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Ranking The Streak: 14-8

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So on Sunday I finally did something I've been meaning to do for a year now. Buy Undertaker: The Streak 4 Disc DVD. As I was watching these 9 hours of matches I thought, "You know what would be fun? Ranking each Wrestlemania match." So that's exactly what I did. I know that CM Punk vs. Undertaker wasn't on this DVD but don't worry, I went to Youtube and watched the match. A lot of criteria was involved in the placement of each match from 21 to 1. I took into account opponent, match quality, emotion, stipulation, how well the match performed, time length, and how much I felt the streak would end during the match. I tried to act like I was watching each match for this first time since I know the streak never ends. That's why in each match I will have a Streak Jeopardy Rating. This rating is 0-10 and just tells you how much I felt the streak was in jeopardy. Well here we go. I understand I might get a lot of critiscism in the comments but please remember, I just watched 9 hours of wrestling, 21 matches back to back. It was long and time consuming. I will make this a three part series and this is 14-8. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed reliving these matches and watching them again.

#14 - Kane at Wrestlemania 20

Streak Jeopardy Rating:
3 out of 10

Here's how this match came about. At the 2003 Survivor Series Vince McMahon faced Undertaker in a Buried Alive Match. Vince won win Kane came out and helped him win. The reason for this storyline was for The Undertaker to revert back to his Deadman persona. Now, of course they aren't going to make Undertaker lose in his first match back as The Deadman. This match is ranked higher then the others though because if there's one man who knows The Undertaker and knows his moves, it's Kane. The Streak just didn't feel in jeopardy though. Undertaker got a lot of offense because they needed to show how deadly he is when he's The Deadman. Kane did have one spot where he could've won when he chokeslammed Undertaker, but instead of going for the pin he taunted Paul Bearer. Undertaker sat up and proceeded to Tombstone him for the win.

#13 - Psycho Sid for the WWF Title at Wrestlemania 13

Streak Jeopardy Rating:
3 out of 10

This match had a very weird beginning. Bret Hart came out and cut a promo where he said he should be the WWF Title and everybody knows it. Sid hit Bret Hart after that and the match started. This match was pretty well done since the quality of matches back in the 90's weren't what they are today. Solid back and forth action between the two, good chemistry between the big men, and they made Sid look like a powerful champion and Undertaker a worthy challenger. There was one point in the match where Sid hit Undertaker with the Tombstone and pinned him with crossed arms, but Undertaker kicked out. Really the only time I thought it would end. The ending is why this match is ranked low. Bret Hart came out and hung up Sid on the ropes and Undertaker hit Sid with the Tombstone for the win. I just don't think Undertaker needs help to win a match.

#12 - Triple H at Wrestlemania 17

Streak Jeopardy Rating: 3 out of 10

So this was the first of three times Undertaker and Triple H faced at Wrestlemania. However, relating to the last two, Undertaker dominated this match. He got too much offense for my liking. There was a Ref bump and then fighting in the crowd where Undertaker chokeslammed Triple H off the technical stage which was cool. When they got back in the ring Undertaker hit Triple H with a Tombstone and covered him for the pin. The Ref was still out though. After that he went for The Last Ride. Triple H hit him with a sledgehammer while on his shoulders and went for the pin. The Ref was up and ready to count the fall which was the only real time I thought the match could've ended. It was a better finish than Sid's match with Undertaker which is why it's ranked at 12, but like I said I just didn't like how much offense Undertaker got.

#11 - Ric Flair in a No DQ Match at Wrestlemania 18

Streak Jeopardy Rating:
3 out of 10

Now I liked this match better than Triple H's because Ric Flair just got more offense in. They used the match stipulation very well as there were a lot of chair shots, blood, and even a lead pipe. Ric Flair managed to lock in the Figure Four but only for about 30 seconds. The only time I thought this could've ended was when Arn Anderson came out and hit Undertaker with a spinebuster and Flair covered but Undertaker kicked out. Undertaker really carried Flair to a good match. Undertaker won with a Tombstone.

#10 - Diesel at Wrestlemania 12

Streak Jeopardy Rating: 3 out of 10

Really solid match between these two. Very back and forth, good chemistry, and very fluid between both big men makes this get into the top 10. The only reason it has a low streak rating is because there weren't a lot of nearfalls. There was one point when Diesel hit Undertaker with two straight Jack Knife Powerbombs which I thought could've ended the match. Diesel though didn't go for a cover after either. Undertaker ended up winning with a Tombstone.

#9 - Edge for the World Heavyweight Title at Wrestlemania 24

Streak Jeopardy Rating:
5 out of 10

I enjoyed each match these two had together and this one at Wrestlemania didn't disappoint. Now, Edge isn't the biggest guy so you would think he shouldn't pose a threat to The Undertaker. You forget though that his character was all about oppurtinity and manipulation so it made me think that he could in fact end The Streak. This match was very well evened and back and forth. There was a Ref bump which let Edge hit Undertaker with a camera and he could've won the match had there been a Ref to count. After that Undertaker got up and Tombstoned Edge but a Ref had to run all the way from the back to count the fall which let Edge have enough time to kick out. Edge then hit a Spear but Undertaker was able to kick out of it. Edge connected on another Spear but before he could cover Undertaker, Undertaker locked in Hell's Gate and won the match by submission. Since this match had two oppurtunities for The Streak to end in my opinion it gets a 5 rating and the place of number 9 on our list.

#8 - Batista for the World Heavyweight Title at Wrestlemania 23

Streak Jeopardy Rating: 6 out of 10

Now just like the last with Edge, I thought this match could've ended twice. The reason Batista gets a higher number though is because he physically posed a threat to The Undertaker. Very big and very strong Batista is. Just like every other Undertaker match since about 21, this was very even. The first time I thought it could've ended was when Batista powerslammed Undertaker through the announce table and almost won by count out. When Undertaker got back in the ring he was able to connect with a chokeslam and Last Ride but Batista kicked out of both. Batista then hit Undertaker with a Batista Bomb but Undertaker was able to kick out. That was the second time I thougt it could've ended. Undertaker retailiated with a Tombstone for the pin. Very good match which is why this gets to round out our second tier of Undertaker matches.

Look for 7-1 on Friday, my Payback predicitions on Saturday, and check out my Raw Hits and Misses I do every Tuesday. Thank you for reading.

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  1. Kajmere's Avatar
    12-14 all have ratings of a 3? C'mon, I think you're going too low bc you watched all the matches recently. Back then, nobody guaranteed Taker's victories like today. If anything, Takers last 5 matches should be a 3, his early ones should be higher, know what I mean?
  2. Liston's Avatar
    "This match was pretty well done since the quality of matches back in the 90's weren't what they are today."

    Are you sure about this? I bet a lot of people would differ from this viewpoint.
  3. walldo 3:16's Avatar
    In last blog I mentioned taker hhh at 17 was one of best matches iv seen at a mania I personally I would have it in top 3 ... Gd blog m8 it just goes to show how good the streak actually is
  4. therepoman's Avatar
    I completely understand. Let me clear this up im am NOT a Taker fan. All his wins at Wrestlemania the streak was only truly in jeopardy for about 1/4 of his matches. A lot of his matches he basically had to win. The way the storylines were written Taker was alway out for retribution against the other wrestler for example Both Kanes, Mark Henry, Diesel and CM PUNK. No one ever really has Takers number. Plus most matches in all of wrestling the one who typically dominates in the programming typically doesn't win the PPV match. Also everyone needs to take into consideration that atleast the first 10 matches were never about any streak. I have always said the streak was an accident and they ran with it. I've enjoyed your count down may do one of my own eventually. Can't wait to see which match you choose as numero uno.
  5. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I believe Diesel's should be higher....he gave him the jackknife and just stood there smiling for a couple of minutes while Taker was out.

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