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Raw 5-27-13 Hits and Misses

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Welcome to another week of my hits and misses column. Once again I'll be rating the episode of Raw 1-10 and telling you the hits and misses. To make it easier on me I decided to just give every major segment and every match a hit/miss rating so I don't have to choose just a couple hits and misses from the whole show.

Overall Score: 6.5


John Cena Promo: If you can overlook Cena putting down Ryback and using silly voices, it's pretty hard to do that, this was a good promo. I enjoyed them changing the stipulation at Payback to a Three Stages of Hell match. Now I know what you're all thinking, "Lumberjack? Tables? Ambulance? Those aren't that extreme of matches." Well WWE is currently in a PG era. That means they can't do many bloody matches they used to since they pander to women, children and families now. With that being said I think you should still like the new stipulation because it will be interesting to see Ryback go three straight matches since he's not know for his cardio. I didn't like what Ryback had to say when he came out though. So if Ryback is the devil of the WWE does that make John Cena God? It was surprising to see Paul Heyman and Curtis Axel come out and challenge Cena to a match later in the night though. Really interesting how much they're pushing him.

Kofi Kingston vs. Dean Ambrose for the U.S. Title: Now if you've read my other blogs you should know that I love anything to do with The Shield. Sure it was only one-third of the group in the match but I think Ambrose is the shining star of The Shield. That is promo wise. I don't really like Ambrose's in ring skill. He just doesn't fluently flow through matches in my opinion. This was an okay match still. I think the ending was a little stale but at least the match actually got to end with a pinfall and kept The Shield strong.

Team Hell No vs. The Shield for the Tag Titles: I liked how this match started. It did make me wonder though if this would end in DQ and then transition into the same six man tag match we saw last week. I'm glad it didn't go that route. So apparently Roman Reigns tweaked him ankle on Smackdown last week. Still he looked pretty good for being injured. The standout star once again was Daniel Bryan. Not only was his in ring work tremendous like always, he keeps selling the emotions of losing the titles. Again, the ending was pretty stale. Kane saw Rollins on the top turnbuckle and could've countered that knee easily. Good match though.

Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel: Chris Jericho and Paul Heyman in the same ring? Perfection. Now this was a surprising segment too me. My implication was that they would be talking about Curtis Axel. Total 180 when they started talking about CM Punk. Now can I just say that I hate when WWE acts like their employees have no lives out of the business? Like why have Jericho keep asking Heyman where Punk is? I follow Punk on Twitter. I know where he's been on his mini vacation and most others did. I do like that they are teasing Punk's return at Payback though. A little random that it's against Jericho though. I get what they're trying to do. They'll probably have Punk show up but not wrestle, get in a fight with Heyman saying he shouldn't be booking matches for him, then when Punk officially returns have Heyman turn on him and boom, there's your Punk face turn.

Randy Orton and Sheamus vs. Team Rhodes Scholars: This match was totally random. Yeah sure Randy Orton and Sheamus have teamed up before, but that was against The Shield. And yeah Sheamus and Sandow had their segment on Smackdown last week but eh. Still this gets a hit for the subtext, not the match. See they're going to start have multiple tag team matches involving the team of Orton and Sheamus. Reason being is they need a new team to feud with The Shield for the tag titles. Now when they aren't able to win the tag titles that's when Orton turns on Sheamus and they have their match at Summerslam. So this gets a hit for that.


Alberto Del Rio vs. Big E. Langston:
These two just don't have good in ring chemistry. Their matches just don't flow well. The ending was just dumb as well. I'm supposed to believe that a 300 pound man running into a barely exposed turnbuckle is going to get him pinned with a roll up? Well in the WWE Universe I better. The ending of the match planted the seeds for a Langston face turn though so that was good.

Wade Barrett vs. Fandango with The Miz as Special Guest Referee: Now for a match to work with the fans you need to have one face against one heel. In this match they had a heel vs. a heel with a horrible face as the ref. This match was way too short anyway. I remember the bell ringing then Miz giving Barrett the skull crushing finale and that's it. Now I get it. This program is so Fandango gets the once prestige IC Title. I'd just rather see Fandango turn face before it happens instead of having The Miz get thrown into this program.

The Great Khali and Tons of Funk vs. 3MB: Unfortunately I'm scoring every match so this one has to be here. Now I'm not going to give this a miss for the match, that would go in the pointless file. I'm giving this a miss for the use of these guys in the WWE. When Khali first came into the WWE he was a monster heel. Taking out the Undertaker and winning the World Heavyweight Title. Now, he's a dancing idiot. In my opinion he should've been released by the WWE a long time ago. Tensai had potential when he returned to WWE last year to be a monster heel. Sure people say that he flopped as a top heel but that's because he never got a break. I remember him facing John Cena, the top babyface, once. And the same goes for Brodus Clay. Had the potential to be a monster heel, then when he returned he was an actual dancing idiot. As for 3MB. I don't know where to start. Remember when these three started to ambush faces after matches and the commentators would make a huge deal about it? For what? A boy band? Kind of makes me not want to be a wrestling fan anymore.

Kaitlyn and Natalya vs. The Bella Twins: Same as the last. I don't feel it's fair giving this a score but it was an actual match on the show. Why is AJ not in this match? She's the number one contender for Kaitlyn's Diva's Title but as I said last week, that match may never even take place. I wish they would just say what the we all know....the diva's are only used as fillers for the three hour Raws.

John Cena vs. Curtis Axel: Now I like that they made Axel look strong by having him go toe to toe with Cena but come on. Is he going to have an undefeated streak by way of count-out? And big props to Curtis Axel for pulling off a perfect perfect plex but did Cena really have to kick out? Like if they're going to have him use his dad's move as his finishing move why have someone already kick out of it? As for the post match scenario. Once again Ryback looks like a scared little girl by running out. He matches, maybe even surpasses Cena, in muscle. Have him just beat the crap out of Cena. Then I'll see him as a credible threat to Cena.

Bret Hart Appreciation Night only being on The App and The Score in Canada: So they couldn't have taken out the diva's match and the 6 man tag match to give this around 15-20 minutes at the end of Raw? Yes I know they still referenced it and showed it but this should be on the actual show. Bret Hart was a huge reason the WWE succeeded early on. Why does he not get 15 minutes on Raw? Whatever Vince. I'm still not downloading your app.

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  1. Kajmere's Avatar
    Good blog. I think the Cena Axel match was booked perfectly. I knew it would end in DQ or CO. Can't have the guy 'take out HHH' and beat Cena (c) in your first week. They're pushing him very well as a heel.
  2. TheFugitive's Avatar
    For a show that has been "missing" a lot lately, this Raw was one of the better ones I've seen, maybe the best since the post WM Raw. I'd give it an 8 or a 9. As much as I like all the guys in the match, the Orton/Sheamus tag match was a big "miss". The crowd was done for after the tag match and the highlight reel segment. I thought the Fandango segment was more of a "hit". I use the quotations around hit and miss because its incredibly subjective. The 3MB and divas match aren't met to tear the roof off or raise the ratings points. They were suitable bridges between some intense match segments, which is what I think they were intending. I guess you can say the fact they didn't show the Bret Hart post show segment was a "miss" but the WWE used it as a tool to get people to download the app. If you really wanted to see it, download the app, but don't turn and bash Vince because you didn't want to. You made a choice, live with it

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