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Yes! Yes! Yes!

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As reported earlier on this site wwe seems to be on the verge of pushing Daniel Bryan this summer, in my opinion this push is a year over due.

At this time last year Bryan had entered Wrestlemania as world champion even though the match lasted 18 seconds due to time constraints for 'bigger' matches, Sheamus and Bryan made the best out the situation in a small program from the Wrestlemania fall out. From this Bryan was way over with crowds with the hottest crowd reaction since the birth of the 'what' this reaction got him into the wwe title picture with cm punk and kane for the next few months aswell as an extended run with AJ Lee over the summer and to form a long tag team championship reign. Again Bryan and kane were thrown together as a team they were very 'hot' when they started with anger management and Dr shelby.

The inevitable happened at extreme rules as kane and Bryan dropped the tag team titles, the story since has been playing Bryan as the proverbial 'weak link' which he played amazingly. Bryan also recently single handily out the shield on smackdown and put ryback over better than maybe anyone in wwe could right now. For me im personally excited to see where this recent push takes Bryan but it asks alot of question :-

Can he cope with the pressure? Yes as a former world champion he knows how to cope with the main event scene in wwe not only that he has the experience to carry out a great match as well work the crowd.

Will he be a heel or baby face? To me, Bryan given his size, skill set and catchphrase could pull off both easily, but with how hot he is with the crowds right now wwe would be foolish to put him back as a heel, everyone seems to be behind him and he is hotter than anyone in the business right, very similar to cm punk and could carry that momentum to the top of wwe if pushed correctly.

Will wwe drop the ball? Its hard to say at the moment but if recent weeks are anything to go by this is being carefully planned out (without spoiling smackdown for anyone) wwe would only have themselves to blame if this does not work as Bryan can do it all.

Will this lead to a world title run? Simply put in my opinion...YES!

Where do you all think this push will lead?

Thoughts on possible storylines/plans?

Please share

Peace x

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  1. BECCA_IS_AWESOME's Avatar
    I think he is "GREATNESS" a nice baby face championship run would really ice the cake yes he can do both and i think they should kinda keep him in the middle so you never know what your gonna get , i think it helps interest both kids and adults he can really make some magic happen
  2. 123kid's Avatar
    Let him attack cena and ryback send them both inside the ambulance, proving he;s not the weak link. Next night, have ryback attack Kane in search of bryan, putting kane out of action.This will set Ryback vs cena vs Bryan at MITB. after that have Kane can come back revenge wih ryback at suumerslam and bryan can feud with cena for the gold at Summerslam PPV.
  3. Kashdinero's Avatar
    Either way, I really hope these next few months won't see a feud with Kane. I'd like to see the pair remain friends who occasionally team up against whoever Bryan is feuding with and a random partner of said wrestlers choosing. A somewhat amicable split that sees the WWE's odd couple agree to disagree would be a refreshing change to the norm.

    For the record: I've been a Daniel Bryan/Bryan Danielson/American Dragon fan since 2001, and I have to say that he might just have had one of the most interesting careers I've ever had the pleasure of following. For someone who was labeled as basically a "vanilla midget" from day one, he's certainly proved countless naysayers absolutely wrong. If I was one of his haters, I'd be careful of what I said about him--no one likes to wear egg on their face after all.

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