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WWE & TNA presents: One Night Only BATTLE OF THE BRANDS

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Okay so I was checking the site this morning and I sometimes read the blogs that people post up. I saw a post earlier this morning which was like a two sentence blurb, and some matchups of WWE vs TNA guys…and that was it! No explanations of why he chose whom versus whom, no setup for this, NOTHING!!! So I just thought this is so horrible that someone should do something about it. So I decided that I’d try to rectify this atrocity. Now lemme preface this by saying, I’ve only done a few blogs on here before, but I’ll do my best.

Now here’s the setup: Let’s say that VKM finally gives all of WWE’s power to HHH. Triple H, in his infinite wisdom, listens to some of the fans that are slowly leaving his product and jumping ship to TNA. He decides to give Dixie Carter and hulk Hogan a call and setup a one night only PPV. WWE X TNA: Battle of the Brands (Cheesy title I know, but doesn’t that sound like something they’d come up with?). WWE’s best vs TNA’s best and figure out who has the better brand.

Here are the rules: Matches are worth points. The winner(s) of the match earns the points for their brand, and the brand with the most points at the end of the night gets bragging rights….and ONE OF THE OPPOSING BRANDS WRESTLERS FOR A FULL CALENDAR YEAR!!!

So without further ado: Let the BATTLE OF THE BRANDS BEGIN!!!

Bad Influence vs The Usos (5 points)
I chose this match-up because you’ve got two very well put together tag teams. You’ve got Bad Influence (“Ring General” Christopher Daniels & “Francois” Kazarian) who’ve been a mainstay in TNA and have worked awesomely together as a tag team since their inception. They take on the natural twin brother duo of the Usos (Jimmy and Jey) who in my opinion have not received as much credit and time they deserve on WWE TV. Both of these tag teams together could put on quite a show, and exactly why I’d put their match first as to kind of pump the crowd up.

Gail Kim & Mickie James vs Natalya & Naomi (5 points)

Oh course what would this show be without some Divas/Knockouts action, but this just any old women’s match. This takes two of TNA’s best female technical wrestlers and put them up against two of the WWE’s best females. Probably the two best female wrestlers on the planet Mickie James and Gail Kim come in this match to show and prove that the “Divas” are just pretty little princesses with no wrestling skill. Well the WWE know they can’t jest send in their usual talent of the Bellas or Aj or Layla so they decide to go with actual wrestling ability. Natalya “Nattie” Neidhart member of the legendary Hart family clan, has wrestling in her genes and shows it with her technicality. Now some may question my pick of Naomi, but if you watched any of the NXT Diva’s season, and saw her wrestle, you’d know why I picked her; chick CAN wrestle.

AJ Styles vs Dolph Ziggler (10 points)

The “Phenomenal One” vs The “Show Off”. This match is purely about showcasing some of the best charismatic talent in wrestling today. AJ Styles who has been around in wrestling for a while has always shown some great skill and charisma wherever he’s been at. He takes on the one and only Dolph Ziggler who works his butt of night in and night out and just oozes charisma. This is one match that everyone will really look forward to all night.

Ace’s and Eights (Doc, Wes Brisco, and Ken Anderson) vs The Shield (15 points)

This one is a match to see which dominant group is well….the more dominant. I kind of tried to go in a style versus style kind of matchup, but really couldn’t make it fit well. You’ve got the power guys DOC and Reigns, the unorthodox/crazy guys Anderson and Ambrose, but he’s the troubling part of the equation. No one in Ace’s and Eights can match speed with Seth Rollins, but Wes gets the spot because he’s young and wrestles better than Garrett Bischoff (barely, really they’re both terrible).

Chris Sabin, Kenny King, and Suicide vs Kofi Kingston, Justin Gabriel & Sin Cara (15 points)
I kind of added this match because I love the high flying action of the X-Division in TNA. I was thinking hey why not have a match where you got bodies flying all over the place. So this is what you get total non-stop action….literally. Chris Sabin, Kenny King, and Suicide (who is portrayed by former ROH speed demon TJ “Lightning” Perkins) taking on the WWE speedsters of Kofi Kingston, Justin Gabriel, and Sin Cara. Lookout for some awesome aerial moves and high spots in this one. This match is gonna go 100 MPH.

John Cena vs Bully Ray (10 points)
What would this PPV be without seeing the top guys in their respected organization. Of course you’ve got to put the headlining, main eventing, biggest baby face in the WWE today (whether you love him or hate him….GOD KNOWS how much some of us in the IWC HATES HIM SO!!!) WWE Champion John Cena. He’s going to go one on one with the man with the biggest baddest, roughest, toughest son of a gun of TNA. Do you know who he is…..? He’s the leader of Ace’s and 8, He’s got the biggest calves in pro wrestling (he said it; not me.), and he’s your TNA world heavyweight champion, Bully Ray.

Austin Aires vs Samoa Joe vs Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk (30 points and a title shot)
I dub this match the “ROH reunion” match. This is the main event of the evening. This match would go down in history as probably the best match ever recorded in history of pro wrestling! Not to mention what’s at stake: 30 points and the winner of the four way gets a title shot in their respective organization.

Think about it: You’ve got A-Double, Austin Aires, the greatest man that ever lived. A man with both technical skill and charisma to boot. Someone who gives a great in-ring performance no matter what.

Next you got the “Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe. A man who was undefeated for 18 MONTHS. The master of the Muscle Buster. A man who has amazing speed for a man his size.

On the WWE side you got Daniel Bryan. “Mr. Yes/No”. One of the best technical wrestlers on the planet today. A modern day Dean Malenko being a master of over 100 submission moves and knows how to escape them all. A guy who is entertaining both inside and outside the ring.

Last but not least, the “Second City Saint”, the “Straight Edge Savior” the “Best in the World” C.M. Punk. He’s arguably the best wrestling talent in pro wrestling today. The man has it all; technical skill, mic skills, he can draw as much praise and heat as anyone. He doesn’t just wrestle matches, he makes them epic.

So who do you have winning these matches? Which organization wins? Who gets the title shot? WHO GETS CHOSEN TO JUMP SHIP?! Would you put other people in these matchups or add new matches? How would you do a PPV like this? Comments are always appreciated. Thanks for reading!

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. Kajmere's Avatar
    (puts gun to own head and pulls trigger)
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Hate the card, you are using guys who are barely booked on Raw and SD.

    Sting vs Taker-the match everyone wants to see....MAIN EVENT!
    John Cena vs Bobby Roode-it pays to be Roode and selfish....who else could have face other than the top heel in the company?
    Aries vs Ziggler-greatest man vs showoff....battle of egos and great match. Who's better?
    Kane vs Abyss-Abyss has similarities to Kane and Mankind. Already have Foley vs Abyss. Now it is time to have that other dream match finally!!
    Daniel Bryan vs Kurt Angle-Reminds me of the matches between Angle/Benoit type of dynamic, but i feel Bryan has a much better connection with the crowd. You suck vs YES/NO chants!
    CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy-beat Hardy forcing him to leave WWE. Prob have this be 2nd to last match.
    AJ vs Mickie James-similar characters as crazy! Gotta have a divas/KO match.
    Ryback vs Samoa Joe-Joe's gonna kill you vs feed me more! Love the dynamic of a possible choke out vs a monster like Ryback.
    Shield vs Aces & 8s(Bully Ray, Mr.Anderson, Devon)-Where have the Dudley Boyz been? They have been in TNA! Best tag team ever vs a new top stable in the biz.
    AJ Styles vs Randy Orton-Being the best in a small pond is one thing, being the best in the largest is the other.

    Love to have used Morgan/Sheamus/James Storm/others
  3. Kajmere's Avatar
    ^^ Takin notes, Speezy?
  4. The Phantom Menace's Avatar
    You did forget Sting vs. Undertaker as the main event. Between these two icons we're looking at about 3-4 hundred main events, with 50 points at stake. I loved your ideal using four of ROH's greatest former champions hopefully in an four-way elimination match. You forgot about Tara, Matt Morgan & Triple H. I've got a match up Abyss vs. Ryback - in a Monsters Ball Match. I'd order this ppv in an instant. Triple H would go for something like this for two reasons...It'll make a sh!t load of money & he's still a wrestling fan(un-like Uncle Vince). Great job on the blog, putting together a stellar card.
  5. Kajmere's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by The Phantom Menace
    Triple H would go for something like this for two reasons...It'll make a sh!t load of money & he's still a wrestling fan(un-like Uncle Vince).
    I could picture the meeting between HHH and Dixie:

    HHH: Ok, so we will win this match, and this one.... that one, this one .... these three, and that one.

    Dixie: Wait, but that's all of them.

    HHH: Exactly.
  6. Veer's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kajmere
    I could picture the meeting between HHH and Dixie:

    HHH: Ok, so we will win this match, and this one.... that one, this one .... these three, and that one.

    Dixie: Wait, but that's all of them.

    HHH: Exactly.
    hahaha that looks so true!!

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