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Top 10 moments: King of the Ring

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Wrestlers go at it for years to prove they are the best in this business. However, a tournament began called King of the Ring. No other way can one prove they are the best any more than winning x amount of matches in one night that starts with 8 wrestlers and the winner is King. King means you are the best, most important of the group, or ruler of a group. So being king of anything means a lot especially in wrestling. First few events began and were crowned at live events. Don't expect moments from there. I'm basically doing the best of the King of the Ring since the ppv began which was 93. June 13, 1993 to be exact so virtually 20 years and 2 days today posting this blog. This blog will provide a history lesson, refresh memories, show memories that were important to wrestling, among other things. Here is the top 10 moments in the history of King of the Ring 93-02:

HM: Booker T has become King!06-I know what you are thinking, 93-02, but I was such a huge fan of King Booker....I needed to include it.

10.Kiss my foot Jerry!95-Bret Hart was the first King of the Ring winner in 93 on ppv. Jerry "The King" Lawler took it as an insult he was the King which started a long rivalry. I'm not talking months or even a year. Years I'd say 2 or 3 year span of him feuding with Bret over this. This match took place in 95 where he beat Jerry Lawler in a kiss my foot match. Jerry Lawler lost and has to kiss Bret's foot. Bret forced Jerry to kiss his own foot as well which the fans went nuts!!
9.McMahons + Ladder=carnage!!99-Linda gave up her ceo position to Stone Cold. As you all know, Vince's long rivalry in the late 90s that I believe was the best rivalry of all-time. I believe the reason she did this was because he revealed he was the one who been pulling the strings which of course formed the Corporate Ministry. What a way to get revenge on Vince which got the fans going nuts. Decided to put CEO of WWF on the line in a handicap ladder match featuring Shane McMahon as well. Austin was beating the crap out of them of course, but fav part of the match is when they were near the entrance. Entrance had like 50 ladders with like 8 holding them up. Austin threw Shane and Vince into them to knock em down. He than left one up and pulled some sort of string which caused all the ladders to fall on the McMahon's. McMahons won the match thanks to someone pulling the briefcase up and down.
8.Mankind gets crowned 97-HHH vs Mankind in 97 King of the Ring Finals. HHH won while being handed a crown. According to HHH, he didn't want to wear that like WWE wanted him to. He instead used it as a weapon on Mankind smashing it over his back. He kept receiving new ones only to do the same thing. You are not going to wear it are you? NO! How I know? HHH's King of Kings DVD is my source.
7.Austin era over? 98-Another deck stacked against Austin during their rivalry still talked about today vs Vince. King of the Ring 98 featured Austin vs Kane(masked) in a first blood match. How can you make him bleed with a mask on? At the time, I thought Austin would overcome it somehow, but Kane won after promising if he lost he would set himself on fire. He won his first WWF title along with having one of the shortest reigns in history. Austin challenged Kane to a rematch next night on Raw. I didn't expect him to win it back because usually reigns last longer than a day. However, he won the belt the next night as I went crazy. Well known, Austin all-time fav of mine.
6.King Kurt 00-1 of the best rookie years of all-time, hell I would argue it would be #1 on any list. He won both European and IC titles while wearing them at the same time. He defended them both at WM2000 and lost them both to Benoit and Jericho. Overlooked great match because of the triangle ladder match which still is a top match all-time in Mania history. He also won King of the Ring and the WWF title vs The Rock. Won the only 6 man Hell in a Cell for the WWF title including Taker, HHH, Stone Cold, The Rock, and Rikishi. Kurt also beat Rikishi in the finals to win that tournament.
5.Lesnar earns Summerslam WWE title shot 02-You talk about can't miss athletes in sports all the time. Brock Lesnar was without question one of the best pure athletes in the biz when you talk about size, strength, and athleticism. He debuted with Heyman attacking wrestlers during a match destroying everyone in sight. His first feud was against my favorite tag team all-time: the Hardy Boyz!! He man handled these dudes like you never really seen before. The reason for that mainly was because they competed more as a tag team back than. He was beating both Hardyz while taking chair shots without leaving his feet. Everyone knew he was the "Next Big Thing" in the WWE. Lesnar had the momentum going in to the King of the Ring. Even once announced to face Stone Cold Steve Austin at King of the Ring. A match I was pumped to see. Only to anger Austin more with WWE's creative team announcing matches out of no where without any build to it. Austin didn't come back and took his ball and went home. Lesnar faced RVD in the Finals of the King of the Ring tournament and won to become the #1 contender at Summerslam for the WWE undisputed title(WCW and WWF unified). From there went on to become the youngest WWE champion of all-time.
4.Kurt vs Shane 01-Kurt competed in 3 matches at the ppv the year of 01. Competing in the King of the Ring along with his match with Shane McMahon. "I thought Shane was knocked out" during the "Don't try this at home" vignettes when he was with WWE of course. 1 belly to belly suplex after another that is the main part of that match that I remember.
3.Owen is crowned King of Harts 94-Bret was the first King of the Ring champion crowned on ppv. A year later, Owen became the 2nd and proclaimed himself the King of Harts. He beat Bret at WM10 in the best match of the night in my opinion along with winning King of the Ring in the same year. Owen's real shot to be a main event guy and I thought he did very well. Got a WWF title match at Summerslam in a Cage match.
2.The birth of Austin 3:16 96-Some could argue this should be #1. Not to me even though Austin is my favorite wrestler all-time. It was his first big moment since coming to WWE. Ringmaster certainly wasn't....LOL! Austin wrestled a few matches during the night, one where his lip busted and he had to go to the hospital before his Finals match vs Jake. He was told he promo'd some quotes from the bible. So when he beat Jake in the Finals of the King of the Ring, he went to the podium and said: "You sit there and you thump your Bible, and you say your prayers, and it didn't get you anywhere! Talk about your psalms, talk about John 3:16... Austin 3:16 says I just whipped your ass!"Austin 3:16 was born along with 1 of the most iconic shirts and signs held by fans. 1 of the most popular catchphrases as well was born. So yes, the impact of the moment meant a lot in wrestling!! So what moment beat it?
1.Taker/Mankind Hell in a Cell 98-In my opinion, the best moment in the history of King of the Ring is probably the most talked about match of all-time. It is still talked about today by fans. Why do I just say match? There are so many memorable moments in the match, I wouldn't be able to include much else in this top 10. Only the 2nd HIAC match ever. Foley decided to start the match on top of the cell. Probably the most intimidating wrestler in WWE history is Undertaker whether it be the size, entrance, or simply Taker. Taker gets on top of the cage and throws Mankind off the top of the Hell in a Cell. Famous line: "Good God almighty! Good God almighty! That killed him! As God as my witness, he is broken in half!". A stretcher, Vince, among others came out to put Mick on the stretcher and end the match. Foley got off the stretcher and climbed back up it as did Taker who thought the match was over. Taker ended up giving him a chokeslam through the Cell. Which according to Mick was the worse of the two falls because the chair came crashing down into his face. "Good God, Good God! Will somebody stop the damn match? Enough's enough!". Terry Funk among other officials came in the ring to buy Mick time. Terry got chokeslammed out of his shoes literally. The famous smile in the corner of Mankind's bloody face of course without his mask. Chokeslammed on the tacks and tombstone for the victory. Mick was going into the match wanting to do something big to take him to main event level. He did that that night. It was named match of the year in 98 by PWI. Mick says he goes to schools to talk about drugs among other things. When he asks for questions, 100s of children raise their hands, he said oh by the way, it hurt when I was thrown off the Hell in a Cell. Only 2 hands are still up....yea it was that big folks.

There you have it!! The top 10 moments in the history of the King of the Ring. Main focus was on 93-02 years during the ppv era. How'd I do? Miss any moments? Favorite moment in the history of King of the Ring? Leave that and more in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!!

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  1. blink's Avatar
    After reading this blog I am officially in love with you. So many good memories!
  2. Kajmere's Avatar
    Excellent top 3, you're smart for putting #3 so high up. My favorite tournament for sure. It's a damn shame the only time Owen is ever referenced on TV is by his brother. If still alive, he'd be top 10 all time, yeah I said it.
    Updated 06-17-2013 at 11:07 AM by Kajmere
    @TheGreatOne - You gotta give me something to complain about! I actually have to read more than once to find anything!

    Everyone knows the King of the Ring needs to come back. It was once considered the 5th largest PPV (after WM, RR, SS, SS). King Booker(and his queen) did an amazing job promoting what should be done after winning a PPV (Not like Bragging Rights).

    Painful Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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