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Booking Challenge: WWE MITB/TNA BFG series 2013

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For the first time ever, WWE/TNA joint booking challenge! I decided to do it this way because when looking at MITB, only two people will win this year. I just state the two which would likely be 3 paragraphs total (including opening). I decided to add TNA's BFG series which consists of 12 participants. Winner faces TNA world champion at Bound For Glory(TNA's Wrestlemania). Instead of getting into why or why not each superstar will not win which is obvious(guys like Hernandez?). Just go with the guys who I'd book to win and why. For the BFG series, I'll just select the final 4 and book the winner. For the MITB, I'll give 2 winners, but also give other guys I wouldn't mind seeing win as well.

Rules: obviously being, for the BFG series, the 4 you select have to be of the 12 participants competing in the series. MITB is really up in the air with two MITB ladder matches yearly. I hated the format last year with just former world champions in one of them. Since that may be the case this year, I demand you have at least 1 former world champion win MITB for your booking challenge. You can give suggestions of course like more than 2, but say which 2 you'd book of course. So we begin:

WWE 2 MITB winners I'd book to win would be: Wade Barrett and Randy Orton. Now I'd like to see Damien Sandow or Ryback win as well. Sandow is because he is one of my top 3 favs. He just began his singles run with his feud with Sheamus. I don't believe he has a chance in hell of winning even though I'd like him to. The reason I didn't select Ryback because I think he get a world or WWE title shot without the MITB. I think he has a great shot of winning 1 of the two briefcases though. Daniel Bryan is a fav of mine and many I have saw selected him to win MITB. I just hate seeing guys win more than once anything such as MITB or Royal Rumble.

I selected Orton to win because I had to have a former world champion. I would have selected Bryan had he not won a MITB briefcase before. He is the only one who really makes any sense as far as former world champs go when you run down the list. I do hope if he does, he will become the 2nd MITB winner to cash in and lose. That is how I'd book it as well....LOL!

I selected Wade Barrett because I see a ton of potential in him since he first debuted. He now holds the IC title, but I believe he will end up losing it to Fandango at the next ppv Payback. That is so he can elevate into the main event scene after winning the MITB briefcase. I think it makes the most sense that he wins the WWE title since Dolph is a heel, but Wade could have it for a while and a face could end up taking it off Ziggler. I would like Ryback to be that face and become the new world champion. Just a wait and see game, hopefully next time a MITB winner has a briefcase at Mania, they cash it in that night!! The history is there with Cena and Barrett though. It would be cool to see him beat him for the belt on any ppv. I'd prefer it be at Summerslam, but I don't see it happening that soon. 1st British WWE champion, I believe Barrett would be.

Booking 2013 BFG series final 4: Judging by the list of participants, I decided my 4 would be Magnus, Joe, Jeff Hardy, and AJ Styles. I have no idea what they are doing with Matt Morgan. He was going to be booked in the final match with AJ Styles. He isn't a participant? No match at major ppv Slammiversary either? What the crap is that? You could have at least put him in the ring with Eric Young in a jobber type of match. Ah well, before anyone goes nuts because I don't have Roode or Aries in the final 4 is because I want to push new stars. I figure that right there will be the final 4. The 4 biggest stars from AJ, Jeff, Roode, and Aries. I just think it would benefit Magnus and Joe who need to move up the card to main event status. I just have Roode and Aries really going at it costing each other matches letting egos get in the way ending up having a match at BFG to settle who is the best type of feud.

Getting the obvious ones out of the way: AJ Styles is like everyones pick to be the one to end Bully Ray's title reign by the majority including myself with the Sting 97 type of gimmick to him. I picked Jeff Hardy because he is there top draw. Why not have him in the Finals? Tease that he will be the one to stop Aces & 8s plus be the first to win the BFG series 2x.

Why I picked Joe: The start of the death of Joe began at BFG 08 when he lost to Sting and the world title. That was the beginning, than he joined the same group that cost him the world title and gave the world title to Kurt Angle at Slammiversary pretty much becoming Angle's pet dog. Joe hasn't been the same since. In any case, it is time to build him up again so I got him in the final 4 in the first matchup: vs AJ Styles. The long history is there between the two from back in the heights of the X-Division days. Joe plans to put AJ out of his misery in their semi-finals match which he loses. Being in the final 4 is something though.

Why I picked Magnus: Of all the young guys on the roster, he has the most potential to be a main event talent. This will help get him there with involvement in the final 4. He will face off in a semi-finals: matchup vs Jeff Hardy claiming his time is now. Jeff has held him back ever since he came to TNA taking all that Hogan has given him. Now it is his turn to shine!! He loses to make the matchup in the Finals: AJ Styles vs Jeff Hardy. Battle of two fan favorites, who do the fans want to take the title off Bully Ray. Of course, I got AJ Styles winning this match to go on to face Bully Ray for the world title. AJ beats Bully Ray to once again become champion. The match with AJ and Jeff is a setup for a feud down the road where AJ turns heel because fans were rooting for Jeff Hardy.

That my friends is how I'd book: MITB and BFG series 2013. Like or dislike how I booked them? How would you book the MITB or BFG series? Who's your MITB winners? How about your final 4 in the BFG series? Leave that and more in the comment section below. Get ready for the next booking challenge as well: Summerslam 2013!! Thanks for reading!

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