think, please let me know what you think, thanks guys! Postitive/not so mean comments if possible! lol

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I thought when I heard his music, he was going to challenge Cena for the title. Through the promo my belief was going away til the awesome ending. That was the best part of Raw last night.

    Christian could face anybody from IC or US titles.

    I'm so happy that Axel won the IC title. Maybe he faces Jericho, Christian, or someone else at Summerslam.

    I'd like to see Big Show put over some of the heels like Ryback or Wade Barrett.

    Fandango, not a big fan. Music is the only reason fans went nuts.

    You would put him as a tag team wrestler coming back? I'm glad you are not on the booking team. Why not RVD vs John Cena for the WWE title?RVD vs Orton? RVD vs Ryback? Hell, RVD vs Sandow would be entertaining. Not some stupid back to the midcard lack of buzz type of thing with RVD.

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