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Lord Cookie

Money In The Bank 2013

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Hey everyone it's Lord Cookie here and here comes my Money in The Bank Card/ Predictions and i would appreciate it, if you would leave a comment and rate this Blog!
Money In The Bank
Pre-show: Sheamus Vs. Cody RhodesAt payback we see a quick exciting Match between Damien Sandow and Sheamus. But just as Sheamus wants too kick Damien Sandows head off, Cody appears on The Ramp and distracts The Celtic Warrior. Sheamus leans on the ropes and smirks it off, but before he can turn around he gets rolled up by Damien! 1..2..3! Sheamus can't believe it! On Raw, Sheamus blames Cody rhodes for his loss against Sandow. This goes on untill MITB and he fights Cody In The Pre-Show. The Match is quit quick and exciting. In the end phase Rhodes hits Sheamus with a Beautiful Disaster Kick. But Sheamus doesn't fall over. Cody goes for another one and 1..2..3! Cody Wins. Sheamus is knocked out and gets carried out on a strap.
Main Show:
The Shield Vs. Mark Henry and Big Show Handicap Match.After The Shield leave Payback victorious They decide to celebrate it by attacking Kane, Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton on Raw. Mark Henry has seen enough and scares off The Shield. The next week on Raw Henry explains his actions last week. For about 2 years he's been a big mean bully who picked on everybody. But after Extreme Rules He noticed that his career is almost over. So he wants to give the great feelings back, like the fans gave to him. Then The Shield gather around the Ring and are about too attack Henry. But out of nowhere..... WELL IT'S THE BIG SHOW!!! Big Show scares off The Shield and Henry is really confused. The next week on Raw Big Show says that he was listening to Mark Henry and He feels the exact same way. So he would like too team up with Henry and take on The Shield at MITB! Henry accepts and now we're here. After 15 minutes The Shield win after they triple, top rope- supplex Mark Henry for the 3 count.

Kane Vs. Randy Orton
After they get attacked by the Shield on the Raw after Payback they slowly start too hate each other. On the Raw after that Raw ( ) Kane blames Randy Orton for stealing his tag-team partner Daniel Bryan but doesn't turn Heel. 1 Raw later They have a little discussion where at the end Orton RKO'S Kane. Randy's the one who turns heel. After 10 minutes Randy defeats Kane.

Divas Championship:
AJ Lee (w/ Dolph Ziggler, Big E Langston) (C) Vs. Kaitlyn
I don't think i need to explain the Storyline of this one except that AJ won the Belt at Payback. AJ Lee retains after 8 minutes.
Smackdown Mitb Ladder Match: Fandango Vs. Bray Wyatt Vs. Antonio Cesaro (w/ Zeb Colter) Vs. Sin Cara Vs. Jack Swagger Vs. Big E Langston.There isn't really a Storyline too this except Cesaro mocking Sin Cara until MITB and Bray wyatt Cutting some fucked up Promos. Also Ziggler Motivates Big E some times. Winner after 20 Minutes: Big E Langston. Ziggler AJ Lee and Dolph Ziggler celebrate but Big E Langston can't take his eyes off The World Heavyweight Championship...

World Heavyweight Championship: Dolph Ziggler Vs. Alberto Del Rio (Ladder Match)After weeks Dolph Ziggler returns on Raw before Payback. At Payback Ziggler realizes that Albert is winning so he says to Big E Langston too attack The Ref. Big E does that and while The Ref is down He (Langston) hands Dolph a Chair. You can imagine what happens then. The Referee Gets up too his feet and Counts it. 1.2... 3! Alberto gets his rematch at MITB and if he loses he wont get a Championship Match until 2014. Big E Langston helps Ziggler and Dolph retains the Belt. But after the Match Langston hits dolph with a ladder, hands his MITB briefcase to the ref and The Bell rings! (20 minutes)

World Heavyweight Championship: Dolph Ziggler (C) (w/ AJ Lee) Vs. Big E Langston.Dolph has horrific pain but stands up and walks into a BIG ENDING! 1,2,3!!! We Have a New Champion. After about 20 seconds.

Raw Money In The Bank Ladder Match: Curtis Axel Vs. Chris Jericho Vs. CM Punk Vs. Ryback Vs. Rey Mysterio Vs. The Miz.After Brock Lesnar attacks CM Punk at Payback, Cm Punk feels destroyed and wants too get back to the top. Ryback loses against Cena at Payback and isn't finnisheed yet. He isn't gonna give up! During The Match Lesnar Comes back and attacks Curtis Axel and CM Punk. Curtis Axel wins after 25 minutes.

Wwe Championship: Daniel Bryan Vs. John Cena
Two weeks after Payback Daniel Bryan announces That he's on a hunt for the Wwe Championship. Ryback too. On that night Ryback Vs. Daniel Bryan (No. 1 Contender match) will be the main event. Bryan wins after Ryback taps out in th NO Lock! Daniel Bryan Has a staredown with Cena and cena's impressed but says that Bryan will always be The Underdog. Bryan disagrees. But anyway they have a match at MITB. Cena passes out in the NO Lock and the ref picks his hands up and lets it fall down. 3 TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bryan's new Champion! About 28 minutes.

This is my dream MITB Card. How do you like it? Thanks for reading and i hoped you enjoyed it! PLease rate this blog!

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    It's a decent card. Nice build up.

    I personally don't think the Jericho/Punk match is actually going to happen. I think it's going to be Punk coming down to the ring, but never getting into the ring and walking away again, leaving everyone disappointed. It would really suck, but I think that's how this whole thing is playing out. So at that, I don't see a Lesnar beating on Punk and I actually don't even see Punk at MITB.
  2. walldo 3:16's Avatar
    How did langston end up with a briefcase you didn't mention the smackdown ladder match ?? Gd card though
  3. walldo 3:16's Avatar
    Sorry m8 didn't read the divas section properly I always skip though's matches haha gd card I hope DB gets a wwe run before the years out and loses it to rollins
  4. Kajmere's Avatar
    DK, you think they'll really have Punk bitch out in Chicago? Half the crowd bought tickets for him.. Horrible if they do that
  5. wsm1996's Avatar
    Realistic card but big e will never hold a world title
  6. kakarot786's Avatar
    Decent card. but i'd make a few changes. As much as I would love to see bryan in the main event the way hes booked for payback it wouldn't make sense for him to challenge for the title at the next ppv. Really wwe should've done the bryan vs orton match at payback but since their tagging together i see it happening at money in the bank with bryan going over and then challenging cena at summerslam. i would also love to see a spot in this match were bryan reverses rko and hits rko on orton. orton kicks out at 2 and bryan goes mad and locks in the no lock. orton refuses to tap so bryan releases the lock and lines orton up for a punt to the head but kind of does a cena from mania 29 when he pretended to go for peoples elbow. just as hes about to go for the punt he stops just short to avoid the possum playing orton for the rko and when orton gets up from his failed attempt bryan hits a super kick for the pin.

    I like the idea of the sheamus rhodes feud but I think it should be promoted to the actual show and love the finish.

    With Daniel bryan facing orton I would have someone who can get away with a one match feud for the title like jericho face cena. If at payback jericho aligns with heyman to screw over punk I would have punk somehow cost jericho the match like gts on him when the refs back is turned. you could then have these two brawling in the ring when lesnar returns and brutally attacks punk to set up summerslam. however hers the twist., Punk is laid out in the ring with jericho, lesnar and heyman standing over him smiling. then all of a sudden brock's expression changes and he changes attention to jericho and takes his head off with a brutal clothesline. He then continues to destroy jericho sending him shoulder first into the ring post and then f5s him on the concrete. Just to add insult to injury he picks up jericho and takes him through the barricade. While all this is happening heyman is laughing his head off. He then cuts a short promo putting over lesnar as a beast and this writes jericho off tv for a couple of months. I know that the alliance between jericho and heyman (which would be awesome) is short lived but it setups match for lesnar vs punk and allows bryan to challenge cena.

    Also love the idea of langston winning money in the bank and just looking at whc but i wouldn't have him cash in on the same night. I would tease it constantly for a few weeks with langston constantly messing with zigglers he'd changing mood in segments with ziggler backstage and at ringside and then acting like "you should've seen your face. I'm just messing with ya" after. this makes ziggler paranoid and significantly concerned for the whc. langston then kind of stops for a couple of weeks until one week out of the blue ziggler calls him in to take out his opponent in a match. Langston lines up a clothesline but then turns and hits ziggler with the clothesline to a huge reaction, taking his head off in the process. He Then goes out of the ring and snatches the money in the bank briefcase off of AJ. Aj is going bizerk at this point with a huge sign of worry on her face at this point. Langston returns to the ring and cashes in bu hitting the big ending for the win. He stands over zigglers carcus staring down a t ziggler all serious raising the whc in one hand. Now this can go either one of two ways. He then walks over to AJ and looks her straight in the face and has a huge smile on his face and then either turns away and quickly turns back prompting her to fall on her arse and be left infuriated and embarrassed screaming her head off as he walks backwards up the ramp to the locker room hoisting the whc and laughing or as he smiles in her face her expression changes to huge smile and she starts laughing and they hug. she then looks at ziggler fallen in the ring who starts to looks up and blows him a kiss and leaves gripping langston's arm laughing and all smiles.

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