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Lord Cookie

Summerslam 2013

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Hey everyone it's me Lord Cookie and since my Money In The Bank card got a good feedback, iv'e decided to continue making dream-cards/ predictions. Have fun reading and rate this Blog!


pre show:
The Miz Vs. Christian
On the Raw after money in the bank, Miz fights Bray wyatt. Miz wins after the Skull crushing finale but gets attacked by the wyatt family after the Match. Just as we things get bad for the awesome one, Christian runs to the ring and saves the Miz. On the next Raw they (Miz and Christian) fight The Wyatt family (Luke harper and Erick rowan) but lose. Christian gets pinned. After the Match Miz helps up Christian to his fight. But just as Christian turns his back to the Miz.... Skull crushing Finale!!! I never liked Miz as a face. Miz, on the next week, cuts a promo about being awesome and that he wants to fight Christian at Summerslam. Brickie think that,that is a good idea. So does Christian and he celebrates it by attacking the Miz on MIZ TV. Match Length: 8 Minutes. Christian wins. Miz tries too Top rope suplex Christian but Christian reverses it into a Killswitch, from the top rope!

Main Show:

Intercontinental Championship: Fandango Vs. Wade Barret (C).
Fandango gets his Intercontinental Championship at Summerslam (Not at payback, cause he had a concussion). Barret didn't manage too win The Raw Mitb match and Fandango makes fun of Wade because of that. But at least Wade still fights when he has an injury! Fandango says that Vickie was the one who didn't want him too fight but Vickie denies that. Fandango has been cleared for the ring since Mitb! Fandango also denies that but Wade finds it highly amusing and says that he will defeat Fandango at Summerslam. Match length: 8 minutes. Winner after the top rope leg drop: Fandango.

Bray Wyatt Vs. Antonio Cesaro (w/ Zeb colter)
At Mitb Cesaro Neutralized Bray Wyatt from the Ladder. Wyatt Blames Cesaro for his loss. Cesaro admits, cause that's exactly what he wanted too happen. And he wanted that to happen because if we the people shouild believe in something, it's america! Not some sort of "religion". Bray says that America is a con! America is fake and Cesaro has too understand that. But Cesaro Believes in the american Dream! Match langth: 12 minutes. Winner: No contest. Erick Rowan and Luke harper attack Antonio Cesaro but Jack Swagger attacks Bray wyatt. There's a massive brawl in the ring and the fans go crazy!

United States Championship: Dean Ambrose (C) Vs. Rey Mysterio (w/ Sin Cara)
Rey Mysterio is still mad at The Shield because they attacked Mysterio Forcing him too get an operation and being Bedridden. Everyday He would be in a bad mood Because of their Bullshit. Mysterio counted every day, hour, minute and second waiting too get reveng on the Shield. Rey wins a no. 1 contender Battle Royal on Raw. Match Length: 16 minutes. Winner and still Champion: Dean Ambrose. Very awesome Match. Cara can't resist and tries to attack Ambrose. But just as Cara enters the Ring He get's Speared By Reigns and Rollins. They Brawl outside of the Ring. The Referee Get's Distracted and Leaves the Ring too Break up The Brawl. Dean uses the opportunity and Gets a Knuckle-brace to hit Mysterio in the Chops.

Tag-Team Championship: The Shield (Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns) (C) Vs. The Brothers of Destruction (Kane and The Undertaker)
After Orton defeats Kane at Mitb, Kane starts thinking about retirement. BUt after he cuts a Promo about it, The Shield try too attack him. But guess who comes to save Kane? The Undertaker! Booker T wants The Summerslam too be the Hottest Party Of The Summer so He announces This Tag-Team Match. Match Length: 20 Minutes. Winners: Kane and Undertaker. In the end phase, Roman tries to Spear The Deadman But Kane Saves him by big-booting Reigns while he runs for the Spear. Rollins Runs into a Kane and Reigns Runs into The Undertaker. The Half-Brothers look at each other and nod their Head Double-Chokeslam! Tombstone (from Undertaker) To Reigns and 1, 2, 3!

Raw MITB Briefcase: Curtis Axel (w/ Paul Heyman) (C) Vs. Randy Orton Vs. Triple H.
I think you understand this story allready. Ok except Randy being in the Match. I didn't know how too book Randy. I guess he RKO's Trips or Curtis. Meh. Match Length: 15 Minutes. Winner: Curtis Axel. The Match is basically between Triple H and Randy Orton. In the end phase, Randy Punt kicks Triple (forcing Triple H to take some time-off and Vince brags about being rihjt the whole time) and then Curtis Axel hits Orton with the Mitb Briefcase and Pins Triple H (Then Axel can show-off saying that he Pinned Triple H).

World Heavyweight Championship: Dolph Ziggler (w/ AJ Lee) Vs. Big E Langston (C)
Dolph feels betrayed after Langston cashed in the Briefcase in on Dolph. Ziggler plays the innocent one while Langston makes fun of Ziggler. AJ Lee Kinda flirts with Big E Langston. Match length: 14 Minutes. Winner: Big e langston.

Wwe Championship: Daniel Bryan (C) Vs. John Cena
John shows respect to Bryan but Bryan doesn't want to believe him. Daniel says that everybody thought he was the weak link but he proved them wrong. Bryan is a bit crazy cause Cena says to him that he wasn/ isn't a weak link but bryan thinks he's lying. Match Length: 20 Minutes. Winner: Daniel Bryan. Bryan is kind a crazy during the match. In the end he Piledrives Cena for the win.

CM Punk Vs. Brock Lesnar
Lesnar admits that he's jealous because of all heymans guys and he's gonna take them appart bit for bit. CM Punk is The first one in Line. Heyman watches the match but isn't anybodys manager. Match Length: 20 minutes. Winner: CM Punk! Cm Punk makes Lesnar tap out in the anaconda vise. Heyman can't believe it.

Thanks for reading and drop a comment!

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  1. TheBritishInvasion's Avatar
    very good card, decent length for matches and good storylines for the most part. although i have to say i'm hating the booking for the Bray Wyatt and crew, I dunno maybe I'd book them to be alot stronger especially seeing as SummerSlam is close to their debut. and with Orton I tihnk a street fight with Kane would be something good that could be a good feud ending at Hell in a Cell.
    but all in all great go
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Whoever is pushing Langston to the World title so soon along with breaking up the 3 so soon is a mistake in my eyes. Dolph had just won the belt finally after all this time. Now we want him to lose it on his 2nd ppv as world champion? NO THANK YOU!! Axel winning to me is too soon. Let him work his way up through the midcard possibly winning it next year.

    A lot of guys missing such as Sheamus is a huge ? I liked the card though.
  3. Super monkey's Avatar
    Sheamus is no huge loss he sucks

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