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Dusty Roads

Wyatt Family Tradition

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On Monday's RAW a promo aired announcing the impending debut of the Wyatt Family. Anyone who's seen the trio's work in NXT will know that this is a good thing.

The leader of the pack (the term patriarch could, rarely for wrestling, be applied here) is Bray Wyatt. He made his WWE debut in 2010 on the ill-fated second series of NXT. This was back when NXT's format was radically different, of course. It wasn't really designed to get numerous guys over at once which in retrospect it should have been. The result was that he ended up not getting much to do.

From NXT season two Wyatt, then going under the name Husky Harris, got a slot in CM Punk's Nexus faction. Yes, just like Curtis Axel (then billed as Michael McGillicutty). Perhaps someone in the WWE writing team has been poring over old footage of NXT and Punk’s New Nexus? That could explain why two guys who debuted in that period have been promoted in as many weeks.

Husky's initial run on RAW didn't last long. He was written off TV before Punk's showdown with Randy Orton at WrestleMania XXVIII. He eventually reappeared on some house shows under the new Bray Wyatt name and then became one of the early highlights of the 2012 reformat of NXT.

Various inspirations have been cited for the Wyatt character. For those who haven't seen him in action he's basically patterned after a stereotypical southern preacher in everything from the way he dresses to his cadences. His wrestling style is enjoyably wild, his big moves looking credible and being broken up with surprising bursts of agility.

An injury early in the summer put Wyatt on the sidelines for a few months. He was absent from TV for a while before making a comeback as a manager. It was an inspired move, granting time to one of the best characters on the show and allowing others to benefit from his excellent promo skills. The men he was given to manage were Luke Harper, formerly Brodie Lee in Dragon Gate USA, and Erick Rowan, who'd wrestled in Japan as Thorus before signing with WWE. The three look like they belong together, with Harper and Rowan being a particularly good fit as a team.

Rowan and Harper were entered into the tournament to crown NXT tag team champions. They made it to the finals but lost to Oliver Grey and Adrian Neville. That started a feud that could have been great but never really got going thanks to an injury to Grey. Said injury led to the Wyatt boys getting the belts at the May 2nd NXT tapings.

While it's clear that Bray is the star of the group thanks to his look and promo skills Harper and Rowan are deserving of promotions too. They could help to create a worthwhile tag team division if given the chance. Having Bray as a manager will help them to stand out.

There should be no need to rush things with the group. Bray is well suited to working as a manager and could gradually morph into a full time wrestler. The success of The Shield makes me think WWE has a plan in place for the group. I hope they do. Bray's too good to mishandle a second time.

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  1. mrbluto's Avatar
    Dusty Roads is a great name. I love the Wyatt family video. The WWE is doing a great job pushing new blood in the big time, The Shield, Curtis Axel and the Wyatt Family have people buzzing
  2. Dusty Roads's Avatar
    I appreciate the feedback guys! DK Wrestling Savior, first off Im a big fan, been seeing you on here for a while, always love to hear what you have to say. And I am not saying that having Bray Wyatt or any of the "family" is a great thing because they will all have a lasting impact, or will all be world champions someday. I am merely making the case that the WWE is finally giving younger talent an open forum to get over and make a name for themselves. They may well end up being like 3MB or more like the Godwinns from early 90's, whom they do remind me of sadly. Only time will tell if they deserve a main event or even mid card push, but where we sit right now, I think its a given that having fresh and interesting characters added to the roster can only be seen as a positive. My hope is that the characters they started in NXT can convey and be perfected in the WWE.
    @Dusty Roads - pretty good blog...His agility reminds me of Hugh Morris but needs to ascend to Bam Bam's level to be successful.

    Painful Rating: 8.9 out of 10
  4. body slam's Avatar
    I really liked the video of them and hope they stick with that theme. But for some reason I can see them being turned into a Duck Dynasty group. Kinda like Sheepherders to Bushwackers.
  5. TheRobbSmith's Avatar
    Dusty, Great blog man I enjoyed reading it and it was not far fetched like a lot of blogs. Nobody knows whats going to happen with these guys but most of us believe and hope that they will take off. Bray is a fantastic talker and really good in the ring also. The Rowan and Harper team are very good in the ring, they look like two big ol boys from the hills that own a tow truck and kill people.. I love harper and rowan is def growing on me.
  6. Bagg's Avatar
    Really hoping we can at least get a few months of enjoyment out of the wyatt family. Perhaps with a few "out there" and "risque" angles finally something that looks awesome to get excited about. I do fear though that with all of them having beards, I would not doubt for a second that they just end up like the fellas from Duck Dynasty, if they dont get the reactions theyre looking for.
  7. Hurtts101's Avatar
    First off, good blog. Especially the but if back story for people who may not watch NXT (come on people, best wrestling show on TV!).

    i know a lot of people have been looking forward to Wyatt's call-up for some time, but I admit that I'm not sure if the character will fit on the main roster with people wanting more 'real' characters. I hope I'm wrong as it could pave the way for more interesting characters to be explored. I forget who suggested it, but I think the comment of Wyatt himself 'starting' as a manager is spot on. I think that could be the best way to get him and the Family over and cut down on Shield comparisons. Lets just hope people don't see it as a rehash o the S.E.S. either...
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