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Does he deserve it ?

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Hey this is my first blog so I will try and keep this short and sweet for everyone

Well Curtis axel is now getting a push but does he deserve this push? And the future championship shots that he is gonna receive in the future ? My opinion no

That might be an un popular thing to say here but it's not down to Curtis lack of wrestling ability its from what iv seen booking wise already to his presence in the ring

Presence : to me he doesn't seem to fit in with the top tier of guys that we have on the roster right now I could not see this guy headlining a wrestle mania which every superstar should be striving for , he looks out of place in my opinion , and this is not helped by how he reacted first confronted by hhh on his 'debut'

Booking: so the creative team does it again with rumours that hhh and Curtis are to be facing at the wwe payback ppv that means he's getting thrown right at the top almost without receiving a massive crowd reaction? This sounds like I'm hating in Curtis I am not I love seeing new talent get brought into the main event but Im not a fan of the way they push talent into the main event only to have them jobbing a year down the road

Mygulicuty and Curtis axel? : sorry for my mis spelling of his name but by this question I mean what is the difference between both? Answer none which Is is a big problem Curtis was never a big draw in the nexus and never really got a outstanding crowd reaction so when they had the opptunity to re invent his char all we get is a name change and a theme that's got his dads theme in it remixed?
He needs to get away from all this perfect stuff and make his own legacy otherwise he's gonna fail needs to get rid of that silly haircut ! And some other things I can't think of at the moment ha but point. Is no ine cared about him before so how do you expect anyone to care now just because he's got this new name and new theme and Paul heyman talking for him , but just doing the same stuff he was in the new nexus ?

Anyway thanks for reading hope you all like it leave any criticism below

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  1. Dusty Roads's Avatar
    "And some other things I can't think of at the moment ha"

    How about you think of them next time and then hit send.
  2. Kajmere's Avatar
    He didn't get over in Nexus bc he barely got mic time and they paired him up with that knucklehead for a very bland tag title run.
  3. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    IDK why not....doesn't complain, works hard, gets other main event talent in top shape for main events.....I think he has earned it. Hell, he was off tv for so long.
  4. Cross's Avatar
    I have to agree with TheGreatOne. I mean, Curtis Axel is already in his 30's unlike most superstars. He won't be given as much time to hang in the spotlight over some other younger talent, so pushing him now is not an erroneous idea. He is ambitious considering he game back from the low-carders. Just give him a chance, though I like your thoughts on the matter. I do not agree with them, but I like what you had to say.
  5. Scholars's Avatar
    Thanks cross , and dusty I'll take that on board was a very tiring day for me that day and was quite eager to get something out onto this website since iv been coming to it for months now for wrestling news
  6. BECCA_IS_AWESOME's Avatar
    I Don't agree that he doesn't deserve it . Yes he might not have the looks right now and his first encounter might have been awkward but give him a chance because he is a hard worker and has very good ability when showcased. Yes they are talking about his FAMILY LEGACY but i don't feel it will define him like ted dibiase's has i think cody has done good for himself as well. Paul heyman was a great fit to get him the exposure he needs to get it done . I don't see him the wwe champion but maybe WHC down the road a few years. For the way he is being pushed may be too fast and that usually backfires but i think the E has a good plan in place for him
  7. Scholars's Avatar
    I hope so like i said in the blog I have nothing against the guy and hope he does make it , but the direction I see him going in at this moment in time doesn't work well for him . Looking at it now I think it's more booking issues than anything else it's obvious this guy has a few people backstage that like him but this is resulting in him getting shoved down our throats like ADR . Thanks for your opinion
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