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Yes! Yes! Yes! The Raw Review (#YYYTRR)

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“Yes! Yes! Yes!”

This week’s Raw ended with Ryback stood over the prone body of John Cena, but Monday night was about anything but the Three Stages of Hell match coming at Payback. It was the night Daniel Bryan showed the WWE Universe and, more importantly, Vince McMahon & Co. that he is the most over superstar WWE has right now.

Not only did Bryan steal the show, but The Shield continued their impeccable run of great matches, and WWE decided to give us a throwback to the late-1990s with a heel McMahon promo (complete with crowd insult!).

Flyin’ Bryan: Marathon Man

If anybody had any doubts about the ability of Daniel Bryan before Raw, they were surely forced out of the minds of Bryan’s detractors.

Bryan started by taking centre stage in the night’s opening match again dominating The Shield single-handedly, and went on to carry Ryback in one of the night’s main event matches (I’m surprised that Raw featured three decent matches too). The lesson to learn from this is simple; Bryan should be doing bigger things than chasing the Tag Team Championships or worrying about being a “weak link”.

He is the first superstar to make Ryback look good in a main event match, and it would seem that WWE has plans to turn this aggression into a title run (hopefully with the WWE Championship).

Let’s look at it this way; his assault on The Shield and his near-victory was impressive in that he did it alone and captivated the audience, but the loss was semi-expected and it made all involved look good. The real surprise is that WWE gave Bryan the chance to dominate Ryback at times in their match, and gave him the victory (albeit via a DQ). A victory over the number one contender should really put a superstar in line for the next title shot, too.

With the imminent break-up of Team Hell No (I expect at/after Payback) and Bryan being able (and allowed) to hang with superstars who are considered main eventers, WWE would be stupid to not let this burst of momentum lead to a championship match.

And if nothing else comes of this, Bryan is finally chanting “Yes!” again, which can only be good news.

The Shield are still flawless

Aside from the show-stealing performance of Daniel Bryan this week, the title-holding Shield were as impressive as ever. I’m not referring to their well-documented win/loss record, but their in-ring performance.

There is usually a reason why fans get behind supposed heel groups like The Shield. It can be their attitude, the destruction they cause, or their in-ring ability. To me, it really looks like The Shield possess all three of these qualities. They started out by taking out an impressive list of superstars before ever competing in a match, went on to cut some nice promos driven by the almost-psychotic mannerisms of Dean Ambrose, and lately they’ve been showing their worth in the ring.

And similarly to Edge, I am yet to see a bad match involving The Shield. Sure, their WrestleMania match left a little more to be desired, but that was still a good match and the closest I’ve seen to a bad Shield outing.

WWE is showing them a lot of faith by having them hold two championships right now, and it is with very good reason. I do not think it is an overstatement to say that The Shield are the best group the WWE Universe has seen in years, because they captivate arenas week upon week.

I know a lot of what I’m saying here has been mentioned in a few of my blogs in some form or another, but it says a lot about the talent pool in WWE when the best matches are being put on at the start of shows whilst the main events pale in comparison. That was the case this week, and has been for around a month now.

I just cannot wait to see how they’ll fare as champions with a target on their chest come Payback. The only guarantee is that they will be a part of two outstanding matches.

This week’s Raw gave us a glimpse into what this summer in WWE could hold. If you take into account the performance of Daniel Bryan, the continued dominance of The Shield, and the still intact undefeated streak of Curtis Axel you get a good idea of how many different avenues WWE can go down with pushing their talent with SummerSlam as the focus.

Bryan could be in the WWE Championship picture, The Shield could be bringing some real prestige back to their respective championships, and Axel could easily be involved in any multitude of ‘upstart’ rivalries with established talent.

The crowd helped also in making this week’s Raw a good show. They were vocal and wanted their voices heard, and it always makes a show better when the fans create a great atmosphere. I wanted to say thank you to @Synned40 on Twitter for bringing a #YYYTRR sign to Raw this week also, I appreciate the promotion even if it didn’t make it clearly onto TV (if anybody else felt like promoting this blog I’m happy for them to do it… hint, hint).

My question to you this week is; given that SummerSlam is the next of the “big four” PPVs for WWE, what would you like to see as its WWE Championship match and why?

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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Good Review...and Smackdown this past Friday...well, Saturday for me since I watched on UHD, has put me firmly on the Daniel Bryan bandwagon. I know I'm a little late with it, as I was one of the biggest doubters. Whatever they do with him, I hope he's a face. And while he is worth more than tag titles, I can't say the same about the Weakest Link storyline because it's this storyline that has escalated him in recent weeks. His match with Ryback was seriously, "edge of your seat" stuff with goosebump moments.
  2. Kajmere's Avatar
    Nice blog, Summerslam:
    WWE title match- Cena vs Bryan vs Punk
    WHC match- Ziggler vs Christian or Orton

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