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Why CM Punk is more suitable as a face

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The somewhat eagerly anticipated return of CM Punk is almost near us and no doubt majority of WWE fans will be glad to see him back. Now granted unless something spontaneous occurred in the usual auto-pilot creative minds of WWE, he’ll return as a heel. No doubt Punk is a great heel, but his anti-hero face persona is where for me he was best and where he established himself as a star.

Anyone can be a heel with the usual ‘I’m better than you’ or ‘respect me you minions’ will always get you boos from the crowd. Sure some wrestlers do it a million times better than other wrestlers with Punk being one of those. The craft of being a really good face is I personally believe a lot harder and not many could pull it off well.

A really good face is someone who can command the crowd at their own will, demand a reaction and get a reaction. Rarely do these types of faces come about which is one of the reasons why Cena has been at the top with no challenge for so long. Reasons like this are why Randy Orton just hasn’t worked as a face and also why Sheamus both with inept mic skills and generic self isn’t working. There’s only a certain amount of times you can Brouge kick or RKO the bad guy until it gets boring. You have to talk to the crowd, entertain them, and give them stuff to chant about, give them a character to invest in to really go over as a face. CM Punk has the mic skills, and as a face he said what the crowd felt and they reacted to him.

Punk like Cena initially got over with the crowd as a heel; his Straight Edge Society stint gave him many admirers amongst the fans. The stuff for the Taker feud like mocking Paul Bearer and kicking Takers gravestone etc, Got the heel reaction he was looking for but being that type of scumbag really isn’t difficult to do. Anyone can kick gravestones and steal an urn. None of those actions singles out Punk from any previous heels. A wrestler stands out of the crowd when they do things no one else or not many can do. Say what you want about John Cena but his natural charisma on the mic is brilliant, jokes can be written by a lot of people but the deliverance of it is as important. Punk is the only post attitude era wrestler that can hold a candle to Cena promo wise. The crowd love him, his pops are loud as any. For the Cena haters, who are many, Punk was their saviour. It makes no sense to keep him a heel right now when he is getting the face reactions so many of the bland wrestlers are craving for. Punk is at his peak

Including Punk the relevant heels of WWE are currently Brock Lesnar, Ryback, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, The Shield and a few more. The top face is John Cena with Orton, Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio, the latter 3 hardly setting the world alight. Although Daniel Bryan is really over with the WWE and him getting back to single action after his Team Hell No partnership with Kane was saturated to the bone, he is definitely on the top so that’s something to look forward in the second half of this year.

It’s been reported for Brock Lesnar and CM Punk to be the big SummerSlam feud and it could be a very interesting and memorable feud if everything plans out. The ideal situation is obvious that as they are both in the Paul Heyman faction, some sort of betrayal of jealousy from whichever of the two leading to them feuding. Heyman will side with Lesnar as he is the wrestler who needs a mouthpiece and Punk is very much capable enough to go toe to toe with his master Paul Heyman on the mic and in the ring with Lesnar. Simple but almost certain to be very effective and for the company as Lesnar and Punk working together could be very impressive.

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  1. Dennis's Avatar
    This is why I like reading your blogs! Always full of reason! haha

    Just to add my two cents, I think he's best when he's a face but not an obvious face. When they turned him into a cookie cutter face right before his heel turn he was boring. Before his match with Daniel Bryan with AJ Lee as the special guest referee he was super fresh; I just hope if they do ever turn him face again that they do it in a fashion that he's the anti-hero that we all enjoy and not the generic face that we all have seen in many others in the past.
  2. Kajmere's Avatar
    Excellent blog but I'll pass on a Punk/Lesnar match. 80 lb difference plus Brock is taller, can you imagine them in the ring facing each other? I know it's fake but Lesnar would kill this guy with one hand. So much to do with Punk when he returns, but Brock has become a niche feud guy. I wanna see him only face guys like Rock, Taker, HHH, Cena, maybe Sheamus, and maybe beating Kane on RAW during a Taker feud.
  3. WarMachine22's Avatar
    If the brands were separate I would say that Punk would be the perfect face on one of the two shows, but since everything overlaps now he's great as a heel. He's the Shawn Michaels to John Cena's Bret Hart. He's the first guy in 6 years to make anything John Cena does interesting. The last time I cared about Cena was when he was in his 2006 feud with Edge. Every time Punk and Cena match up its like Austin vs the Rock, both have huge fanbase, both are considered 2 of the top guys, and the matches can be unpredictable and very entertaining. When the top 2 guys are going at it, you don't know who's gonna win, you don't know how its going to end. They are the only rivalry/match up in the current WWE you can't predict the outcome (minus that RAW match which was still a classic). Unless they can successfully get Randy Orton to that heel status he had in 2008-2009 or get Sheamus back to his heel status of 2010, you can't change CM Punk. There are only 2 SINGLES heels right now that are perfect matchups for any face, CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler.
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