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Coffee Talk: Miss Opportunities???

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Hey fans, DK Wrestling Savior here with another edition of Coffee Talk. I read an awesome blog from a returning Darkside Ronnie Garvin, about some IWC ideas dying and how everyone blames bad booking because they didn't get their way. It's a hard one to top as he pretty much nailed it on the head. And I'm not taking a shot at anyone as I'm just as guilty. Be that as it may, I'm going to point out a couple of missed least in my mind, they were. So I'm going to throw a few things out there and let's see what sticks.

So grab your cup of joe, your espresso, latte, capuccino, steamer, 5 hour energy, green tea, chocolate frosting, whatever your poison is, and let's enjoy some Coffee Talk.

So as I said, I think there were a couple of missed opportunities recently, most notably on last night's Raw. I'll start with Dolph Ziggler's return. Someone did post something about this on the forum the other day so in a way, I'm stealing some thunder. But did anyone think that the return was rather underwhelming considering? I mean, here's an opportunity for a guy to really turn things around and stop continuing his way down to one of the worst WHC Title reigns that I can remember. When was the last clean win he's had? Survivor Series? That's a pretty long time. It won't be much longer before we hit the year mark since last Survivor Series. And all they do is have him come down with his little posse, and meaninglessly interrupt Jericho. He cuts a pretty weak promo, and sets up a Jericho vs Big E match. Eh. Underwhelming. Did anyone notice though, when ADR pushed him into the apron, Dolph went very gingerly and didn't sell anything on it. We may have seen the last of his overselling days. But to get back on track, I feel WWE blew this one. Nothing opens the door more for a big return then a lengthy absence followed by a surprise appearance. Dolph had that opportunity, especially with JBL constantly making references to Big E having the title on his mind with his wins over ADR. Instead, we get an announcement of his return, and when he comes out, the reaction was pretty much non-existent. I think they blew a nice opportunity here with Dolph. Poor Guy.

Another opportunity I think they failed to capitalize on was Mark Henry. It's the same thing with the lengthy absence that can lead to a nice reaction and actually kickstart something. They already ruined his previous return by having him lose in every major spot after pushing him as a bad ass mf'er who's "hell bent on destruction". So why announce his return? I can see announcing the return of a someone like Cena or HHH, or The Rock or something because they need ratings or whatnot. But Mark Henry isn't exactly the biggest draw and his return would have more impact if it was sudden. Now, it'll be interesting to see what role he comes in with now. It could just be the same thing or he can show up and make a save for someone against The Shield or something like that, making him a face. He was really over a few years ago when he got drafted to Raw and was part of that Randy Orton gauntlet of new draftees, where Orton killed Evan Bourne, Swagger walked out, and Henry teased the walk out and then squashed Orton. These are the sorts of things that help jump start a superstar who's been in a lull. Does WWE really fear change that much? Who knows. Now of course, in the spirit of Darkside's blog, I'm not gonna pretend to know what's right. But I just feel like there was another opportunity here that could've been capitalized on.

That last section will actually bridge into this final point, where I feel like they missed out big time with someone...anyone...and that was the whole Kaitlyn admirer thing. (did I spell her name right? That's how I spell my daughter's name so I went with it). Anywho, a number of things could've been accomplished here. Someone who's stuck in a rut could've gotten a boost by saving Kaitlyn. If they kept Big E out there, it could've sparked a meaningful feud for him. Someone could've returned. Someone who needs a face turn could've used this as the perfect set up for it. Here are a few examples.

Someone who really needs a boost. There are several superstars who are really stuck at the moment. Most notably in my eyes, is Cody Rhodes. Now he was already trying to pick up on her and she wasn't having it. But nothing like saving her from the torment of AJ and Big E to win a woman's heart. This would also qualify as a face turn and they could've gone the Jericho/Trish & Christian/Lita angle with it...without the bet of course.

A Return. Now there are a million ways they could've gone with this. Have Mark Henry return, stare down Big E...and while he wouldn't do the Sexual Chocolate thing, he could've smoothed his way to Kaitlyn's heart. Or how about a returning Christian? Same idea as with Mark Henry. But Christian has been there done that already.

My choice would be The Big Show. Talk about someone who will be returning at some point, as well as needing a push since he's stuck in a rut, as well as needing a face turn in a big way...Big Show would have been perfect in this situation. A staredown between him and Langston. Big E and AJ leave, he helps Kaitlyn up. Kaitlyn doesn't know how to feel. Big Show plants one on her. She's stunned but smiles and is on cloud 9. He carries her out of the ring and to the back.

There are things that can be done to add some intrigue to the storylines. Why did we need to know ahead of time that Ziggler would be on Raw? Why do we need to know that Mark Henry will be back next week? Surprises are good. I think the people who write for WWE forget that a little too often. As for the Kaitlyn thing. That was just a little wishful thinking on my part. AJ is annoying enough as it is, and as soon as Big E came out, I knew it was a set up. So I was hoping for something unexpected, and I didn't get it. Ah well.

Before I close this out, I do want to make it known that I do not think Jericho vs Punk is actually going to happen, which sucks. What I think is going to happen is, he's going to come down, circle the ring, act like he's going to psych himself up, the crowd will be roaring, and then he kind of walks out. Jericho goes after him and they get in each other's faces and all, but Punk walks out. Heyman tries to reason with him and Punk lays him out. This will lead to an AJ Styles type of CM Punk character. A loner who comes out and just lays people out at random. The fans will go nuts when he does show up, drop someone, and roll out through the crowd. I would actually like it. Just throwing it out there. Let me know what you guys think.

I hope you enjoyed this week's edition of Coffee Talk. If you haven't had a chance, Like me on facebook. I'm thinking the first piece to my planned web series will be a report from House of Hardcore. It's at the Armory which is 10 minutes from where I live. I'll be posting more updates as well as pics soon. I need an audience guys. Help me out. In return, if you have a facebook page or need a twitter follower or a youtube subscriber, I'll happily reciprocate.

Be safe everyone, and enjoy WWE Payback.

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  1. The_Artist!'s Avatar
    Love the Coffee Talk man, Keep them coming, One of a few I take the time to read on here. Interested to hear how you would play out a CM Punk loner angle!
  2. Kajmere's Avatar
    This was the arguably my fave blog in a couple weeks.

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