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Shane Helms - Classless

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I've always been tempted to start writing a blog on here. I’ve always enjoyed reading them and seeing what the rest of the IWC thinks about the great business that we all love. I always wanted to start writing but never had anything to say.

That however, has changed.

Over the past 4 days, Shane Helms has basically cut a promo from the safety of his computer desk on Shawn Michaels. Calling him a fraud, his new found religion a work and referring to his followers as “Retards”.

Everyone has an opinion, I get that, but Shane? Really? Do you really mean this? If so then you have really gone down in the fan’s estimation. Shawn was an asshole. We know this. Shawn did drugs. We know, he told us. Shawn screwed Bret. Again, things we are aware of. People who have followed the Heartbreak Kid from the outset know all of the negatives’ that the showstopper has and in spite of being such an asshole, he found a new lease on life.

I’m no bible nazi so don’t worry, no preaching going on here but calling his new found beliefs a work is a joke. Was it as much of a work as being dressed up head to toe in green bi-curiousness and playing second fiddle to Umaga?

Helms has had no impact on the business in the grand scheme of things. He’s just another mid-carder with a grudge, sitting round the camp fire with Matt and Jeff, Shannon and the rest of the inbred North Carolina cast offs discussing what a twat Vince is and how they “had no other way out man, I gotta be myself” – Go and be yourself then boys! Go write a legacy! Prove me wrong! (™Chris Benoit – R.I.P) – but don’t write a legacy that includes trashing arguable the greatest Wrestler of our time. Do it the right way.

Calling people retards may get you followers on Twitter, but it gets you no closer to the Hall of Fame

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  1. Saiga's Avatar
    LOL the wwe hall of fame is as much a joke as shane helms pretending to be a superhero.
  2. Tina293's Avatar
    Yeah, I think Shane has been hanging around Matt Hardy a bit too much
  3. Tommy Thunder's Avatar
    I'm a die hard HBK fan, and I was insulted that Helms called HBK fans 'retards', and questioned his religion, and calling him a fraud etc. He had no tight to do this, as he isn't half the man HBK is. HBK is one of the greatest ever in the business, and Helms will never get close to him. I used to like Helms, but my respect for him has greatly decreased after these comments.
    Having said that, I don't think it's fair for you to call him, Matt, Jeff and Shannon in-bread cast offs. It makes you a bit of a hypocrite in the end. You bash Helms for calling us retards, and then you call him an in-bread cast off. No need for that. Yes, Helms was wrong to say those comments, but there is no need to bash him back, makes you just as bad as him in the end.
  4. The Brown One's Avatar
    I don't think Helms comments mean squat since hes unemployed and like Tommy Thunder said, half the man HBK is. He could have just let it go and move on.
  5. AxisOfWin's Avatar
    Amen Brown One

    Tommy, I get what you say, maybe i was venting a little too much at the end, but I'm sure you get the gist of what im saying. Basically it was what The Brown One said but typed in an angrier mood!
  6. steveorton's Avatar
    Shane is a complete and utter wrestling failure, he wrestled in wrestlemania once or twice, never held a world heavy weight champion. You're justa big loser, jus like your 2 wives Jeff and Matt. BTW shawn michaels=GREATNESS, I'm jus sayin
  7. buddhamonkey's Avatar
    I'm still trying to figure out what hunting has to do with being a Christian. I'm guessing Shane doesn't know how many times animals were sacrificed in the Bible.
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