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Top 10 WWE Wrestlers To Watch This Summer 2013

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This list is not organized in order from "most must watch" to "least must watch" but instead just a list of ten talents, tag teams, and stables I feel fans should watch out for. The video above goes more into depth with this topic and I encourage all of you to watch it after you read this quick blog.


This is a make-it-or-break-it summer for Ryback. He's already on a huge losing streak when it comes to WWE pay-per-views and has an even bigger losing record when it comes to failed title opportunities. If WWE is serious about making this guy a dominate and destructive monster, he needs to beat Cena eventually and win that championship. If he comes out of this feud with nothing but a loss, he'll just become ... another guy. So for his sake, let's see if he can make the most out of this heel character and break that glass ceiling, cause if he doesn't we can forget about him being a monster.

Alberto Del Rio

One thing that helped Alberto Del Rio stand out among the other babyfaces is the genuinity of his personality. You can tell Del Rio really does care about his audience and he really does have a passion for the business. It really came through in his feud with Big Show and the early workings of his feud with Jack Swagger. We don't get that a lot nowadays because, well, Del Rio hasn't gotten any important storylines or feuds to showcase his genuine side. All he is doing is wrestling. Granted, he's really good at it, but if fans aren't given a reason to care about it -- they won't. Well, the good news is, he is going to be involved in a feud with Dolph Ziggler. So I do think fans should check him out. If anything to get some entertaining matches out of it.

Antonio Cesaro

What Cesaro is ultimately lacking is a strong character. A character fans can sink their teeth into and get engaged with. Once he has that down, he is going to soar to high places. He is extremely strong for a guy his size and he is very innovative. Trust me, I've seen Cesaro work as a babyface and a heel in the indies. He has the ability to make fans love to hate him or root him on to take down the bad guys. But he cannot do that when he has crappy gimmicks. Seriously! A womanizer? A yodeler? An anti-american? With gimmicks like that, it is no wonder fans aren't as interested in him. Just let him go out there and be HIM, but turned up a notch or so.

Despite the lack of character, I think fans should tune into Cesaro simply to watch him wrestle. His wrestling matches have gotten extremely good. So good to the point that I'm personally willing to go out of my way to watch them. Also, to see what WWE does with him next. Hopefully he finds his itch sooner than later.

Rhodes Scholars: Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow

What Cody and Sandow lack in credibility, in terms of winning matches, they make up for in entertainment value. These two are one of WWE's best characters and best workers. Sandow is a natural. Every segment he's involved in never fails to disappoint and he also gives fans a reason to get invested. Rhodes is such an awesome talent that he can get a damn mustache over. A MUSTACHE!?? Need I say more, folks? As much as it frustrates me, I don't expect these two awesome talents to get much importance during the summer, especially while The Shield is dominating the scene. However, I encourage viewers to watch them simply for the entertainment value.

And who knows. Maybe WWE will wake up and decide to book them strong. Cause let me tell you, when these two are booked strong, they're awesome. So here's hoping for Rhodes and Sandow.

Curtis Axel

The talent formerly known as "Michael McGillicutty" is in a great position to really make a name for himself. As the third client of Paul Heyman, he has a chance to carve a path straight to the main event, or at least a nice spot in the upper midcards. If anything, fans should watch Curtis Axel just to see how far he goes. You may not be a fan of his, but you could become one by the end of the summer if he really shows out. It all depends on how strong the WWE books him and he good he can make it look.

I will say this though. For the time being, the fluke victories over Cena and Triple H are fine, especially since it was his first two main event matches. However, if WWE wants us to take him seriously as a legit player, he'll need to start getting LEGIT victories. As in, pin-fall or submission victories over people like Orton, Sheamus, Cena, HHH, Ziggler, Punk, Henry, Show, Jericho, and others. Fluke victories can only take you so far, but they will NOT make you a main eventer.

AJ Lee vs. Kaitlyn

I haven't been this interested in a diva's feud since Mickie and Trish. These two have all the tools to create a grudge feud that will engage the audience and make for some highly entertaining TV. When it finally kicks off the crowd this summer, I can see AJ and Kaitlyn captivating an audience. They're both comfortable with their characters and the way they interact with one other alone is an indication we are in for a treat when this starts. So definitely tune in to see these two female wrestlers work.

The Wyatt Family: Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan.

Remember Husky Harris? Yeah. Bray Wyatt is nothing like him. As a matter of fact, Bray Wyatt would eat Husky Harris. He probably did. I literally think Bray Wyatt came from a different, evil dimension and devoured Husky Harris. If he told me that, I'd believe it because he is a FUCKING RIOT! Love this guy and love his work on NXT. So the fact that he is bringing his work to the main roster gets all kinds of excited. Also, I look forward to seeing how Luke Harper and Erick Rowan work as a powerhouse tag team on the roster. God knows that division needs some new faces. Those of you who have not see Bray Wyatt's work are in for a treat when he debuts. I can't tell you when I first saw their vignette on RAW, my first reaction was:

"So, they're really going to bring the Wyatt Family up while the Shield is dominating the roster? Boy this shark tank is filling up quickly."

Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler is still recovering from a concussion but I believe we should expect to see him back sometime close to Payback. Regardless, why exactly should you tune in to see Ziggler during the summer? No big reason, except the fact that he is THE BEST SELLER in the company. Ziggler understands how to get a crowd invested and he is willing to push his body to extreme limits to give the audience their money's worth. Everyone has their subjective view on who is the best performer, well mine is Ziggler. For these reasons alone, fans should tune in to see him. But that's not the only reason he's on this list. There are rumors WWE plans to turn Ziggler babyface soon and, if that is true, I'm interested in seeing how he works as one.

I'm personally tired of Ziggler always busting his ass to make others look good and, in the process, making himself look inferior. No more of that! He's the world champion. So the only person he needs to make look good -- is himself. The talents who face him need to step their damn game up and work on his level if they want to look good. That's the mentality he should take in my opinion.

Daniel Bryan

Anyone that tells me "Daniel Bryan isn't over" is out of their damn minds. This guy is perhaps one of the most over, if not THE most over, wrestlers in wrestling today. Everyone loves him! Kids love him cause his fun, adults love him cause he's hilarious, internet fans love him cause he's a fantastic wrestler, casual fans love him cause of his energy he brings and his YES chant, and the ladies love him because .... alright maybe the ladies don't love him as much ... but he's pounding Brie Bella so who needs them! Anyways. Right now, D-Bry is involved in a "weak link" character development storyline. He's having insecurities about himself as a talent, despite everyone telling him he's awesome, and he's taking his frutrations out on his opponents. So far, I'm enjoying this aggressive and intense side of his cause it's very reminiscent of his work in ROH. If it leads to him become a more aggressive babyface with an edge -- that'd be the best thing that could happen to him since his debut.

However, if they're heading for a heel turn, I will go buy a gun for the soul purpose of shooting every single creative writer in WWE. Why would you want to turn one of your MOST OVER WRESTLERS against the audience for when he's giving fans a reason to come to the shows? That's the epitome of stupidity. Hopefully they do not go in that direction.

The Shield: Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, and Dean Ambrose.

The best thing in WWE nowadays. Three wrestlers who all have bad ass characters and are unstoppable. What else can you want? Fans should tune into the Shield for many reasons. If not to watch their awesome matches, then to see who finally beats them. Also, I've noticed WWE has started given each one individual matches to see how well they work by themselves. I like that. Eventually, the Shield is going to break up, and when they do they'll need to be able to fend for themselves. We all know Ambrose is going to do wonders, but Reigns and Rollins haven't really shown us they can swim in this shark tank called the main roster.

On top of that, there are rumors of a new Shield member going around. If so, that's definitely a reason to keep watching. I'd love to see Kassius Ohno team up with the Shield and start wrecking shop. He'd fit right in. I'm fine with them adding one more person, as long as they don't get carried away and start adding 5-7 people and turn it into a Nexus/nWo knock-off. I'm looking at you, Aces and Eights. Keep an eye out on the Shield.

There you have it folks. Hope you enjoyed the reading and enjoyed the video too. Feedback is appreciated.

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  1. dub's Avatar
    Got some good stuf there WD08. I'm stoked to see the Wyatt fam debut as well, I just really... REALLY hope they let Wyatt take the rings and do his character the way HE wants to do it. What do you think about Barrett? I think he is ready to have a breakout summer as well.
  2. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    the fact that he is THE BEST PERFORMER in the company.the fact that he is THE BEST PERFORMER in the company.

    I gotta say Kofi Kingston's a pretty damn good performer. I gotta say Daniel Bryan is a phenomenal performer. Not sure I completely agree with this statement. Just because he flings his body around over-dramatically when hitting a turnbuckle, doesn't make him the best performer in my eyes. His moveset is not much more than standard. What does he really do that's special to make him "The Best Performer"???
  3. Wrestling_Deluxe_08's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by THE PAINFUL TRUTH
    Don't be scared of your opinion...If this is a top ten blog then throw some numbers on here

    Also...One of these guys does not belong...any guesses?

    Painful Rating: 7.5 out of 10
    I didn't feel like ranking the superstars cause I feel fans should watch them equally. If you want to rank them, by all means, rank them. =)
  4. Wrestling_Deluxe_08's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DK Wrestling Savior
    the fact that he is THE BEST PERFORMER in the company.the fact that he is THE BEST PERFORMER in the company.

    I gotta say Kofi Kingston's a pretty damn good performer. I gotta say Daniel Bryan is a phenomenal performer. Not sure I completely agree with this statement. Just because he flings his body around over-dramatically when hitting a turnbuckle, doesn't make him the best performer in my eyes. His moveset is not much more than standard. What does he really do that's special to make him "The Best Performer"???
    DK Wrestling Savior.

    Ziggler being the "best performer" is a subjective view. There is no real "best performer" in WWE cause everyone is so good and it all depends on what people look for in the wrestler the most. To me, Ziggler entertains me more than most of the wrestlers on the roster right now and that's why I personally feel he is the best performer. You obviously don't agree, and that's fine. You don't need to and no one is making you. You have someone else you feel is the best performer? I'm fine with that.

  5. Tribe's Avatar
    I will agree The Shield is the best thing in the WWE right now ...

    I just went to Raw here in Calgary on Monday and The Shield was the best thing on that show (other then Bret Hart) but if it wasn't for The Shield that night I would have given the show "two thumbs down"

    I am also looking forward to seeing The Wyatt Family ... I think new faces will be good in the WWE and they seem pretty creepy so right now I will take Creepy to spice things up in the WWE.

    I went to Edmonton on Tuesday for the Smackdown taping and Daniel Bryan was over with the crowd. They loved Bryan ... and so do I.

    Good Blog!
  6. Kajmere's Avatar
    Nice list, and not to nitpick but you said top 10 wrestlers, not 16,

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