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Yes! Yes! Yes! The Raw Review (#YYYTRR)

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I started out my own personal hype for tonight’s Raw by deciding to do what Triple H may have done last week. I decided to try the WWE App Drinking Game, and after a while realised that the WWE App isn’t mentioned enough to get me truly drunk. That was the first disappointment of the night.

Aside from this, I noticed there was a lot of filler in tonight’s Raw. Filler that would have been better served as the last forty minutes of tonight’s show and the “Bret Hart Appreciation Night” segment which the post-show was introduced with. Is it me or does WWE assume that people cannot get enough of their product lately?

For every bad element of a WWE show there is usually some good. Tonight was made up of three such moments; The Shield & Daniel Bryan stole the show (again), CM Punk looks set to return to rekindle the best rivalry from his championship run, and John Cena managed to lose a match on Raw without too screwy a finish.

“How to steal the show week-upon-week” with The Shield and Daniel Bryan

The Shield have been a talking point in WWE since they debuted at last year’s Survivor Series. They have consistently been a part of a major storyline, but until recently their true potential as in-ring competitors had been (excuse the pun) shielded by gimmick matches and the focus WWE had put on their lights-out assaults.

Now that the trio have picked up gold, they have successfully taken a step down the match card whilst keeping the fans’ focus on them. It has refreshed their gimmick and we have gotten to see a lot more of what they can do in the ring, which has been nothing but impressive.

Tonight The Shield were my main reason to watch Raw. They have been for some time now, and the reasons are simple; their matches are near flawless, Dean Ambrose has an epic finisher, and they keep getting involved with Daniel Bryan.

This brings me to my next point.

I have been saying that Daniel Bryan needs a singles run for the WWE Championship again for a while now, and this recent flurry of reborn anger/paranoia with being a “weak link” tells me that Bryan is going to get just that. It doesn’t take a genius to see that he is one of the best technical and aggressive superstars WWE has to offer right now, and they are not blind to that fact.

WWE just needs to take his current role in Team Hell No and have (“just”) Kane finally snap for Bryan to set up a refocused singles run from the night after SummerSlam, as a baby face.

He already gets a huge reaction from WWE crowds and we hang on his every aggressive kick, so why not push him back to the top?

62 days

CM Punk spent a lot of his time as WWE Champion quoting numbers, most prolifically the number of days that he spent as WWE Champion (434 days if you had forgotten? I thought not…). The number which I have used to introduce this section represents the number of days the WWE Universe will have been without “The Voice of the Voiceless” since he silently hugged Paul Heyman and left Raw on April 15th, should he return at Payback.

I have no intention of dragging this out as an “I miss CM Punk” rant, as I think his absence has been beneficial to some of the younger guys on the WWE roster (three of which I praised in the preceding section of this here blog). I actually think Punk’s absence is good, and that it should (and would be, if Payback wasn’t being held in Chicago) continue until SummerSlam.

There has, however, been a huge hole in the WWE product recently.

It was bound to happen no matter who had been given the WWE Championship for such a long period of time. Injuries happen when superstars work for such a prolonged time period, and to a huge section of the WWE Universe (myself included) Punk became the ‘face of the company’ whether WWE wanted to acknowledge it or not. His absence has been felt in the somewhat dull atmosphere around the WWE Championship since WrestleMania.

I will no doubt get a message or two claiming that I am biased against John Cena’s title reign because I am just “an anti-Cena mark”, but I have no major dislike of Cena or his current title run. I just think his rivalry with Ryback is destined to be short-lived and the use of gimmick matches so early on (I get that Extreme Rules is specialised to such a match) shows the lack of depth in this storyline that will quickly stop fans like myself from caring about more than a few ‘spots’. Now that I have addressed that, I’ll get back to the topic at hand. I apologise for rambling.

The one positive that comes from Punk’s return (aside from the huge pop he will get at Payback) is that he is returning to rekindle his rivalry with Chris Jericho. Not only is it guaranteed to bring one or two great PPV matches, but Jericho finally gets back into a major storyline and the premise behind it holds some legitimacy in my view.

The title of “Best in the World”, in whatever form you want to place it, has been a huge deal in WWE for well over two years due to Punk, and Jericho is the perfect superstar to contend that Punk has no rights to that claim. 62 days is a long time in WWE, and Jericho has the brag of never picking up a serious injury (as referenced in his rivalry with Edge) to back up his own claims of being the best.

Needless to say, this rivalry being explored again is something I look forward to. Now if WWE can somehow fit Daniel Bryan into the mix for a Triple Threat match…

I was planning on dedicating a section of this week’s blog to the overdue rising star of Curtis Axel, but it seemed like an unnecessary thing to do now that WWE has made it clear that he will pick up fluke victories over established main eventers until (at least) Payback. I still have faith in the idea purely because he is yet to show signs of the clichéd cowardly heel.

The Shield were once again the best thing to take away from the show tonight, and I’m glad of it. WWE is heading in the right direction with the countless talents they have shown us in NXT and Bray Wyatt looks to be the next in line – a move I’m looking forward to, it seems fresh.

As for a question, this week I would like to know what you want to see next for Daniel Bryan and why?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nexus_overide
    yes the fandango thing is over now jericho will fight either brock lesnar or curtis axel.. he did say "on behalf of my client he accepts"... so jericho will get to break in another new star.... or a repackaged star...
    If that is the case, it doesn't matter who he faces at Payback. I'm confident Jericho can put on a great match with any of the three.
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