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Sudden Impact: Slammiversary Fall Out

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Hey TNA fans, DK Savior here with the weekly edition of Sudden Impact, where it's all TNA, and not the "Wholesome Family Entertainment, not a Bloodsport" company from elsewhere. We've just come off what was possibly the best PPV of the year for both companies. Great matches, great action. I'm not a fan of how the World Title Match ended, but we'll do a little review of it and then talk about the road to the next PPV, that starts with Impact.

Slammiversary Review

Great X Division Match. Chris Sabin deserved the win and I'm looking forward to the next X Division Triple Threat for his first title defense. I love Ultimate X and at one point, I thought King was getting the win but Sabin got the win hanging upside down. Great stuff.

The possible show stealer was the Last Knockout Standing Match. The crowd was into it and if WWE gave two shits about their Diva's division, they still couldn't match up with what we see in TNA's Knockout Division. I wanted the match to last longer, but the crowd chanting "This is Awesome" speaks for itself.

Angle and AJ didn't disappoint. I wasn't too keen on how it ended but it was a great match as it always is with those two.

I loved the Tag Team Match. It went on for a while with no eliminations and then BAM! Two eliminations within a minute of each other and then the real drama kicked in as James Storm and Bobby Roode had new partners and things Storm & Gunner pulled it off.

The World Title Match was a decent match...with a shitty ending. I don't know how many more "hammer" endings I can tolerate before I check out of the Aces & Eights Storyline. Anyway, as expected, Bully Ray retains in pretty underwhelming fashion.

Congratulations to Kurt Angle for his induction into the Hall of Fame. Of course, he'll also end up in the WWE Hall of Fame at some point so he'll be a two time HoF'er with the two largest promotions active today. Good For Him.

Now On To: TNA Impact

The crowd is absolutely crazy tonight in Atlanta. I can't even hear the music. I love crowds like this.


Bully Ray opens up with he should be a Hall of Famer, yada yada. We get Jeff Hardy vs The Champ in a Ladder Match for the Hammer.

Bound For Glory Qualifiers

Hernandez & Chavo doing battle. Interesting. Hernandez wins a decent match and gets into the Series. Chavo wasn't happy afterwards. Are the MexAmericans breaking up?

Robbie E got 5 Points last year, Bro. Well, he ain't in this year as Joe took him to school in a squash to make it in. I'm hoping for a win for Joe this time around.

Rampage in TNA

The crowd was so nuts that I couldn't even hear him talk. It didn't take long and Kurt Angle comes out and gets in his face. Nice stare down. And now that I see him, I'm kinda happy about the Rampage signing. Did anyone notice he made it a point to slap hands with every kid in the front row? That was cool.

6 Man Tag Match

The guys with the gold, the new champs from Slammiversary going against Aries, Roode & Kenny King. Decent match with good action. I like how they're continuing to build a rivalry with Sabin & King. Sabin gets the win over King after some nice moves like a springboard DDT.

Anderson as VP of Aces & Eights?

Well, how bad can it actually be? At least D-Lo is out, eliminating one ex-WWE'er. We'll see what Anderson brings, if he does, in fact, become the VP. At least he's more active and there's more of a focus on him.

Knockouts Champ

Mickey's slow heel turn continues. And it's good to see Taelor Hendrix in a match and hopefully becoming a regular part of the Knockouts. I'm officially in love with her now, by the way. She's so sexy in like a dark, mysterious way. She could tighten up the mid-section a bit but I'm not perfect so I won't judge. She did good. The match wasn't the greatest Knockouts match but it served two purposes. Mickey's slow heel turn and an introduction of a new Knockout. I'm hoping for a nice future for her.

Main Event: Ladder Match for the Hammer

It is definitely worth nothing Sting's tweet though. Next week should be interesting. I don't read spoilers so it's going to be news to me next week.

Anyway, the Ladder Match was decent. Jeff Hardy starts it off flying over the ropes. Hardy really seemed to be a little faster than he has been recently. Maybe he was nursing an injury during his time away. Anyway, did anyone notice that when Bully did the jumping stomp, he landed right on Hardy's hand? That must have hurt like a bitch. Bully works decent matches when the pace is slow, but he's completely out of his element with a fast paced guy like Hardy. Plenty of back and forth action. Hardy's hand may be broken. Not as many high spots as I would've hoped for from these two. The ladder was used sparingly. Hardy did take a nasty spill that third time off the ladder though. Bully is selling the shot to the nuts pretty good. It ends in complete bullshit fashion. I think Hardy is legit hurt in the left ass and the hand.

Well, If nothing else, TNA totally conceded this episode of Impact, knowing they were up against Game 1 of the NBA Finals. Lebron vs Duncan. I expect a lower rating than last week.

Before I close this out, I do want to talk about whether certain sporting events effect wrestling ratings. The WWE has gotten lucky on two occasions this year when going head to head with a major sporting event. This past Monday was Game 7 and Miami blew the Pacers out and romped them since the second quarter. The other time they lucked out was going up against the Alabama vs Notre Dame National Championship Game in College Football back in January. They've benefited from blowouts which I think helped them get larger ratings than they probably would have if these games were close and competitive. TNA, as we all know, only really garners about a 1.0 Rating when there is no real competition. I think their ratings woes are more because of the day they broadcast, coupled with the network they're on. I think if they moved to Wednesday or Friday, and were on a different Network like a CBS or Fox affiliate, they'd pull in atleast an extra .3 - .5 in rating points. No sporting events of importance take place on these days and that is a fact. WWE knew what they were doing when they moved Smackdown to Fridays those years ago. Most networks treat Friday like it's Death Row for their TV Shows. It's a perfect spot for a live entertainment show that won't compete with others. You don't see The Voice, X Factor, or American Idol on these days. You don't see Dancing with the Stars on these days. You don't see awards shows on these days. Why? Because they're practically dead days when it comes to primetime tv. TNA should do the same thing. Go head to head with Main Event or Smackdown. It can't hurt any more than their ratings do now. Thursday is a bad day. It's the biggest party day of the week for the young male and female demographic here in the US. It's ultimate party day for college students. The showcased Primetime sports events typically take place on this day as well. The first round of the NFL draft. NFL just changed their schedule last year to make a weekly football game. College football showcases a big time match up. Same with the NBA and College Basketball. Thursday doesn't work. Plain and Simple. And the sporting events that take place, are legit reasons for lower ratings for Wrestling.

Thank you very much for reading this week's edition of Sudden Impact. I know my closing section about ratings went a little long. Thanks for sticking with it.

Be Safe and Have a Great Weekend Everyone.

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  1. PhEonYx's Avatar
    Ironically this site seems to have drifted away from the thought of posting "actual" blogs. Before I begin my slight rant about The Slammiversary Fallout, I just want to say that it's disgusting popping on here, reading your blogs, and seeing NO ONE comment on them. Meanwhile, we have irrelevant, poorly written thrown together trash almost being praised as actual blogs. Things have indeed changed over the course of a year.


    Hands down PPV of the year thus far. That's saying alot, especially when Mania was only two months back. It's amazing how The Last Knockout Standing match, topped off the card. I sat there in awe, watching an awesome story being told throughout the match. Totally awesome finish, and the crowd was amazing through it all.

    Gunner and Storm capitalizing was totally awesome. In-ring chemistry throughout the entire match made it totally worth watching. I slightly marked out when they took home the gold.

    AJ and Angle evidently didn't disappoint. Mind you I was expecting of few more high spots. I like the toned down Styles. Whenever it's needed to turn up the heat, he has no problems doing so. I kind of expected Angle taking this one, what with the whole induction in the works. I just felt it kind of took away from the push AJ was getting.

    World Title was absolutely awesome all the way up until the end. The fact that it ended with Bully piledriving Sting on the exposed ring was sweet. A&8's interfering was expected. The hammer coming into play yet again? TOTAL PISS OFF. I mean theirs God knows how many different tools they could have used. Lead pipes, tasers, sledge hammers, chairs.... Hell the list goes on. The hammer has been played out way too much. F*ck, taking a classic "Sting Bat" to his knees would've been sheer gold.

    Either way, still a phenomenal PPV.


    I'm going to barely touch base on this. I'm not a Rampage fan (despite following his UFC career). The crowd fed off of him, and he sure as hell did too. TNA can work an awesome angle with this. Tossing him in a few tag matches with Angle, than following it up with a MMA styled match between the two would be pretty damn epic. Sidenote; Jackson needs some lessons on the mic. It was his only down fall. Hell, I've seen the dude cut MMA promos, he's absolutely phenomenal. He may have been slightly nervous, who am I to say.

    Either way, awesome blog. Nice little touch seeing how sports/wrestling ratings can clash. It would sure as hell be a blog topic to elaborate on sometime, say; "Coffee Talk"?
  2. akbar's Avatar
    - Yeah it's a shame so many blogs were uploaded at once and this was pushed to the second page before anyone could really read it.

    - This was a great PPV, all matches were solid but the ending as always was treated by creative as another Impact show.

    -You're a committed writer DK, and I respect that.

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