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MidCard Dreams

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Its been a while since I have actually done a blog. But I've been watching some of the younger and mid card talent and couldn't help but to think of some veterans they remind me of. So in this blog I will discuss some of my dream opponents for these mid card talents.

1. Cody Rhodes
I actually thought of three veterans that Cody Rhodes can have a great match with. One of them is of course Goldust. I'd like to see two things happen (but they won't) before this ever happens. First, Give Goldust a push to the main event and have him hold the World Heavyweight title from Elimination Chamber to Wrestlemania. At EC, have a beautiful #1 contenders match between Rhodes and Jericho. Have Rhodes win and go on to WM to challenge his brother for the title with the stip of: if Goldust loses, he must retire. I would love Goldust to get the win here but Rhodes needs to win to solidify himself as a threat to the main event. Jericho and Goldust were two dream opponents. Who would be the third? At Extreme Rules I'd like to see Rhodes defend the title against Randy Orton. I know they have fought before but this could have a great story behind it.

2. Jack Swagger
Jack Swagger, to me, is the Kurt Angle of today. I have a dream RTWM for him right now. Ken Shamrock has been wanting to make a return to WWE. So at RR, have Jack Swagger face Shamrock. Have Kurt Angle make a return and attack both men. Then at EC, have Swagger face off against Kurt Angle With Shamrock as the referee. I would have this match end in a no contest with all three men brawling. Then have a great story of who is the ultimate submission artist. And at WM have a triple threat between Swagger, Angle, and Shamrock. I would give this win to Swagger. And at ER, have him face off against Ric Flair in a Submissions count anywhere match.

3. Seth Rollins
I wouldnt give Seth Rollins a major feud until the Shield is over with only because if The Shield interfered, it would take away from the fact that he beat a veteran on his own. But Seth reminds me of CM Punk when he first came in. So hopefully by WM 32, Seth will get a main event push. Have him beat Dean Ambrose to win the World title. Hold the title until at least Summerslam. And at Summerslam have Seth defend the World title against CM Punk. No shield interferance. Though I do like Seth Rollins, I would want Punk Punk to win. So i give this win to Punk. Down the line at TLC, have Seth Rollins face Jeff Hardy in a Ladder Match for the #1 contender spot to World title. At RR, have him beat Punk for the title. At EC have him beat Punk again in a rematch. And at WM, have him face off against Chris Jericho and have him beat Jericho to retain.

Those are the three main midcarders off the top of my head that I would like to see face some seasoned veterans. So to recap: Rhodes's opponents are Goldust, Jericho, and Randy Orton. Swagger's opponents are Shamrock, Angle, and Ric Flair. Seth Rollins's opponents are Jericho, Punk, and Jeff Hardy. If we can see matches like these I think WWE would be more enjoyable to watch rather than the same storylines and opponents every other month with the same outcomes. Let me know what you think. But remember this is all in my opinion.

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  1. weems's Avatar
    I am speechless after seeing #2. Personally, I don't think anybody will care if Ken Shamrock returns. He was a mid-carder during the Attitude Era and I don't see him as a guy that will boost ratings or sell tickets. Next up, if Kurt Angle ever comes back, he will be in angles with only main event caliber guys. No way he works a program with Swagger (though a tea party gimmick vs all american, gold medalist gimmick would be good). Finally, god help us if Ric Flair returns and actually wrestles again. I love Flair but the last thing I want to see him doing is wrestling in a WWE ring again. All that being said, good blog. I really like Seth Rollins and think he could be a main event guy in a few years. Also, I would really like to see an angle of Cody v Goldust as well.

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