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Blade's Experience: Superstars who should be demoted

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Welcome to another edition of Blade's Experience. I am your host Assassin Blade with an excellent idea in mind. I got this idea from a fellow blogger who enjoys reading Blade's Experience to write a blog of superstars who should be demoted from the top. Before I start, I will start a little column of Meme of a Day and a new column expressing my views of fellow blogger's blogs. For the millions and millions reading, let's get ready for another edition of Blade's Experience.

Superstars Who Should Be Demoted

Ryback has worked his way to the top starting from Tough Enough getting where he is currently, the top of WWE main event scene. Unfortunately, all these hardships has not taught Ryback one thing: how to be a good wrestler. His ring work is sloppy and his mic work needs a little bit of an mouthpiece; an experience one. Ryback is a typical superstar who should not be pushed but is being pushed anyway because he is another generic mean tough monster that Vince Mac loves. Wrongfully so on the WWE part of not building the right superstar to fill the gap of super-stardom when C.M Punk is taking a break. Hopefully he is able to fix himself and slow down so fans are able to know him better or else he will be having the same reaction he always gets to the ring; hearing a dime drop or the big show.

Alberto Del Rio:
Alberto Del Rio has the attitude, the skill, and the ring work to back it up. Del Rio plays to much of a good guy filling his American dream and winning the WHC. In the WWE, we hear this story all the time of a man conquering his dream and succeeding in the WWE. The reason he should stop being pushed is that he is boring and the direction that the WWE gives him is boring!

Sheamus is a powerhouse, a monster, a beast, a heel. Those lines go perfect together instead we see a ruthless face who wins every match with the help of the fans. BORING BORING BORING! Sheamus lines of working hard and being tough is something that faces always say!

Thank you for reading another edition of Blade's Experience. There will be a Part 2 for this blog which will detail what to do with these superstars after they are demoted and put in the mid carder status.

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  1. Kajmere's Avatar
    I'm tired of Del Rio, Ryback will lose my attention if he doesn't get the job done at Payback.
    This list can be a lot bigger as you can add Tons of Funk, 3MB, Barrett, and Swagger(Thank God for the Zeb) to this list as well.

    Painful Rating: 5.8 out of 10
  3. jlsniper's Avatar
    Yes! Yes! Yes! I wasn't the only one who thought these guys are boring. I'm getting pretty sick of Alberto and Sheamus, they're boring and generic, and always wins. Very, very seldom do they lose. Ryback, well, he's awful too.

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