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No sex appeal anymore with the divas

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It has almost become popular in the IWC to criticize the divas division at every waking moment. Many of us claim that whenever the divas are having a match, they do not watch and use this as an opportunity to take a piss. Others remain upset that WWE did not utilize actual wrestlers like Beth Phoenix, Karma, or Gail Kim correctly. Some are still stuck in the past and remain disappointed that the days of Trish vs. Lita are long behind us.

However, none of these are the real reasons that we do not like the Divas division. The real reason is the lack of sex appeal and PG content. Back in the Attitude Era, we all loved when Debra would tease us into showing the puppies, we enjoyed getting a glimpse of Lita nude in bed with Edge, and who didn’t love when Ivory had ring gear where you could literally see her ass crack. Let’s take it one step further, most of us looked at Playboy to see Maryse, Sable, Torrie Wilson, Ashley Massaro and Candice Michelle. Hell, some of us even bought the edition to see Chyna for God’s sake. I will now request that you ask yourself this question: How many of you readers spent $5 buying one of these Playboys but have never spent a dime buying a WWE magazine b/c of an article that featured your favorite diva?

There is no denying that the Divas division does not have the buzz like it used to. And I think that is simply because of the lack of sex appeal. However, the IWC is constantly barking about how bad the in ring product is with the divas. I disagree with the IWC here because I believe there is a misconception that the Divas division ever had quality wrestling. Were any of you really ever impressed with the in ring work of Stephanie McMahon, Terri Runnells or Sable? Did anyone really think the Lita vs Trish matches were pure art? Or, did you like Trish b/c she spent the first year in WWE walking around in a thong and showing off her huge knockers in a bra 2 sizes too small? Did you really respect Lita as a performer, or did you like looking at her in skimpy bikini photo shoots and seeing her naked in the shower when she was being stalked by Dean Malenko? Let’s face it the divas of yesteryear got over b/c of their sex appeal. And for the record, I do not think there is anything wrong with that. The majority of wrestling fans at this time were men and men like looking at extremely beautiful women in minimal to no clothing. As a result, WWE was giving their core audience something they knew they wanted to see.

Some may disagree with my theory and claim that WWE would sell more tickets if they had female wrestlers and matches similar to what we see in TNA’s Knockout division. For anyone that does think this, do you really think VKM is that naïve to leave money on the table? Of course he is not. Even in the toned down PG content, the audience would prefer to see divas that look like Summer Rae opposed to ones that look like ODB. Personally, I believe the IWC overrates the Knockouts division. Can anyone recall a Knockout’s match being so intense it resulted in a “This is awesome chant?” Has anyone ever went on youtube to watch a “classic” Knockouts wrestling match?

In today’s product, the IWC will claim the divas story lines are god awful. For example, over the last year or so we have seen angles such as Kaitlyn’s secret admirer, Natalya farting, and Eve being the untrustworthy girlfriend of Zach Ryder. Yes, I am not intrigued by these angles either. However, what is it that we want to see? Will people really buy more tickets to see “true women wrestlers” such as Natalya compete? I doubt it. Personally, I think the only way to create more buzz in the division is to have situations such as the Bellas doing backstage shower scenes, AJ in an evening gown match with Kaitlyn, Alicia Fox mud wrestling with Layla or explicit pics of the divas on like there were 5+ years ago. But hey, I am a realist and know that cannot happen anymore. WWE makes so much money from family friendly sponsors that they simply cannot afford to have this sexual content in their product anymore.

In summary, all I am trying to say is that most of us in the IWC have become huge hypocrites by criticizing the divas division so constantly. There have been some good wrestlers here and there (McCool, Mickie, Karma, etc.). But in general, the wrestling was never good and the story lines have always been weak. We just enjoyed it years ago because of the sex appeal, plain and simple. More specifically, we enjoyed the TV-14 sex appeal but don’t care for the toned down PG level sex appeal. At the end of the day, the sex appeal is what gets the divas over, not the wrestling.

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  1. Brian Cice's Avatar
    I highly disagr. I personally like the lack of "sex appeal" as you put it. I think we need to learn that these are female wrestlers and not just super models. The WWE is learning that and are trying to fix their mistake but we aren't giving any room. The early 2000s were the best times to be a "diva" you had women like Lita and Trish Stratus leading the divison and could actually wrestler and weren't just boobs to gawk at. I look at AJ and Kaitlyn now and see alittle of that same spark in them. If the WWE can keep it up, those two ladies can fix a dying division and make it legit again
    @Weems great blog!

    Painful Rating: 8.5 out of 10
  3. filthyanimalz's Avatar
    There was plenty of sex appeal and talent on TNA this week. Gail Kim, Terryn Tarrell, Velvet Skye and Mickie James are not only smoking hot but can wrestle as well.
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