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Top 5 Wrestling Entrance Themes

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It seems wrestlers entrance theme’s nowadays don’t have the impact of 10-15 years ago, with so many of them now sounding like some indie band-esque bland, generic stuff. A good theme for me is one that strikes the crowd from the first second and lets them know instantly who the wrestlers. Of course other people tastes differ but here are for me the top 5 favourite entrance themes.

5. Triple H ‘My time’

To start of the list I’m going to throw in a wild card choice for a real bespoke personal favourite of mine. While HHH ‘The Game’ by Motorhead is brilliant on its own but this one to me just sounds more stylish and cool.


The chilling start of the theme puts in fear, then to the catchy riff keeping a constant tone of unease for everyone. The lighting around the arena went red to add to that theatrics and it fitted perfect with the character.

3.Stone Cold Steve Austin

Stone Cold’s popularity during the attitude era gave resurgence to WWE and took its popularity to a whole new level. Every aspect about Stone Cold was near perfect and none more so than his theme song. The theme song attributed to so many of Stone Cold’s memorable returns a where the instant sound of the glass shattering gets a huge pop form the crowds.

2.Shawn Micheals

Now I could have been biased to my favourite wrestler of all time and put this entrance at number 1 but I’ll leave it at number 2. It’s a catchy memorable song with HBK singing his own cheeky arrogant lyrics. Also the video I put above of Shawn’s entrance in Wrestlemania 12 is to me the single greatest entrance of all time. No one played out to the big stage more than HBK, you just have to love it.

1. The Undertaker

The greatest entrance song of all time for me, nothing compares to it. I went to the Raw that was held in London couple months back and I can tell you hearing the unexpected ‘dong’ at the start made every single person stand up. The whole place suddenly felt cold, the thunders clapped and it was just an awesome thing to experience. I hate to use the word ‘epic’ but it seems the only word to put in to context of how awesome it is. Nothing quite compares to it on how it is composed.

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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    I actually loved Kane's theme from around WM was a slow but heavy rock variation. I don't recall the name of it off the top of my head but that may have been one of the best themes along with the rest of your list.
  2. MikeyA's Avatar
    Dk it was Fire Burns by Finger Eleven. Great fucking song. Honestly HHH my time is the best theme imo
  3. Kajmere's Avatar
    Hogans Real American?
    macho man?
    Hell Goldbergs music even

    Good list though
  4. akbar's Avatar
    I really don't like Hogan's 'Real American'.

    Hendrix voodoo child is much better.
  5. The Piper's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by MikeyA
    Dk it was Fire Burns by Finger Eleven. Great fucking song. Honestly HHH my time is the best theme imo
    actually, it was called "Slow Chemical"
  6. Kajmere's Avatar
    I'd probably put Voodoo in my top 3, but I feel Real American just had a much bigger impact in the wrestling world as a theme. I used to get goosebumps as a kid.
  7. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I like some motivations songs in WWE like Edge's, MVPs, Orton's(burn in my light), among others. However, I like these two especially HHH my time was always my fav theme of his. Some of the songs you mentioned always got the crowd on their feet when they heard that theme.
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