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Sudden Impact: Coming Home to Slammiversary

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Hey wrestling fans. It's been a long time but DK Savior is back with another edition of Sudden Impact. This week was the coming home show to Slammiversary. And this show had everything that most coming home shows should have. Mixed tag matches involving participants from two of the matches, a 4 on 4 tag match with all teams involved in the elimination tag title match, a tag team match with two sets of opponents doing battle at the PPV, etc. There is some really good stuff going into Slammiversary. It is shaping up to be a fantastic PPV. I'll have predictions at the end of this report. So let's get into it.

Bully Ray & Devon vs Sting & Joseph Park

I don't know if everyone agrees but I think Bully Ray is great as one of if not THE top heel in ALL of wrestling. His promo was very good and the match itself wasn't horrible. It's was all over the place and in the end, the teaser for Abyss cost Team 3D the match as Sting picks up the pin and Park looks like he's starting to really lose his mind.

8 Man Tag Team Match

Gunner looks like a bad MF'er. I think it's a good way to reintroduce him to the company on a weekly basis. He picks up the win with the Torture Rack to make A Double tap. Decent match. I was hoping for some more turmoil between the two face teams, especially after the match. There wasn't a whole lot of storytelling with this one.

Garrett vs Joe (Jeff Hardy Reveal)

Ok. So it wasn't much of a match. Ended in a quick DQ. The big story here is the reveal of Jeff Hardy as the teammate of Magnus & Joe in a six man vs DOC, Briscoe, and Garrett. I thought the announcement was a little anti-climatic. The presentation of some of the stuff on TNA just has poor timing and doesn't draw the crowd in. Think the announcement of The Rock as host of WM 27. There was a slow build up, a buzz and a silence throughout the crowd. The music hits and the huge pop commences. They could've done that with the return of one of their top draws. Meh.

Mickie James Heel Turn Begins

It's a shame because I love me a Gail vs Mickey match. I'll take that over almost any other match WWE or TNA can give me...except for maybe AJ vs Angle, or AJ vs Daniels, or AJ vs "Fill in the blank". But I can see Mickey being a good heel. I just don't see many top face Knockouts to challenge her. Maybe this is when Taeler Hendrix will emerge. We can hope.

Taryn & Sabin vs Gail & Kenny

Decent match. Sabin picks up the win. He starts to cut a promo about his redemption when he gets attacked from behind by Kenny King. Kenny is about to take him to the shed when Suicide makes the save. Then Sabin and Suicide get in each other's faces over the belt. I'm really looking forward to that match.

AJ Styles vs Anderson

AJ took it to Anderson and dominated early. I like the slower, more methodical AJ Styles...who can turn up the octane when he needs to. The match ends when Angle comes out and attacks AJ. I'm really looking forward to that match too. Aces & Eights hits the ring. Sting and company come out. The brawl ensues and it's mayhem as the show ends. I love it when they do it that way.
Gail Kim vs Taryn Terrell: Last Knockout Standing

Gail Kim has been on a vicious streak lately. Taryn Terrell has been getting equally as crazy. Should be very entertaining. I see Gail Kim beating the count and picking up the victory. I do see this match going all over the place though.

Four Way Elimination Tag Title Match

This sucks because I love all four of these teams. I'm hoping Bad Influence wins, but I have a feeling Storm & Gunner pull this one off. I think it'll come down to Storm & Gunner vs Roode & A Double. Eventually, Storm & Roode. Then Gunner makes the save as Roode is about to pick up the win. Gunner gets the victory with the Torture Rack on Roode while Aries fails to make a save when he has a chance to.

Gutcheck BFG Qualifying Finals

Who cares? I guess I'll choose the bad guy who beat York two weeks ago.

Six Man Tag Match

Joe, Magnus, & Hardy vs Garrett, Briscoe, & DOC. Did anyone notice the picture during the card run down actually showed Anderson instead of DOC? Anywho, I want to state the obvious and say that Hardy picks up the win, but I'm gonna go against the grain on this one. I think Garrett Bischoff picks up the win on Magnus. There will be shennanigans of course. Maybe D LO finally redeems himself. Either way, I'm gonna go with Aces & Eights on this one.

TV Title Match: Devon vs Joseph Park

Joseph Park will pull out all the stops. He'll bleed and go crazy Abyss on Devon. Abyss' music will hit. But despite it all, Devon will keep the TV Title with a pin.

Ultimate X Match for X Division Title

A show stealer if there ever was one. This will be insane. I expect a ton of high spots and WOW moments. I think Sabin fulfills his destiny and gets his redemption with the win. And since there's no pin, neither Suicide or Kenny will be out of the title picture.

Kurt Angle vs AJ Styles

Another show stealer. Is it me or are there a ton of matches on this card? Anyway, AJ is on a tear. I think he pulls off the win in a crazy back and forth match with tons of close calls and a performance that only these two can put on. Styles gets a pin. No tap out on this one.

TNA World Title Match: Sting vs Bully Ray

I don't think this match will be great, but it will be good. There's going to be a lot of emotion due to the stipulation of Sting not getting another title shot ever if he loses. Plus, it's no holds barred. I expect most of the spots in this to be on the extreme side, rather than crazy wrestling moves. Probably a lot of chair shots, tables, and other implements. Bully wins when Brooke takes the hammer away from Taz, but then willingly gives it to Bully. The crowd boos as Brooke goes heel and the fans trash the ring with Bully & Brooke making out.


They mentioned a possible Mickey vs Velvet Knockouts Title match. I don't think it's gonna happen. But I definitely would welcome a second Knockouts match on a PPV.

Also, there will be a reveal to the next TNA Hall of Famer. I'm going to predict Jeff Jarrett.

Thanks for reading everyone. Sorry I haven't updated on my wrestling sportscenter web series. And John Cena was in town today for Comic Con and I got stuck at work and couldn't make it down to see him. I also won't be going this weekend so I'm going to miss Daniel Bryan and Rickie Steamboat. Oh well, I guess I'll have to find a different starting point for my show.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of Sudden Impact. I'd love to hear your ideas on how you think Slammiversary will go.

Be Safe and Enjoy the PPV.

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  1. Kajmere's Avatar
    Good blog. I wasn't aware of some of these matches as I skim through DVR episodes of TNA. I look forward to the elimination tag, X division, and Angle-Styles matches. Sting-Bully I'm looking forward only to the last 5 minutes. There is potential to top nearly every WWE ppv in the past year if said matches can all deliver. Personally, I don't think the Angle-Styles match will be as awesome as it should be, not to be cynical, but it will be good.
  2. filthyanimalz's Avatar
    Good blog man, I see a lot of things similar to you except the ME. I think we will see 15 mins of chairs and tables Sting gaining momentum, A's & 8's rush the ring, TNA faces come out to brawl, Matt Morgan comes out and hits Sting with a big carbon footprint Bully gets the win and Morgan gets Dlo's cut.

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