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Return Of Shane O Mac!!!

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This is a storyline that would be a interesting to see.

Its Monday Night RAW, WrestleMania XXX is just around the corner, out comes Vince Mcmahon who has a big announcment to make.
Vince Mcmahon: 'Good Evening everyone, Wrestlemania is just around the corner and you can feel the excitment in the air, 30 years ago i took a risk something that had never happened in sports entertainment and created wrestlemania and boy did it pay off it made WWE into something completly different, something that every one enjoys today, I would like to thank all of you for that. Now this business has been my life for more than 40 years, which brings me to the big announcement after WM 30 i would be stepping down from active chairmanship of WWE."
The whole universe is shock, chants of 'Thank You Vince' break out in the arena. Vince is overwhelmed by the reaction of fans.
VKM : " thank you, but this brings to the second big anouncement, taking my place as the Chairman of WWE, someone who i have been training for the past 1 year and i belive will do wonders in this place. Ladies and Gentleman please welcome your new chairman of the board....."
TIME TO PLAY THE GAME! (no surprises here every one knew it was gonna be him) Triple H makes it to the ring all suited up. Vince and triple H hug in the ring.
Triple H: " Thank you Vince, for trusting me with this role its gonna be hard to fill your shoes, maybe i should have my own power walk now, but jokes asside i assure you Vince and the fans that i aint gonna let you down....."
HERE COMES THE MONEY!! out comes Shane Mcmahon, every one's in shock, especially trips and VKM. the crowd goes nuts
Shane Mcmahon makes his way to the ring grabs a mic, " Shane O Mac is Back!!" stare down triple H, then continues "yaa i know i have been gone away, but seriously dad you decide to give the company away to hunter. I know steph dosn't want the job of chairman so u decide to give it away to her husband, did you forget you have a son!! This was a Mcmahon company and Should stay that way"
VKM :" Shane you had been gone a long time and me and the board both feel that triple H has handled his office duties brilliantly over the past year and is ready for this role and dont you forget that he is family"
Triple H : " yaa shane you left the comnpany remember, when it was your time to take lead you ran and started what a chiniese tv company, hope that was good for u. But know dont expect you can just comeback from hiding and take charge!!"
Shane: "First of all i didnt run, i went ahead started my own work away from wwe and made it successful showing to the world that i can be a successful business man w/o the help of my father thus proving that i don't just get things on a golden spoon but make my own terms. unlike you who got the position by marrying the boss's daughter and playing around with a sledge hammer!!"
both start staring each other and seems a fight is about to break out till vince sperates them, saying shane its good to have you back son, but this is a business deal and he will have to discuss this with the board, till then you both stay away from each other.

Next week On RAW, VKM comes out saying the board hasnt reached a decision out comes trips followed by shane vince explains to them a meeting would be held soon where both are needed to be present where the board will discuss each man's business strategies to come up with a decision, an exchange of words takes place between trips and shane followed by shane punching trips and a fight breaks out between the two men, vince and security separate the two men. Vince Grabs a mic " Control yourself you two, two future chairman prospects fighting like this, Well this is the WWE and we hardly settle any differences in the board room, you two wanna fight we will have a fight at the grandest stage of them all WrestleMania, with the biggest stipulation this industry has ever seen a match for the Charmain's position. now how do you like that VKM is still a genius!!" SHane has a huge smile on his face! end show

Now over the comming weeks before WM the match could be made a street fight or maybe a Special Ref with VKM, you guys decide.

And this feud could continue a little longer even after WM cause however becomes chairman the other gets some other position and still remain in the WWE, continuously challenging the new chairman's decision.

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  1. Kashdinero's Avatar
    Shane O' is far too content with his own projects to ever even consider entering the snakepit environment that caused him to leave his fathers company. HHH and Steph won the battle years ago. Plus, dude's, like, way rich, and nothing beats having a shitload of money at ones disposal to invest in whatever new hi-tech gadget that enters the market (which, if anyone knows about Shane, is his real passion in life). Nice idea, but completely far-fetched.
  2. GuyPie's Avatar
    I like the story line idea. you can then throw Steph in there as having to chose between her brother (who plays up the we are family angle) or Trips. Could make for an interesting double cross and further the depth of the angle.
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