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Ranking The Streak: 7-1

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So on Sunday I finally did something I've been meaning to do for a year now. Buy Undertaker: The Streak 4 Disc DVD. As I was watching these 9 hours of matches I thought, "You know what would be fun? Ranking each Wrestlemania match." So that's exactly what I did. I know that CM Punk vs. Undertaker wasn't on this DVD but don't worry, I went to Youtube and watched the match. A lot of criteria was involved in the placement of each match from 21 to 1. I took into account opponent, match quality, emotion, stipulation, how well the match performed, time length, and how much I felt the streak would end during the match. I tried to act like I was watching each match for this first time since I know the streak never ends. That's why in each match I will have a Streak Jeopardy Rating. This rating is 0-10 and just tells you how much I felt the streak was in jeopardy. Well here we go. I understand I might get a lot of critiscism in the comments but please remember, I just watched 9 hours of wrestling, 21 matches back to back. It was long and time consuming. I will make this a three part series and this is the final 7-1. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed reliving these matches and watching them again.

#7 - Randy Orton at Wrestlemania 21

Streak Jeopardy Rating:
6 out of 10

I know I'm going to get a lot of heat for putting this in the top tier of Undertaker matches at Wrestlemania but hear me out. Back in 2005 Randy Orton was still a young superstar. Sure he feuded with Benoit and Triple H and held the World Title before but he still was only about 25. Very rare would Undertaker agree to face such a young superstar at Wrestlemania. Orton stood toe to toe and face to face with The Undertaker. I believe this match was very well done and very high quality. In my opinion, the match could've ended twice. Once when "Cowboy" Bob Orton interfered and hit Undertaker with his famous cast. Then when Orton reversed the chokeslam into an RKO. That was amazing and kicked off the whole RKO can come out of no where thing. Match ending was very well done with Orton picking Undertaker up for a Tombstone only for Undertaker to reverse into his own for the pin.

#6 - CM Punk at Wrestlemania 29

Streak Jeopardy Rating:
6 out of 10

Again, I will probably have critics saying this should be top three but this is my opinion. This match had very much to live up to. The past four years at Wrestlemania, Undertaker and his opponents put on classic matches. This one was the best match at Wrestlemania 29 but didn't live up to the expectations the past four set. If there's one guy in the whole business who can make you believe he could end the streak, it's CM Punk. He did a very nice job at that. The focus of the match was mainly the urn and how Punk stole it but I think that played nicely into the emotion. Punk reminded me that Undertaker could still lose by count out or DQ and when he elbow dropped Undertaker on the announce table, I thought Undertaker might get counted out. Another spot I thought it could've ended was when Punk hit Undertaker with the urn. He even hit old school on Undertaker. Ending of the match came when Punk hit the GTS, Undertaker bounced off the ropes and hit a Tombstone for the pin. Very solid match, but it's just doesn't compete with number 5 which is....

#5 - Kane at Wrestlemania 14

Streak Jeopardy Rating:
7 out of 10

This match is ranked in our top 5 and has such a high rating because of one thing....whatever The Undertaker did in this match did not effect Kane at all. How the storyline was built also made this match good. Very fluent and great chemistry between both of the big men. Kane pretty much did every move The Undertaker does which made me think that the match was very even. Again, Kane wasn't effected by any of The Undertaker's moves. Undertaker knocked him down maybe once in the whole match. Kane kicked out of two Tombstones and just barely missed kicking out of a third. Had the Ref been a half a second slow on the count, it may have taken 5 Tombstones to beat Kane. Kane looked very strong throughout the match and after the match when him and Paul Bearer beat down Undertaker. The streak just felt very much in jeopardy.

#4 - Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 25

Streak Jeopardy Rating:
7 out of 10

In my mind, this is a huge upset. Before I started disc four of the DVD Box Set, which has matches 25-28 on it, I believed 25 would beat 26. I was wrong. We'll talk about 26 a little later though. This was just an all around great match. Two of the best performers in WWE history going at it. Really felt the match could've ended a lot. The spot in the match where Undertaker did his flying suicide dive to the outside and Shawn moved the camera man in the way and Undertaker landed straight on his head, was a little scary. Undertaker landed right on top of his head. I really thought he'd get counted out but he was able to enter the ring at like 9 and 3/4. There were a lot of great counters to both mens signature moves and a lot of near falls. Shawn hit The Undertaker with a Sweet Chin Music on the outside and then another in the ring that Undertaker was able to kick out of. Undertaker hit Michaels with a Tombstone but even Shawn was able to kick out. The ending was great in my opinion. Undertaker caught Shawn off a moonsault attempt into the Tombstone. Now this gets a higher rating than Kane's match because that match just didn't have enough near falls. This match had about 8 of them.

#3 - Shawn Michaels Streak vs. Career Match at Wrestlemania 26

Streak Jeopardy Rating: 8 out of 10

Usually I don't like when people feud too often. I didn't like Rock vs. Cena two years in a row, and even though I love Punk, I didn't like Cena vs. Punk two years in a row. Reason being is because the storyline is kind of the same thing. This match was different though because Michaels career got put on the line. This match had a lot of counters and a lot of near falls just like last year. Great spot where Michaels superkicked Undertaker onto the announce table then did a moonsault onto him and broke the table. Both men got three finishers in before the end. Michaels had three Sweet Chin Musics and Undertaker had three Tombstones. Undertaker won after a jumping Tombstone which was pretty cool. Now this match gets a higher rating and ranking than the last because of one simple thing: I didn't believe Michaels' career should end. I thought he could've went another couple of years. Throughout this match you want The Streak to continue, but you don't want Shawn's career to end. With all that emotion inside the match, it makes the top three.

#2 - Triple H in a No Holds Barred Match at Wrestlemania 27

Streak Jeopardy Rating: 9 out of 10

This match was very even unlike their last one at 17. Both men got good offense in and both men used the stipulation very well. Both performers sold emotion well with Triple H being mad that Undertaker made Shawn Michaels retire last year, Triple H yelling at Undertaker to stay down, Triple H not believing his eyes when Undertaker continues to fight, and Undertaker continuing to fight when he was brutally beaten. This is how bad he was beaten. Mid-match he took a Pedigree. Kicked out. He took a second one. Kicked out. After that Triple H gave Undertaker 10 brutal chair shots to the back. You should have seen Undertaker's back. Everybody knows that wrestling is fake but I don't think your back can turn black and blue and purple from lying on a mat. After all of that, Triple H delivered a Tombstone, crossed Undertaker's arms, and even did the signature tongue out of mouth face. I seriously thought it was over but Undertaker kicked out. I think me and Triple H had the same look on our face of WTF!? Triple H then proceeded to nail Undertaker with a sledgehammer but Undertaker was able to lock in Hell's Gate. Triple H was locked in there for around 2 minutes. Triple H finally submitted to The Deadman. After the match Undertaker wasn't able to walk off under his own power. Now I know that that was staged so they could face off again at 28 but it still played up how brutally beaten Undertaker got during the match and why it's ranked at number 2.

#1 - Triple H in a Hell in a Cell Match End of an Era at Wrestlemania 28

Streak Jeopardy Rating:
9.5 out of 10

Was there any doubt that this would be number 1? Now I can't make this rating be a 10 out of 10 because that would mean The Streak would've ended. Let me tell you why this is number 1. Going into the match it was already at a 5 for me because Shawn Michaels was the Special Guest Ref. The guy whose career ended at the hands of The Undertaker just two years ago. Think he might want revenge? Michaels did a great job in his role. Trying to be loyal to Triple H but trying to make sure Undertaker didn't take a brutal beating like last year is hard. Great spot where Triple H yelled at Shawn to end it or he will. Shawn went over to The Undertaker and told him he had to end the match. Undertaker said no and Triple H smashed him with chair shots. Triple H went and got a sledgehammer and told Shawn the same thing. When Shawn went over to Undertaker to tell him he was going to end it, Undertaker locked in Hell's Gate on Shawn. I really thought Shawn would end the match. After that, Undertaker locked in Hell's Gate on Triple H and he passed out. Shawn was knocked out though so the match didn't end. After Undertaker hit a chokeslam and another Ref came into the cell and Triple H kicked out and Undertaker knocked the other Ref out something awesome happened. Undertaker turned around right into Sweet Chin Music from Shawn Michaels then a Pedigree from Triple H. I 99% felt the match was over after that. Undertaker kicked out though. The ending came when Triple H crawled up The Undertaker after taking multiple chair shots like Undertaker did last year. Undertaker picked him up and Tombstoned him for the win and the End of an Era. The emotion in this match was so well done and this match was just amazing which is why it's number one on our list.

Thank you for reading this three part, long, very hard to write blog. I struggled ranking a few of the matches and rating a few of them. I really recommend that if you're a fan of The Undertaker you buy this DVD. Sure it may be 9 hours but it's worth every second of it. Check out 14-8 and 21-15 by going to my profile or searching for them in the blogs.

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  1. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    I don't know. I mean it's all opinion in the end so I can't disagree with you too much on anything. I have no problem with where you ranked Randy Orton and actually would have even possibly had it higher. The streak was long but wasn't impossibly long at the time and Orton's legend killer gimmick made it make sense for him to win. The chokeslam into RKO was awesome I thought that was it. This was in a time before kicking out of finishers was no big deal. That only happened a few times in a whole year.

    I will knock you a bit on where you placed CM Punk. It's okay if you're a CM Punk fanboy but in a number of years I think you will go back and realize that the build made it perfectly clear Taker had no chance of losing. If Punk still had the title at the time I would have had a lot more doubt in my mind. If Taker ever loses, and he won't, he's not going to lose on a chair shot, urn shot, or sledgehammer shot. It's going to be a finishing move. And it's going to be the match that goes on last.

    The Punk Taker match was sadly not even that good. It just copied what made the matches with Triple H and HBK good rather than tell its own story. It could have been BRILLIANT if they made Taker emotional, really wanting revenge on Punk for disrespecting his father, and taking more chances than normal. Taker would be trying to not only win the match but hurt Punk and that would get him caught a few times for a GTS and anaconda vice. Instead, Taker acted like it was any other match.
  2. grave's Avatar
    I really liked the undertaker vs punk match, but when you see the others on the card I think it comes up short,
    i would have added the undertaker vs edge match
  3. Fitman's Avatar
    Neither of the HHH matches belong in the Top 7... Maybe the X7 match between them... But neither of the last two. Taker vs. HBK at WM 25, I have no problem saying was the greatest match of all time... And yeah that includes Savage vs. Steamboat at WM 3!
  4. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    0 out of 10 for me at WM 26. I didn't believe HHH would win either match. I thought Punk would o more so. Taker vs Kane WM14 is my favorite one. Orton vs Taker is also up there.
  5. Super monkey's Avatar
    The triple h matches were nothing compared to the hbk ones. X7 was triple h's best.

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