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Lord Cookie

The new Main-eventers vol. 2

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Hey everyone it's me again with a blog about new main-eventers. This is my second blog about it. And since there was no feedback on my other post, i' just going to continue with the blog.

Mason Ryan I mean, this guy IS a monster. I still don't understand why he isn't in the main event. Wwe has a muscled up, monster-looking wrestler and he ain't in the main event. Really? Really? You barley see this guy on tv. When was his last house show match? I mean even Ted Dibiase Jr. is on the house show cards. I always moan that there are only main-eventers who can't wrestle as well as other performers. But this time it's an exception. I really like his look. He can be like a new Batista. Let him have a match against Primo on main event. He then loses via roll up. After the match he goes crazy and attacks Primo and Epico. Let him have a little feud against Primo and Epico, which ends on the payback pre-show in a handicap match. He destroys them and starts getting small reactions. Don't push him to quick, let it go slow. The bigger the reactions are, the bigger the push gets.

Fandango wins the IC championship at payback. Ryan "debuts" on Raw with a new tweener monster gimmick. Mason defeats Cody Rhodes and Fandango attacks Ryan after the MAtch and starts dancing around and annoying Mason. A Intercontinental Championship match between them is confirmed for Money in The Bank. Fandango gets overwhelmed by the Power of Mason Ryan and gets himself DQ'd. Rematch at Summerslam. Mason wins. Rematch at Night Of Champions where he defends the Belt. He gets good reactions now and the Intercontinental Championship has a new lease of life.

But on the RAW after NOC he swaps The Intercontinental Championship against a shot at the World Heavyweight at Hell In A cell. Lets say Orton is still Champion after a feud against Ziggler. Hell In A Cell: Mason Ryan Vs. Randy Orton (C). Mason wins after 20 minutes. At Survivors Series Team Mason Vs. Team Orton. If Team Orton wins Randy is Champion again. But team Mason wins against all odds.

So Mason Ryan is a Star and World Heavyweight champion. Who's Next? John Cena? Orton again? Or Sheamus? NO! It's Kane! Kane Vs. Ryan Whc TLC! Mason defends.

I can imagine Mason Ryan Being the Face of The Wwe, Believe it or not.
Thanks for reading and drop a comment!

Lord Cookie.

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  1. BECCA_IS_AWESOME's Avatar
    HOLY SHIT WOW THAT SOUNDS JUST LIKE RYBACK oh wait that's because it's exactly what they did with him boy were they wrong.
  2. Dusty Roads's Avatar
    Honestly, Ill have to take your word for it since I havent seen him on tv in 2 years! I always thought he would have made a good bodyguard, wasnt he going to be Zigglers bodyguard like a year ago? He would have to get some credibility like Big E has done the past few months first, and work his way to winning matches. I like your enthusiasm but nothing Ive seen from him makes me think the fans would latch on in any way.
  3. Anyrysm's Avatar
    I always thought him and Ezekial Jackson would make a great tag team...They both have the unbelievable physiques and those wonderfully arrogant, toothy-smiles....can't you just imaging Big Zeke cracks a one liner, then smiles and looks at Ryan...who's smiling....Ryan cracks a one-liner...looks to Zeke with a big shit-eating grin....both guys giving those big smiles over the stupidest of comments....I think it could have been epic
  4. wsm1996's Avatar
    No he probably won't even comeback at all, he's buired now
  5. Lord Cookie's Avatar
    Thanks for the feedback everyone! I appreciate it i will continue with the blogs!
  6. Lord Cookie's Avatar
    That is just too Epic
  7. weems's Avatar
    Mason Ryan has the perfect WWE look and cannot get on TV. This should tell you something about his lack of star power potential. Also, what mic skills does Mason Ryan have that suggest he could be the face of the company? I think his time has come and gone. Since his debut with the Nexus, Ryback, Big E Langston and Brodus Clay have all become part of the full-time roster. These 3 guys are all on TV every week while Mason Ryan is not. There is not a spot for another guy right now to debut with a "monster size" gimmick, especially since Henry and Zeke will eventually return. Perhaps in a few years when Show and Kane retire but not now.
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