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Curtis Axel - Hit or Miss?

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I know he debuted a month ago but thought id see how his push panned out before putting an opinion out there so lets get down too it.

Now we all know he debuted originally on nxt as Michael Mcgillicutty and showed some promise which lead to being put into the nexus back in 2010.
He held the tag team championships for a period of time then was sent to redevelopment. Now i am abit disappointed like many not to see him come out under his own name of Joe Henning to honor his fathers legacy Mr perfect Curt Henning. But i think this works out better and here is why. We have seen this happen to second/third generation wrestlers fall short riding the coat tails of there fathers/family, perfect examples of this are Ted Dibiase junior who struggled with the rich boy gimmick, even randy orton back in 2002 didnt get that connection with the crowd as the son of cowboy Bob Orton, he had no direction and the crowd had no appeal or reason to cheer or boo him until he started being arrogant and leading to him joining evolution. So my point being this gives Axel a chance to create his own persona while using the legacy of his dad to visit ( as seen when he mentions in his promo's and with perfect plex) but the most important part in his entire push is not just his ability in the ring and mic but Paul Heyman. Paul Heyman off camera has the ability to spot talent and how to get the best out of them and he is just as good as making them get over on camera as seen in the past with Kurt angle, heidenriech, the dudleys and the big show trying to draw them heat. Now as for his tow most successful clients he has played different roles, with Brock lesnar he was the mouth piece early on in his career to push an animal of man which we had never quite seen before. With cm punk it was different as punk needs no one to talk for him, but Heymans presence alone was enough to get punk more heat and exposure whether it was holding up the title, telling punk what time it was during his entrance, support from ring side or simply just saying punk is the best in the world it elevated punk to a different level that maybe punk didnt necessarily need but it did help and he wouldnt turn down working with Heyman given there history.

So the question is, what can Heyman do for Axels career?

Is he the mouthpiece?
The endorser?

The answer in my eyes is both! As we have seen already he puts over Axels credentials and in ring ability and lets not forget his bloodline, bottom line is Heyman in Axels career can only be good for Axel.

But where will his carrer lead too?
Will Axel fizzle out?
Will we see more impressive victories?
Does he need his own finishing move?

Thoughts please on this rising star

Peace x

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  1. blink's Avatar
    Its too soon to really tell with axel. I will say he needs to start pickimg up more clean, legit victories instead of count outs if this push is to be successful. With the exception of Heidenreich, everything Heyman has touched has been amazing and successful, so I forsee great things for curtis axel.
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I agree with blink here. Far too soon to really say, he has only been on tv for a month. Now you are calling it a success or failure? No way!
  3. Lucas Chapel's Avatar
    I'd like to see him broaden his move set. I think his neckbreaker (McGllicutter) and perfectplex should still stay on his moveset, but be set ups for his main finishers. I was thinking Full nelson suplex because we never se that move in WWE and a submission hold like a Stretch Plum, again because we rarely see that move in WWE. With two stand out finishers that look highly impactful that no-one else has, I'm confident Axel can go to the top. Using his father's finisher and a neckbreaker doesn't really have the same impact...
  4. BECCA_IS_AWESOME's Avatar
    I think only good things can come out of paul heyman working with him i for one was excited that he was the new client and to see him get a chance not pushing the family thing to far is the key
  5. Hurtts101's Avatar
    Always liked him, but think they should at least cut his name down to Curt Axel.
  6. body slam's Avatar
    miss - he's a mid carder and his name sucks.

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