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Turning the corner. WWE's journey to finally bringing Indy talent alive.

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First blog so I hope you guys don't shoot me down, I plan on writing a lot on here and this stuff is just my opinion. Here we go.

I am thirty one and I cannot remember a time I did not watch wrestling, I have always been a fan of the 80's and early 90's wrestling. Never a huge fan of the Attitude era as I was more of a WCW/NwO fan back then.

The last few years I have grown to appreciate the talent from the Indys and it seems that finally the "E" has opened up just enough to let some true talent shine through.

Baby steps are fine because for the longest time VKM has been about big huge manly monstrous men. Whether you are a fan of the Shield or not you have to appreciate everything they bring to the table. I am particularly talking about Rollins and Ambrose, also Daniel Bryan has been getting to be the American Dragon we knew and loved in ROH. The reason for DB's recent throwback wrestling style is that he has guys that can wrestle that same style in Ambrose and Rollins.

The WWE has been bringing in some fantastic talent to NXT and if you have not watched the current version of NXT on HULU then you are most definetly missing out. Such talents as Sterling James Keenan, El Generico, Chris Hero and Pac amongst many others.

With all these guys being brought into NXT and many more rumored to be signing shortly it looks as if VKM and HHH have finally gotten a little sweet on indy wrestling. I don't think we will see the type of off the wall moves in the ring that we see in the indy's but from what we have seen in recent weeks between DB and the Shield it shows us some of the most technical and awe inspiring wrestling might just have a home in the biggest show in professional wrestling.

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  1. FellaMeep's Avatar
    We must understand, This is WWE we're talking about here. Let me ask you, do you think Vince trusts indy's? No he doesn't. CM Punk was one of the very FEW independent talents that was able to keep his stage name. This is true as CM Punk's gimmick reflects himself and Vince only approved of it just barely.

    People hating WWE for changing Chris Hero's name and El Generico's names and gimmicks, like I said, Vince doesn't trust independent wrestler's popularity. He simply doesn't. He wants to morph stars into his own creation. And 7/10 times it works well. Its just the same people you Indy lovers know and love. Just under a new gimmick and name. Its not like they aren't.

    Look at The American Dragon Bryan Dainelson. He became a WWE star, only because he followed Vince's ideas and followed his gimmick. Is he not the American Dragon anymore? Absolutely not. He still is Bryan Dainelson, just under another name with a gimmick.

    And CM Punk? He was a accident. Truth be told, Vince wasn't expecting Punk to get as popular as he did when he fought Cena for the title at Summerslam. He became a true Superstar because WE the fans made him to be.

    Stop hating WWE because they "ruined" your favorite star. They aren't ruining them, they are testing them for the big WWE stage people.
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