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WWE should NOT turn Daniel Bryan heel!

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I have a certain fear right now. I've had this fear for quite some time and it's been a fear I've tried numerous times to ignore. But, no matter how much I try, it keeps gnawing at the back of my skull. So, I felt the need to make this blog in order to do away with this gnawing sensation and express my fear. A fear surrounding a certain wrestler by the name of Daniel Bryan. After you read, please feel free to comment down below about the subject.

It is no secret to everyone that Daniel Bryan currently is the most beloved and most entertaining wrestler on the WWE roster. Yes, even more than Cena, considering that fact that a huge portion of the audience dislikes him. You won't find many fans that dislike Daniel Bryan. Kids love him, adults love him, teens love him, females love him, and even internet fans love him. Whether it is because of his addicting one-word catchphrases, his awesome wrestling ability, his hilarious and entertaining persona, or just his sympathetic nature overall -- you will have a hard time finding a lot of people who will absolutely despise Bryan. If anyone can prove me wrong, please do.

When you sit down and think about it, things have been this way for Bryan ever since his 18 second loss at Wrestlemania 28. That's where the YES! phenomenon really started and began spreading like a wildfire throughout the wrestling industry, not just WWE. You can hear YES chants in TNA, ROH, PWG, and even other sport venues. Fans began to finally take notice to the D-Bryan and put him under a microscope. This earned him a feud with CM Punk and AJ Lee and eventually led to him forming the surprisingly successful, old-couple, comedy team with Kane, Team Hell No. They won the tag team gold, started a comedy routine with Dr. Shelby, and became an integral part of the show. So important, that the WWE literally REBUILT the tag division around them. Their "Hug-it-out" and "I'm The Tag Team Champions" antics were comedy gold and it was such a big hit that, suddenly, a team that was supposed to be hated -- started being loved. Overnight, the odd couple became fan favorites and gave fans a reason to tune into the show on a weekly basis.

And then the feud with Shield happened ... which changed everything.

After months of good to great to awesome matches with the dominant stable known as the Shield, fans began to see how truly special Daniel Bryan is as a talent. They noticed how consistent he was in his great match performances, how entertaining he can be when he is on his A game, how intense and aggressive he can be on the microphone, and most of all the one special trait -- THIS GUY CAN KICK A LOT OF ASS FOR A SHORT FELLOW WITH A BEARD! Here is A 5'10" man, the shortest guy in the ring, literally taking on all three members of a stable that has dominate the entire roster of WWE, The Shield, and killing them. Here's an average looking man that knows over 100 submissions, as well as the reversals to that submission, and has the ability to make anyone tap. Here's a man who feels so heavily responsible for losing the tag team titles, and takes such pride in it, that he's become mentally unstable and obsessed about being the "weak link," gaining the sympathy of the viewers who know for sure he isn't. This is why those same viewers go completely ballistic when he gets a hot tag -- AND IT REALLY IS A HOT TAG -- because they want to see him win. When he's down and out and makes a comeback, they rally with him because they know he has the heart of a champion. Hell, he even has the blessing of BRET HART and a heartless monster, Kane, telling him no one in the company has his drive and passion.

It became very apparent to fans that WWE, in a long time, finally has a legitimate, full-blood, relatable, underdog babyface character. The once one-note, comedy act screaming "YES" and "NO" became a unique character fans can get behind and get excited for. He's damaged enough to seem human, but sympathetic enough to want to root for. Anytime he hits the stage, the entire arena erupts in what I like to call a "YES Utopia" for the man. His character, whether intentional or not, has been advanced beautifully and the fans are loving him more and more and more each week. The obvious option would be to push him straight to the main event as a central babyface and wrestle for the WWE championship. With the heel loaded show WWE has right now, including the weakly showcased babyfaces they have, it’s rare to get a legitimately loved character such as a Bryan and one would think WWE would take full advantage of it. Right? .... Right?

Well, here is my fear.

There is one thing that can kill all his momentum he has built up over the last year and so forth. Something so small, but can be very devastating. A heel turn. In other words, making Bryan turn on the audience and make fans hate him. Now I'm very aware the entire purpose of Team Hell No was to build to a feud between Kane and Daniel Bryan with one of them obviously being the heel. I'm also aware that Bryan could indeed be an effective heel on top of that. However, even knowing that, I personally would be extremely disappointed if they turned a well-loved, highly entertaining, character like Bryan into a heel. Not only would they kill a character I enjoy on a weekly basis, they would squander an opportunity to create a true babyface character that appeals to a mass audience and use that to take him a bonafide main event player. Again, in this heel heavy company with poor unrelatable babyfaces, Bryan would stick out and prosper tremendously. You can do a Daniel Bryan vs. Ryback feud for the title since Ryback literally had to disqualify himself out of frustration, or even a Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena face vs. face, and fans would drool all over it. His sympathetic underdog persona would easily get fans behind him, no matter who he faces. As a result, he would also make his opponents feel important. They will not be able to accomplish this as a heel.

My fear is that WWE will turn Daniel Bryan heel and then feed him to John Cena. Why? WWE knows Bryan is more loved by the masses and, in a match with Cena, will most likely get fans to boo the WWE champion. They can't have that. So, in another sad attempt to make John Cena important, WWE will force a heel turn on the audience and then have Cena beat Bryan at Summerslam. This would just aggravate me beyond measure. Maybe Bryan could beat Cena, but it would all go to waste sense he will lose the respect of the audience -- unless you're a die-hard fan of his or you hate John Cena. If this is truly the plan, all I have to say is: No. Don't do that. DO NOT DO THAT!

I say run with this damaged, sympathetic, heart of a champion character Bryan has and give fans a blow off at Summerslam with him winning the championship. That would be such a satisfying moment for all his fans and a great story to tell with an underdog character. Give him that Rocky, Mankind, or Neville Longbottom moment that fans can sink their teeth into and remember for years to come. That's what wrestling is all about anyways: Creating moments and giving fans a sense of anything is possible. Business may be about making money. However, the BEST businesses are those who are smart enough to know the best way to get money is through winning the hearts of the consumers by playing to their desires and what they love most. WWE has an opportunity to do that with Daniel Bryan.

Please don't screw it up.

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  1. evilash's Avatar
    OUTSTANDING blog - agree 100%. WWE are HARD for John Cena because he's the money generator for the company. It would be sad to realise that this current push and character development for Daniel Bryan is just to build him up as a contender for Cena, whom will eventually defeat him and move on to someone else. IMO, I think if/when Bryan does turn heel and faces John Cena (because, realistically, who on the roster has John Cena NOT done a program with?), I hope WWE goes the distance and makes him WWE Champion. Bryan defeating Cena for the WWE Title - after Cena won it from The Rock at 'Mania - would make Daniel Bryan the star he finally was meant to be. YES! YES! YES!
  2. Stihltygre's Avatar
    from what I'm watching at least, from a writer's point of view it looks like He's staying Face... but i suspect the rumored Orton Heel turn is nearing, and there is logic behind it hear me out.
    Plan: Hell no loses tag team titles setting Brian up with Kane feud.
    How it goes down: the loss creates just enough sympathy with Brian that his talent takes over and he becomes easily in your top 2 faces.
    plan b:set up triple threat matches with Orton to shift the dynamic of hell no off them so Kane can get a solo run in.
    How it looks like it's going down: Have orton RKO brian, they win the titles, sheild wins them back Brian gets more insecure orton get irritated and turns on him...

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