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Sting and WWE.....Will it ever happen?

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Probably now one of those questions in wrestling that everyone has asked, everyone thought when WWE bought WWE that it was finally time, nope, didn't happen. as years went by, a few months before Wrestlemania the rumors start flying, but turn out to be just that...rumors.

i'm still holding out hope for to make his long overdue debut in WWE around Wrestlemania 30. i've read comments before when this subject comes up that it's too late, they are too old not and they don't want to see that match anymore cause it won't be as good as it would have been in their prime. i call bull shit!

Undertakers match against Punk at WM29 and Stings match with Bully last week proved that both can still go, Sting has said in interviews recently, he has come close to signing in past years, really close a 2 years ago. so with Undertaker's in ring career lasting maybe 2 more Wrestlemania matches(if we are lucky)

personally i think WWE(more specifically HHH) is going to try harder than ever the next couple of years to get this match to happen, there would be big, big, big money in it. bigger than Hulk vs Andre, Hulk vs Rock, Cena vs Rock or any other "dream match" you can think of. the t-shirt sales alone would smash anything Cena or Punk has done, Raw rating would be at all time high for a while, and that WM would probably be highest grossing WM ever.

Last year HHH did something Vince was never able to do, get Bruno Sammartino to go in HOF, if you think that didn't add to HHH's ego, you couldn't be more wrong. That being said one of the very few things Vince hasn't been able to do is sign Sting, probably the biggest thing he hasn't done, so you gotta know HHH has to be think, how can he do it, cement his corporate legacy.

There is one thing though that convinces me that it will happen in next couple year and it is 3 words Hall Of Fame, besides the WWE title, World title, TNA title, ect.... wrestlers strive for 1 thing to be inducted in WWE Hall Of Fame, ya TNA got their HOF and Sting is in it, but come on really, they been around 11+ year, too early for their own HOF, WWE was around for 30+ year before they got one. i have to think as much as Sting may appreciate TNA HOF induction, he wants the real thing.

all that being said if a match never happens, i hope at very least HHH works his ass off to get Sting in WWE HOF

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  1. johnnyvine's Avatar
    Wrestlers strive to be in the WWE HOF? really?
    More like the Pro Wrestling HOF

    Will Sting make it to WWE probably.
  2. Rowebin's Avatar
    Do you think Sting will come in to loose?
    Do you think WWE will ruin the streak? Especially for someone who has never previously been in WWE?

    If you can answer these questions you will have your answer.
  3. pld459666's Avatar
    Rowebin, Sting doesn't have that I need to win ego. Sting's ONLY reason for not going to WWE is/was because of how he would be used. Initially he was upset at how they killed the WCW product with one line. That line being the Rock asking Booker T (Then WCW Champ) "Who are you" That one line buried the whole group of guys that came over aftter the acquisition. If Sting was promised the proper build up and lead-in to his fued and match with the Undertaker, I have no doubt in my mind that Sting would GLADLY do business (take the fall). When it comes down to it, these guys love the business and will do what ever the business requires. Especially at this late stage of their careers. There are a few that do not see things in that light (Flair and Hogan) but Sting is not, nor has he EVER been one of those guys refusing to job out.
  4. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I don't believe Sting will wrestle a match, but no question about it he will be in the WWE HOF.
  5. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Rowebin
    Do you think Sting will come in to loose?
    Do you think WWE will ruin the streak? Especially for someone who has never previously been in WWE?

    If you can answer these questions you will have your answer.
    Who is the one guy Sting says is his dream match vs? What is one event he would have love to have competed in? 2 for one virtually. It would be different if Taker didn't beat like 20 guys at the event before. I don't believe he cares if he wins or loses to be honest. Sting is at that age where he is putting over talent. Sting has done this from AJ Styles, Roode, Bully Ray, and so on.

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