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TNA BFG Series

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Its the time of year when tna builds towards bound for glory with the bfg series. Now personally this is one of my favorite ideas thought up by tna, the only flaw is not televising all the matches but thats me and my opinion.

Now qualifiers for the series are just starting on t.v but who's gonna be the one to get the shot this year?

Now A.J Styles has been rumored to be an early favorite to win as the redemption story after losing the right to compete for the title for a year, now im a fan of the new role aj is showing us at the moment as his own man and has no alliance to no one but himself, it reminds me of stone cold when he was just getting over or sting choosing between nwo and wcw.

Both samoa Joe and James storm were the hottest two competitors in the series last year but can either man come close again? Personally i would like to see Joe back on top in tna and have a lengthy title reign.

Will past winners Jeff hardy or Bobby roode win it all agian?

Will Chris sabin enter the series? Will he be the world champion by beating bully ray? This could be a potential twist that is played out, depending on how far they are willing to push sabin and how soon.

I can see no one from aces and eights winning the series, can you?

Will we have someone dominate the series as we have seen in the past?

Now the other question im going to sneak in this blog is who do you think the 2 men will be in the world title match at bound for glory?

Thoughts please

Peace x

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  1. RobVelcoff's Avatar
    I don't see anyone but AJ winning. Joe is still held back for some reason, and Roode and Aries have been relegated to tag team action of late, which is too bad. Storm isn't in it, neither is Angle. The only curve ball that might happen is if Mr. Anderson (the lone Aces & 8's contestant) wins and challenges Bully Ray, leading to a face turn for Anderson. That might be a cool story line. But I'd still bet on AJ to win it.
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    They put the final 4 on ppv. I forget if they had other matches on ppv. I was thinking maybe James Storm could do so, but since he won the tag titles....I doubt it. Reason for picking him, he is the one who was accused from the start by Bully Ray. He also has came close in the past to winning, but never won due to Bobby Roode. Again, I doubt it now though. Matt Morgan was the other, but his use is a big question mark for me. Why not have him have a ppv match at Slammiversary? Eric Young vs Morgan in a jobber type of match. Morgan wins....leave happy!!

    I hope we don't have repeat winners.

    Many people have suggested Sabin, but I doubt he wins the world title and doubt he wins the series. Main reason, he is getting a shot at some point according to Hogan.

    Aces & 8s member winning? NO!!

    I figure we will see some dominate the series.

    Bully Ray vs AJ Styles BFG 2013 for the world title!
  3. Darkside Ron Garvin's Avatar
    I see it being AJ who wins. At this point I hope they just continue the NO ONE character he is developing because I happen to enjoy it. The last of his heel turns seemed to be awkward feeling, but with the character he is in now it isn't needed for him to do too much talking on the mic and allows much more character to shine out of him based on his in-ring tactics and move set. Calf Killer vs. Calfzilla is how I see the Main Event of BFG being set up.

    I like how the series is setting up though. They have included guys like Bradley, Hernandez, and Park who you see taking losses easily to the upper card guys, but will also give a bit more “wow” to it if they get a win over some of the bigger names. I felt last year’s tournament lacked this dynamic as the only “shocking” victory was Robbie E beating Hardy; it was more shocking that the Pope only had 7 points in 9 matches. By setting it up with these guys to take “easy losses”, there’s less of a chance for a guy to end up looking as weak as Joe did in 2011, or Daniels and Magnus did after last years’ tourney.

    Daniels and Kaz might be used to get others over more that I would like, but I think they will manage fine both scoring around the 20+ point mark. The tag team of Austin and Bobby helps add a bit as these guys can be seen as Beer Money was in 2011, only with the opposite point of view (rather than encouraging one another like Beer Money did, Aries/Roode will target each other verbally by commenting on who has more points or stabbing at who comically lost to the GutCheck guy.)

    I see the battle of the top 4 going down this way:
    At the Impact Live on August 29th, Anderson beats Magnus (don’t know why but I have a feeling he will be getting a solid push through this series and will be the one to keep Joe out of the Final 4) for the spot in the finals, which will lead to questioning from the A&8 group about Anderson and loyalties. The next week will be recorded which will offer more speculation, but we’ll also see AJ beat Hardy for the other spot in the finals. The Impact live following will have AJ over Anderson for the win at which time we’ll see a bit of dissention when no one would help Anderson while AJ had him locked in the Calf Killer. This will leave from September 13th until October 20th for TNA to build the story of AJ vs. Bully individually, even though this story has been building for quite some time now.
  4. The Phantom Menace's Avatar
    Anybody besides Hardy. I've always liked Jeff but he's not that great. The matches I most look forward to are going to be AJ vs. Aries. Five star, show stealing matches guaranteed.

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