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Ranking The Streak: 21-15

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So on Sunday I finally didsomething I've been meaning to do for a year now. Buy Undertaker: The Streak 4Disc DVD. As I was watching these 9 hours of matches I thought, "You knowwhat would be fun? Ranking each Wrestlemania match." So that's exactlywhat I did. I know that CM Punk vs. Undertaker wasn't on this DVD but don'tworry, I went to Youtube and watched the match. A lot of criteria was involvedin the placement of each match from 21 to 1. I took into account opponent,match quality, emotion, stipulation, how well the match performed, time length,and how much I felt the streak would end during the match. I tried to act likeI was watching each match for this first time since I know the streak neverends. That's why in each match I will have a Streak Jeopardy Rating. Thisrating is 0-10 and just tells you how much I felt the streak was in jeopardy.Well here we go. I understand I might get a lot of critiscism in the commentsbut please remember, I just watched 9 hours of wrestling, 21 matches back to back.It was long and time consuming. I will make this a three part series starting with 21-15. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed reliving these matches and watching them again.

#21 - Giant Gonzales at Wrestlemania 9

Streak Jeopardy Rating: 4 out of 10

The reason why the rating is so high is because of the opponent. Now Gonzaleswas billed as being 8 feet high. That alone made me think the streak could endbecause Undertaker isn't going to be able to do any moves on him. Let me tellyou why this is ranked 21 though. The match wasn't fluid at all. They had badchemistry in the ring. They made Undertaker look very weak all throughout thematch where Gonzales just dominated him. The ending of the match is the realreason it's ranked last. This is the only match in the history of The Streak tonot end in pinfall or submission. It ended by DQ. Gonzales got DQed by knockingUndertaker out with a chloroform rag (If that's how you spell it, I'm too lazyto look it up). After Undertaker was taken to the back he came back out anddestroyed Gonzales. Why not have him win like that? It seemed like WWF wastrying to protect Gonzales for maybe a WWF title reign but that never happened.

#20 - "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka at Wrestlemania 7

Streak Jeopardy Rating: 0 out of 10

The Streak can't end before it begins so that's why this gets a 0 rating.Before this match if I would've said the word "The Streak" youwouldn't know what I was talking about. The reason I rank this higher thanGiant Gonzales is well because the ending of that match and this match was thestart of The Streak. Undertaker won by pinfall after the Tombstone. It getsranked this low because this match was like 5 minutes long, it wasn't fluid atall, and Snuka got very little offense.

#19 - The Big Boss Man in Hell in a Cell at Wrestlemania 15

Streak Jeopardy Rating: 1 out of 10

This just didn't feel like a very strong opponent for Undertaker. The Big BossMan got very little offense unless he was throwing Undertaker into the Cell orhitting him with his stick. Too me, this didn't feel like a Wrestlemania match.The rating is so low because of the quality of the opponent and because BossMan looked very weak throughout. I give it a higher rating than Snuka thoughbecuase he got more offense than Sunka did.

#18 - King Kong Bundy at Wrestlemania 11

Streak Jeopardy Rating: 2 out of 10

Sure Bundy was very hefty which should make him a bigger threat, but it's notlike Gonzales who was 8 foot. Undertaker could pick up Bundy and perform moveson him. The focus of the match was the urn. Ted DiBiase stole the urn from PaulBearer at the Royal Rumble and Taker wanted it back. This match just wasn'tfluid and ended after a flying clothesline from Taker. Stupid ending by theway. It gets a higher rating than Boss Man though because Bundy felt like agood opponent for Undertaker at Wrestlemania.

#17 - The Big Show and A-Trian Handicap Match at Wrestlemania 19

Streak Jeopardy Rating: 2 out of 10

Even though Undertaker was facing two of the biggest guys in WWE at the timehere's why the rating is so low. Up to this point you just knew The Streakwasn't going to end. What makes Undertaker matches at Wrestlemania so good arewhen there are moments in the match where you completely forget that The Streakwill never end and you think it's actually going to. Also, The Undertakerneeded Nathan Jones, his scheduled partner for the match, to come out anddistract Big Show and A-Train. That doesn't make Undertaker look strong. Thismatch is better than Bundy because it was two big opponents and in this day ofthe WWE, matches went longer than 10 minutes. It's still low on the listbecause of the match not being fluid and the bad stipulation.

#16 - Jake "The Snake" Roberts at Wrestlemania 8

Streak Jeopardy Rating: 2 out of 10

For being only the second match in The Streak, I liked this match. Thestoryline going into Wrestlemania was personal and made the match have meaning.Roberts got some good offense in and hit The Undertaker with two DDTs.Undertaker sat up after both of them and hit the Tombstone on the outside and gotthe pin back in the ring. This gets a higher rating than Big Show and A-Trainbecause it was a one on one match, Undertaker didn't need interference to win,and the feud was personal. It still gets a low rating though because this wasback when WWF matches barley even went 20 minutes and this one was around 8.

#15 - Mark Henry in a Casket Match at Wrestlemania 22

Streak Jeopardy Rating: 2 out of 10

This is kind of like King Kong Bundy. A bigger opponent that Taker can performmoves on and coming into the match, looked like a threat. It gets a higherrating than Bundy and the rest so far because of the stipulation. Now you cansay, "Boss Man was in Hell in a Cell. Why didn't he get a high ratingbecause of stipulation?". That's because Henry felt like an Undertakeropponent. Although this match wasn't fluid and Henry only had one time hecould've won when he hit the World's Strongest Slam and covered Undertaker,idiot, instead of rolling him into the casket. A really awesome spot in thismatch was when Henry was on the outside and Undertaker did his flying suicidedive over the casket and onto Henry. Very cool.

Look for me to do 14-8 on Wednesday or Thursday.

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  1. Big Body B's Avatar
    Fun blog so far. Never once have I felt the streak was ever even close to being in jeapordy. If he faces Cena that will be the first time I feel like it will end. I pray that day never comes.
  2. walldo 3:16's Avatar
    Don't agree with B .. I thought the streak was over last year with HBK as ref .. In my opinion wrestlemania 17 agaist hhh was best streak match
  3. weems's Avatar
    Love the concept of the this blog. I think you were too harsh on the bossman match. Yes, the match itself sucked. However, it was original if nothing else, when the brood descended from the rafters and they literally hung the bossman.
  4. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Big Body B
    Fun blog so far. Never once have I felt the streak was ever even close to being in jeapordy. If he faces Cena that will be the first time I feel like it will end. I pray that day never comes.
    You never thought the streak was in jeopardy? Guess you weren't living or watching when he was battling at Mania. WM 9, Gonzo never left his feet really. It ended in DQ after the rag was put to Taker's face. The whole match, Gonzo never left his feet. I didn't even know Taker had a streak til like WM 17 or 18. WM14 it took 3 Tombstones to defeat Kane. I thought Orton would be the one to end it at WM21. Thought Batista had a great shot at it as well. Just the main ones also Sid was no walk in the park. Same goes for when he faced Diesel. If you didn't believe he would ever lose at not watch the early years.
  5. WarMachine22's Avatar
    I have seen each of these matches and I'd have to say I'd agree 100% with the ranking of 21-15. I think from 7-1 is where you'll have a lot of people disputing the ranks but it's your blog. Good thing you kept a requirements list, truthfully I'd love to see that in an excel spreadsheet just because the breakdown of each point value given could be quite interesting

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