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What i learnt this week: The last straw for Kofi?

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It was Ryback's attack on Kofi Kingston during last week's edition of Smackdown in which he smashed Kofi through a series of tables that got me thinking - perhaps this incident at the hands of the machine-like Ryback could be the final straw for Kofi. And when i say 'final straw' i mean in the sense that maybe it's time that Kofi turned heel.

For a guy who debuted into the mainstream of WWE (more specifically the ECW brand) in late 2007 he has consistently been a face for the full duration of his near 7 year WWE career. Now i'm not saying that this is an issue but i guess it is fairly unusual for a WWE superstar not to have turned heel at least once especially during the length of a WWE career that Kofi has had thus far - unless it's John Cena i suppose. But the attack at the hands of Ryback may prompt a change in Kofi. Of course we don't want to see a change in his unpredictable, unorthodox move-set which has made him one of the more exciting superstars to watch in recent years. But a change in Kofi that we could witness is one that perhaps mirrors Daniel Bryan's recent "i'm not the weak link" breakdown. Kofi may not want to be viewed as an easy target for the likes of Ryback anymore and in contrast, viewed as a serious threat with his unique offence being feared and consequently with him becoming a contender. Now it can certainly be said that Kofi's good-guy persona hasn't been at the expense of title gold. I mean; 4 IC titles, 3 US titles and 3 tag titles is an impressive haul of gold. However isn't it time Kofi had a chance at 'the big one'. All of Kofi's attributes coupled with his time in the company and his title history indicate that perhaps he should now be on the road to a WWE/World title chance. Feasibly i can only see the Money In The Bank match being his best chance at getting that chance, unless 'the E' feel it's his time to win the Rumble which i find unlikely at the present time. Yet i believe a heel turn for Kofi may give him a better chance at being WWE/World champ!

The possibility of this is potentially high with Kofi set to be sidelined for up to 6-8 weeks which of course is enough time for Kingston to have adopted a changed attitude and re-focus of his career and ambitions. That change in attitude being one that has disregard for the fans coupled with a strict business mentality to get to the top at any cost in order to feed the ambition to become World champion. Once Kofi returns and with this changed attitude, and if he pulled off a Money In The Bank win the cash-in of course wouldn't have to be instant and with Ziggler and Swagger as heels in the World title picture and the potential of a future heel turn for Orton it would mean that opportunities to cash-in would be limited in the near future which would allow Kofi to build his heel-ish persona over a period of a few months with the view to Kofi cashing in the briefcase in the future on somebody such as Del Rio or perhaps Sheamus - basically a face World champion whoever that may be.

Whether people feel the same is always up for debate but perhaps after last weeks Smackdown it might be the last straw for Kingston with his injury and absence being a big opportunity to turn him heel.

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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    I like it.
  2. bryanb1306's Avatar
    I'm pretty sure that it hasn't even been 6 years.
  3. Kajmere's Avatar
    I'm not saying it won't happen or it won't work, but I just can't see it happening. He's got moves that makes the crowd say boom, he has a soft voice, and a ton of kids like him. It's just a tough sell for me.
  4. Cross's Avatar
    As intriguing as a heel turn would be, and believe me, I would love to see it, there is just so many people who get behind him. I mean, if you can make it to where he is cheered regardless like CM Punk or Dolph Ziggler, then I would love that.

    Anyways, a gimmick/attitude change is absolutely needed. I definetly agree that this is Kofi's chance to become greater and get to the main event scene which he has been fighting for all along. Let's pray that this happens. And a MITB win, all for it.

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