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Shane Helms - Classless

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I've always been tempted to start writing a blog on here. I’ve always enjoyed reading them and seeing what the rest of the IWC thinks about the great business that we all love. I always wanted to start writing but never had anything to say.

That however, has changed.

Over the past 4 days, Shane Helms has basically cut a promo from the safety of his computer desk on Shawn Michaels. Calling him a fraud, his new found religion a work and referring to his followers as “Retards”.

Everyone has an opinion, I get that, but Shane? Really? Do you really mean this? If so then you have really gone down in the fan’s estimation. Shawn was an asshole. We know this. Shawn did drugs. We know, he told us. Shawn screwed Bret. Again, things we are aware of. People who have followed the Heartbreak Kid from the outset know all of the negatives’ that the showstopper has and in spite of being such an asshole, he found a new lease on life.

I’m no bible nazi so don’t worry, no preaching going on here but calling his new found beliefs a work is a joke. Was it as much of a work as being dressed up head to toe in green bi-curiousness and playing second fiddle to Umaga?

Helms has had no impact on the business in the grand scheme of things. He’s just another mid-carder with a grudge, sitting round the camp fire with Matt and Jeff, Shannon and the rest of the inbred North Carolina cast offs discussing what a twat Vince is and how they “had no other way out man, I gotta be myself” – Go and be yourself then boys! Go write a legacy! Prove me wrong! (™Chris Benoit – R.I.P) – but don’t write a legacy that includes trashing arguable the greatest Wrestler of our time. Do it the right way.

Calling people retards may get you followers on Twitter, but it gets you no closer to the Hall of Fame

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  1. buddhamonkey's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by wallyman
    sacrifice had a purpose...shawn claims to b all u think a christian would slaughter animals for fun....? u would think he woul;d find anohter hobbie....who the fuck kills a bear for fun....and stuff the head on the wall...
    Yeah, there's a difference between sacrifice and hunting, but my point was that it's not a sin to hunt animals, fun or otherwise. For the record, I'm personally not a fan of hunting and have no desire, but for Helms to try and paint Shawn as a hypocrite because he hunts is ridiculous.
  2. ChrisMasterpiece's Avatar
    I don't even like HBK that much, but c'mon - the gimmick that Helms had where he was a self-obsessed punk with stupid sunglasses? I'm starting to think that's how he is in real life...
  3. Silent Assassin's Avatar
    OK, I've never commented before on this site. After all of the comments to this post, I figured that maybe I would set the record straight while still looking at this with a unbiased point of view. This all started a couple of weeks ago on Shane Helms internet show. Another person on his show asked him "which wrestler really disappointed him the most" and of course he answered HBK. Then he went on to rant on why he was disappointing by him. First off, I don't think he should have gone on the rant that he did. He was wrong to talk like that. He should have said something along the lines of "I don't want to get into it." He should have known better that all of this would blow up the way it did. Now, the whole, calling HBK's fans "idiots" was referring to people saying that "he has no right to say that. He's one of the greatest performers of all time." I get that. He is one of the greatest performers of all time. He wasn't attacking his in ring ability. He was attacking everything behind the scenes. These were the things that the "wrestling fans" didn't see. I nor any other wrestling fan who has never been on the road with him has no right to call Shane right or wrong. We don't know these things. Maybe some hand full of people have meet him over the years but, that's completely different. I'm not defending or going against what he said because like I said, I have no idea whether or not it's true. As far as hunting/killing animals for sport/fun, I in no way condone or will I ever defend people who do that. Now, that has nothing to do with being Christian. There is nothing in the bible going against hunting for sport but, I think we would all have to admit, you getting satisfaction out of killing anything, something is wrong. With that being said, I hope that their are other people who can look at this unbiased with this knowledge.
  4. The Brown One's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisMasterpiece
    I don't even like HBK that much, but c'mon - the gimmick that Helms had where he was a self-obsessed punk with stupid sunglasses? I'm starting to think that's how he is in real life...
    Hes probably more annoying than that in real life
  5. knox's Avatar
    i totally agree with this blog, hurricane helms has had no impact what so ever on the wrestling industry and if anyone remembers him, they wont remember him as the longest cruiserweight champ gregory helms, but they will remember him as the joke the hurricane whoms gimmick was dropped because of hurrican katrina and then brought back

    im not mad about what helms said but im mad about how he did it. he;s supposed to be a professional and professionals dont do that. If he truly feels that way about shawm, he could;ve called him and expressed that but we all know these trash wrestlers do it for attention. And my whole thing is helms has been suspended for steroids so whats his point.

    Also HBK is a hero to many whom doesnt even need to explain himself to us but he has. HBK being the man he is has admitted to drugs and how horrible of a person he was. Ted Dibiase Sr. also admitted to being a cocke head and now he has a church. These people and us included only owe one man an explanation and that's God but HBK and dibiase coming clean with their fans was an honorable deed
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