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WWE Raw 6-10-13 Hits and Misses

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Summary, I'll be giving an overall score of Monday Right Raw from 1-10, what the hits were, what the misses were, and a summary of how I viewed the show.

Overall Score: 6


Chris Jericho Segment: I liked this promo more than I liked last weeks contract signing. There was no joking, well until Ziggler came out, and Jericho sold true emotion over this match at Payback. I like that he gave praise to all the superstars he's ever faced that were top guys but said he really enjoys facing Punk. I agree with him, I do think that Punk brings out the best in Chris Jericho. I also like how he said he needs to beat him. I didn't like what Ziggler had to say though. That line about how he's the best in that ring, on this mic, in the back, and in the streets came very close to a Punk promo a couple of years ago. Kind of makes me think they might go Ziggler-Punk at Summerslam which wouldn't be bad but for the World Title makes it a step backwards for Punk.

Chris Jericho vs. Big E. Langston:
I didn't like the series of matches that took place between Langston and Del Rio, but this match was very good. Jericho made E. look very good and it was a well drawn out match. Del Rio coming out and distracting Langston keeps the Ziggler-Del Rio feud going but there just wasn't enough interaction between the two tonight. Well that's why we have Smackdown.

Sin Cara vs. Antonio Cesaro: I was going to give this a miss because of the two guys but if you actually watch the match, it was a pretty good match. Very good moves by Sin Cara made this match good. I still don't understand why Coulter was on commentary. Is Swagger going to be feuding with Sin Cara when he returns or is Coulter going to add Cesaro to this stable. I hope the latter happens.

Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns: This was an okay match but I like the subtext of it. Sure the ending was stupid and they should've had at least one Shield member win but it made it look like Byran actually has Orton's back and they can cooperate as a team. I don't like the ending but the storyline was well done.

Daniel Bryan vs. Seth Rollins: Talk about your PPV quality match in the making. Great performance by both men and it really made me think I was watching a PPV. Only a handful of matches can do that. The only two I remember is Cena-HBK that went for an hour before Wrestlemania 23 and Punk-Cena before Mania this year. Very high paced action and a lot of good moves made this match. I liked after the match that Orton returned the favor and had Bryan's back. Now I'm sure some of you are skeptical about Orton and Bryan teaming up at Payback but I like it. Puts Orton in line for a heel turn while still perserving the Bryan babyface character. Thank god.

Kaitlyn's Secret Admirer: I pretty much knew it was Langston all along but still a good segment. What I thought would happen is that Langston would be serious and turn babyface and all that but sadly I was wrong. Good segment to set up AJ vs. Kaitlyn at Payback and good promo by AJ showing that Kaitlyn may be strong but she can be very weak as well.

Ryback and Cena Face-to-Face: Finally a good segment that involved Ryback and Cena. Cena can show emotion at times in his character and he kind of did that here. Is it just me or when John Cena cuts a promo where he shows his character is vulnerable and shows emotion he ends up swearing? That's not PG mister. Anyway, I liked Ryback's promo. His voice still takes away from what's being said because it's god awful, but his promo's aren't that bad. I agree with him on all points. He should be WWE Champion three times already. If they had promo's like this a lot more often this feud would be fine.


Triple H vs. Curtis Axel:
I liked this segment when it first happened but after seeing it replayed twice I fell out of love. It showed how there's a balance of power in the WWE and Vince isn't the only one in charge anymore but still. I don't need to see it three times and I don't need to see Stephanie fake cry in the back. Plus, I don't want to imagine Vince with a shirt off, in the pool with his grandkids. If you do Triple H, go for it. I will say that when McMahon took the ring bell and he almost hit Justin Roberts with it, that was pretty funny.

Kane vs. Dean Ambrose: I've said it before and I'll say it again, I like Ambrose on the mic, just not in the ring. His matches just don't flow that well and when you put him in a match with a guy whose matches rarely flow that well, you get a miss. That's all.

The Miz vs. Cody Rhodes: I think the only reason they had this match is so Heyman could tell them that Axel is in the IC Title match at Payback. This match just wasn't good. Hell, The Miz just isn't good. I will say though that I like Axel being in the match at Payback. That's not me saying I care if he wins it's because of this. There's rumors that Punk-Jericho might not happen at Payback and that Axel would take Punk's place. With him already in a match, I think Punk-Jericho could happen. I still have doubts though.

Damien Sandow vs. R-Truth: Just like the last miss, it's just filler segment. I would've rather seen Sheamus wrestle because I like his matches way more than Sandow's. They did an okay job of making the feud look not so much one sided on Smackdown, but after the promo Sheamus cut it's kind of back to that.

McMahon's-Triple H segment: I thought this was a very odd place to have this segment. It just was weird that they brought out the lumberjacks before the commercial then when they came back they cut to this. Why does no face ever show emotion? Cena doesn't and Triple H certainly doesn't, well not anymore at least. He finally gets his match with Axel and now he doesn't want it? Stupid. Just stupid. And that group hug at the end? Waste of my time. I just hope they don't go the route that I'm thinking which is McMahon vs. Triple H for control of the company. This promo though, kind of made me think that might happen.

Overall it was an okay show. Nice way of waiting to the last minute to announce any matches for Payback WWE. I liked that Punk-Jericho, Cena-Ryback, The Shield-Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan, and AJ-Kaitlyn got significant hype time, but the second most important championship in the company got nothing. Well I'm not going to buy Payback because the only thing I'm looking forward to is Punk's return, but I'm like 95% sure he won't show up. I'm not paying $45 to be disappointed.

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    "HHH, think about how we were lounging in the pool in our mansion with my millionaire father as we played with our kids and you did me in the backroom. And the frontroom. *ba dum tish*". Are you feeling bad for HHH yet?

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