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The Coulter Coalition

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This week on Raw Zeb Coulter was forced on to the commentary table as Swagger was absent. Zeb Coulter has a ton of potential that the WWE has not activated yet. But with Heyman guys taking main events and dominatating the WWE, we need another full force manager. But with a full force manager, you need a full force team.

1.Jack Swagger
No need to explain as Coulter got his start with Swagger.

2.Ted Dibiase
His father was the King of Capitalism, what is more American than that. The Prince of Capitalism will be the Curtis Axel of Coulter Coalition

3. Kurt Angle
Kurt Angle has stated that he may come back and be a part timer for WWE when he leaves TNA. But where he will fit in is up in the air. Angle would be a huge name for Coulter, as he is an AMERICAN GOLD MEDALIST.

The next two superstars will be controversial to put in this as I have included bringing back one of these in a prior blog, if you do not wish to read it please skip to the next superstar as it can also be the fourth.

4. JBL
Kicking the Bradshaw theme when he redebuted, the Stock Market King would be a great addition to the team as I have waited for so long for him to start competing.

4. John Cena
The WWE and American hero has never commited himself to a team, with his career more than likely coming to an end in the next few years it would be great to see him commit and maybe turn heel.

Who do you think could be apart of The Coulter Coalition???
Do You Like the idea of this???
I Would Love Your Feedback

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  1. RobVelcoff's Avatar
    I respectfully disagree with the entire concept of a group involving Zeb Coulter. Something this controversial is better suited for either just one guy or, at most, a tag team. I'm a big Ted DiBiase fan, and being part of a large group would not showcase his talents, although I agree he needs something to get his career going. Kurt Angle is in TNA for the foreseeable future and should not be included, JBL is not a wrestler anymore and should not be included, and John Cena will NEVER TURN HEEL so he should not be included. If you want to give Swagger a tag team partner to form a team that would be okay, maybe one of the NXT guys who comes from a strong amateur background . But I'm afraid I'm not a fan of any of your other ideas on this blog. Still, nice try.
  2. grave's Avatar
    don't see it, for one, WWE has lots of teams out there, usos are getting their push, Shield is there, the waytt familiy is coming, 3MB should start doing something, and there are still a lot of good tag teams like tons of funk

    second, if colter should make a group forget about cena, colter is all about hate towards mexicans, how can the rise above hate guy join this faction??

    JBL is retired and i don't think he should come back, he wasn't that good in ring and I am sick of cole en king so I need JBL in that booth

    kurt angle is in TNA and he should stay there, he ins't going to do big things in WWE, in TNA at least they act like he is still worth something

    ted dibiase, ... I fear he just ins't going to make it, in legacy he looked ok at best, after that he never got over, not as a heel, nor a face
    even bringing back the old man didn't do it,
  3. zrdt12's Avatar
    He's more of a non-stable guy, kind of like how Heyman manages Punk, Lesnar, and now Axel but all separately.

    Hopefully they are leaning toward him rebuilding Cesaro up as Coulter will sell to the people how "American" Cesaro is and thus have the opportunity to feud against Del Rio again but this time with Cesaro in the spotlight. Would even be interested to see Cesaro team up with Swagger a bit, each to see how it goes.
  4. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I was thinking this as well, he needs others at least another in his group. Angle won't come back to a full time WWE schedule I doubt. Cena makes 0 sense same with JBL. JBL is an announcer who no longer wrestlers. Cena won't take a back seat to Swagger's America and he isn't turning heel. If Cena turns heel, he does it on his own with no one on his coattails. Main eventing ppvs!!

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