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Dusty Roads

Current Feuds That Need Some Juice

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Lets take a look at a couple feuds that need a little more juice to be entertaining. Something seems to be missing, lets try to figure out what that is.

Sheamus vs Sandow
What’s the point of this anyway? This feud started a few weeks ago but it has ever really taken off. I think partly because the crowd could care less for either performer. Sheamus has hit a plateau lately where the fans aren’t really into him and the creative can’t find anything for him to do. And Sandow, while entertaining on the mic, has been a jobber for the past 6 months. The only way this feud can work is if they plan on putting Sandow over and starting a singles push. I think he would be the perfect guy to get a win over Sheamus and start going after the US belt. Sheamus has a good enough resume where a loss wont hurt him at all, and Sandow needs that signature win to catapult him into relevant mid-card status. Sadly, it looks to me like this is just another way to get Sheamus a win and keep Sandow as a jobber to the stars for now. I sure hope I’m wrong.

Wade Barrett vs The Miz

Well, this has been a clusterfuck hasn’t it? Barrett has been booked horribly since winning back his title the night after ‘mania, and Miz just looks lost with his character. Clearly his face turn hasn’t worked out and his prickish “really??!!” routine doesn’t quite work as a good guy. When these two are in the ring they look clumsy and out of rhythm. Not that we would know since each one gets maybe 3 minutes per Raw to show case their talents. Thank god Fandango has been put into this feud to try to salvage it. (And no, that wasn’t written sarcastically) It seems pretty obvious that creative has no faith in Barrett or Miz, so I see Fandango getting his shot as IC champ. I hope it works out for him too. Even though his character may have peaked, his talents should still be showcased.

Alberto Del Rio vs Big E
I guess you would have to call this a feud by default, since they have faced each other every Raw and Smackdown for 3 weeks straight. I had hoped that Big E would be built up as a monster (still is I guess) that couldn’t be beaten, but that went by the wayside pretty quickly thanks to Del Boro. He still has an aura about him that I like, and I see really big things for him on the future, but this feud is just treading water. Del Rio is just as boring and lost as a face as Miz is. He cant connect to the crowd, and the biggest reaction he gets is thanks to his announcer being able to say “ooh” for 10 seconds. If this mini-feud does continue Id like to see Big E come out on top and eventually break free and feud with Ziggler. A MITB win would do Big E a lot of good going forward, but sadly, losing to Del Rio will not.

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  1. Lord Cookie's Avatar
    good blog. But i do think Punk Vs. Jericho needs some new ideas. I mean we saw this whole: "I'm the best in the world." Thing last year. But otherwise, really good blog i agree with all of it.
  2. Dusty Roads's Avatar
    Thanks for the feedback. I didnt consider this a feud since Punk hasnt been there to cut any promos and since I dont see this going beyond Payback. But otherwise I agree, it does feel like weve seen this before. Just because the roles are reversed (face/heel) doesnt do it for me. I still think it will clearly be the match of the night though.
  3. Lord Cookie's Avatar
    Especially in chicago. It will be a great match but the feud is kinda... meh. Can you check out my newest blog? please?
  4. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Good blog and good idea. I do disagree with The Miz though. The face turn has developed slowly, but the positive reaction is increasing little by little...Hear the pop when he got Barrett in the Figure Four and when Barrett tapped. I think he needs a boost as a face. A big win over a major heel that's really hated by the crowd and the fans can get behind him. He's got charisma and a very marketable look. I think WWE has had a few opportunities w/ the Miz pass them by. The Royal Rumble two years ago where he was forced into the #1 spot. A mini-feud w/ Brock Lesnar, etc.

    I can see him in a title picture near the end of the year. Maybe a Royal Rumble win or something to catapult him.
  5. FellaMeep's Avatar
    I like Sandow matches, and him with Sheamus isn't going anywhere. WWE pushes Sheamus to be a near unstoppable Fella. And having Sandow there, it only hurts Sandow. Sandow and Cody should switch places. Cody could possibly do better against Sheamus and Sandow could get over Randy.

    As far as Big E and ADR go, its just a backup. I feel bad though cause Big E isn't getting over anymore. Pushed too fast and burnt out. We should hope Ziggler gets cleared very soon to end this Big E and ADR feud.
  6. Dusty Roads's Avatar
    Love the feedback guys! DK, I agree with you that Miz has had some chances go by without capitalizing on them. And I also think he has great charisma, mic skills and in-ring ability that the potential is there. But for the life of me I cant see him in the main event scene anytime soon. Not that I would mind him there, he was ok in the feud with Cena, but things just arent looking up for him at the moment.

    Meep, what a shame about Big E huh? He had the potential to be an unstoppable force and go through the roster undefeated until he splits with Ziggs. Unfortunately for him, Ziggler got hurt and they needed a quick fill in for Del Rio. He still looks pretty strong, but Id like to see a winning streak away from Del Rio.
  7. Kajmere's Avatar
    By far my two favorite things on TV, the Shield/DB matches, and the Sandow/Sheamus segments. I think this is a big deal for Sandow, his first major singles push.
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