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wwe title picture 2014 january to july

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This is my version of Brock lesnar's wwe title reign
It starts at royal rumble sheamus has just eliminated randy orton and sheamus is recovering in the ring when brock's music hits this is the first time we've seen him since loosing to punk at summerslam the crowd are going nuts he gets in the ring sheamus attacks him but brock destroys him f5 and brock throws sheamus out brocks waiting in the ring to see who's number 30 if you smelll what the rock is cookin the crowd erupt here comes rock for the first time since wm 29 they both stare each other down brock pushes rock rock pushes brock brock takes rock down lands with punches brock whips rock into the ropes rock ducks a clothesline rock bottom brock gets back up rock clothesline brock over the top rope for the win
its the next night on raw and brock comes out with heyman heyman cuts a promo about brock and says he will be in the elimantion chamber match for the wwe title but here comes brickie and says brock has to earn it brock has a mean look on his face he walks up the ramp stares down brad maddox pauls begging brock not to do anything but brock throws him into the mini screen now into the wwe sign picks him up f5 on the stage brock walks to the back looking very pleased as doctors attened to brad the next week on raw sheamus asks vickie for a match she asks who against he says brock lesnar she says you got it the crowd erupt so its the main event and sheamus is waiting in the ring and here comes no not the pain but heyman and he says brocks not here tonight but then brocks music hits here he comes in his ring gear paul looks shocked paul asks brock not to but he walks straight passed him here we come both fight each other fopr brock takes control f5 1.2.kick out brock looks shocked here it comes no sheamus counters brouge kick 1.2 kick out sheamus goes for it again brock ducks f5 to sheamus 1.2.3 brock wins so its elimantion chamber the competors are punk cena kane y2j brock and bryan who is champ first elimanted is kane by punk next is y2j by punk next is bryan by brock next is cena by punk then punk by brock winner and new wwe champ brock lesnar so from then on we have the build up to wm rock wins at wm via two rock bottoms at extreme rules its the rematch in a no holds barred match brock wins after kayfabe breaking rocks arm more like rocks leaving to do another flim brocks the champ again we at payback and its brock vs cena brock wins its money in the bank and its brock vs punk for the title punk wins but brock attacks punk after the match here comes dolph ziggler mr money in the bank zig zag to punk 1.2.3 new wwe champ

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I don't think Brock wants to be WWE champion. Having a part time wrestler as WWE champion comes with a lot of bad things such as appearances and matches being limited. No way he could be champion for 6 months. I'd like to see him challenge for the belt at Summerslam this year though.
  2. Kajmere's Avatar
    Don't want to be that guy, but your lack of punctuation is shocking. That was the longest single sentence blog ever. By the way, Brock doesn't need the title, although I wouldn't be opposed to a brief run sometime this fall.
  3. steezin4areezin's Avatar
    Spacing, proper paragraph breaks and punctuation would have made this blog more readable without suffering a migraine headache or a seizure

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