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Blade's Experience: Pokemon as WWE Superstars

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Welcome to another blogside of Blade's Experience. In this addition, I will do something know one else on the EWN or IWC has the guts to do. I will write a blog about Pokemon as WWE Superstars. Enjoy and please harsh critics are allowed alongside Grammer Nazi. Enjoy!

Pokemon as Wrestler

Pikachu as John Cena: One of the best wrestlers in WWE History and my personal favorite resembles one of the best and lovable Pokemon in history. Both generate sells that sky rocket the industry and one iconic phase makes them histories most lovable characters!

Snorlax as Big Show: Isn't this an obvious one EWN Community. The Big Show as one of the most outrageous Pokemon to date. Snorlax slow and lazy resembles the Big Show ring skills! (OUCH) In all retrospect, these two creatures got into out hearts as quickly as they could eat a whole buffet line!

Squirtle as Dolph Ziggler: Ziggler has always resembles a Squirtle to me. This might seem crazy but they are both cocky and also get the job done outside and inside the ring.

Charizard as The Great Khali: Two great powers that have come to a waste. These two could have been something great if power was used properly!

Togepi as A.J Lee: This one is pretty obvious. Two girls that have great skills but are always sidetracked!

Thanks for reading another edition of Blade's Experience. Become a fan of Blade's Experience and continue reading my blogs! If anyone has a problem with this blog because it is not Wrestling, it doesn't matter. To Painful Truth give me a bad rating because it doesn't matter Pokemon blogs are awesome. Thank you and join us for the next edition of Blade's Experience!

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  1. MikeyA's Avatar
    This blog gave me cancer. How could you even in your right mind say that John Cena is the best Wrestler in WWE History. Umm I'm sorry but CM Punk is better. RVD is better. Dolphin ziggler is better. I hate this one with a passion but FANDANGO IS BETTER! Others are Ryback, Jericho, JoMo, Tyson Kidd, Zack Ryder, Triple H, Kane. And how could you come close to saying Big show 's in ring skills are bad? Big show is better than Cena. For a guy as big as Big Show, he can move pretty well in the ring. Why didn't you give Snorlax to Khali??? And Charizard useless? Slap yourself. I know you saw the movie with Entei. Id give charizard to Ryback. He is still there but not as important as he used to be. Horrible blog. How about Aj gets jigglypuff. She's adorable til she opens her damn mouth.
  2. Kajmere's Avatar
    ^ haha. I liked your first 2 sentences in ur response, but then you made the mistake of naming wrestlers that have no right to be named in the same sentence as Cena. A crime far worse than the original blogger claiming Cena is the greatest ever, which arguably, he is.
  3. VanHooliganX's Avatar
    I wonder if this blog was inspired by anything

    Get well soon Mikey
  4. MikeyA's Avatar
    Maybe I went off the deep end by saying Ryback and fandango are better than cena. But cena is far from the greatest. Id definitely put him in top 20, top 15 with a hurricanrana, but nowhere near top 10.

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