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main event mafia vs aces and eight (includes lockdown card)

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It's 4 weeks before bound for glory and stings in the ring cutting a promo and here come's aces and eights they go to attack sting but here comes james storm with a chair and clears house sting shakes his hand sting announces storm is the first member into the new main event mafia the folowing week sting and storm are in a tag match vs doc and knux anderson comes down with a hammer but here comes samoa joe and takes out anderson sting shakes joes hand joe joins the main event mafia the following week joe storm and sting challenges doc knux and anderson to a match they accept but here comes matt morgan and he takes out sting joe and storm doc gives him a cut the following week its storm vs morgan when aces and eights come out but here comes sting and joe followed by hardy and angle a brawl erupts stings team wins the brawl angle and hardy are the newest members its bound for glory and its angle joe sting and storm vs doc knux anderson and morgan aces are winning but anderson hits doc with a hammer and takes off his cut and the aces top to reveal hes got a mafia shirt on sting covers knux 1.2.3 later on its hardy vs bully hardy goes to the top for a swanton bomb but devon comes racing down and distracts the ref then a member of aces and eights who's got a mask on pushes jeff hits jeff with a hammer and jeff falls to the canvas hard bully with the cover1.2.3 aces and eights are in the ring celebrating the man with mask on pulls his mask off its ...... jeff jarrett the crowd goes nuts they cant belive it the following week aces are in the ring when they say we have a new vp but then the lights go out and a man with hat on his there with his head down who is its eric bischoff he then shakes hands with bully ray and hugs the rets of aces and eights he's the new vp here comes the mafia and a brawl erupts and sting is injured in the process 2 weeks befor lockdown mafia are arguing in the ring when sting returns and says they better got on the same page becuase in 2 weeks it will be hardy joe anderson and storm vs morgan doc knux and garret bischoff inside lethal lockdown and says he will face devon for the tv title garret bischoff will defend the x division title against aj styles and bully ray vs hardy with the world title on the line and hogan vs bischoff and jeff jarret vs a mystery opponet the team with the least amount of wins disbands later in the
tag titles chavo and hernandez vs daniels and kaziran(c)
winners=daniels and kaziran
knockouts title
mickie james vs gail kim vs vevlet sky vs taryn terrell
winner =brooke hogan after she enters herself in match
bobby roode vs double a
winner=double a
wes brisco
vs aj styles x divison title
winner aj styles who then joins the mafia
mafia 1 aces 0
jeff jarret vs ?(abyss
winner=abyss who joins mafia
mafia 2 aces 0
lethal lockdown
mafia vs aces
mafia 2 aces 1
devon vs sting tv title
winner = devon
hogan vs bischoff winner
= no contest after brawl erupts
rampage jackson vs king mo mma contest (leigt fight)
winner = king mo unamous decision 30 29 30 29 30 29
hardy vs ray world title
winner=ray after brooke hogan low blows hardy
mafia 2 aces 3
main event mafia disbands
say what angle i should do next

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    This is the worst organized blog I've seen. Where is the space to help readers out?
  2. Rebel Lion's Avatar
    What is this?? Incoherent ramblings are all I can deduce from this blog.
  3. HungOver's Avatar
    Cheers for the heads up,was just about to give it a go lol
  4. walldo 3:16's Avatar
    Don't do another blog m8 I don't really care about the no space thing the other guys are saying I just think its pure shite lol
  5. Darkside Ron Garvin's Avatar
    I'm glad you put the effort into thinking this through, but perhaps you should view some other blogs to figure out how to format in order to make it an easier read.

    That being said, I enjoyed a bit of your twists, but I am not a fan of your angle. Hogan vs. Bischoff is not something I ever want to see again in this lifetime and the product (story wise) has gotten much better since Bischoff was taken off of TV. The return of Double J would be interesting depending on how he was used, but I like the association with Bully for their previous ties in Immortal. I am also not a fan of Hardy winning the BFG series, which is what would have to happen for him to face Bully @ BFG as you said. Then you follow it up with Bully vs. Hardy at Lockdown which means that Hardy had 3 title matches out of 4 PPVs in a year.

    I guess if this is what you'd want to see then that is fine; I am just not a fan of what entertains you in this regard.
  6. weems's Avatar
    I tried reading this earlier on my phone and assumed that the html was not rendering or that perhaps something was wrong with the website or my phone. Now that I am at my computer reading this I guess that was not the case. I am not your English teacher so I will not criticize your writing style but give me a break. Use the edit tool, take 5 minutes to make this blog somewhat legible and then I will take the time to read it. I guarantee most people looked at the blog, said WTF and went to another link on the site.

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