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Top 10 Raw GM material

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With Vickie acting as "Managing Supervisor" of Raw, it is only a matter of time before Vince unviels a new Raw GM. There is no telling who or what this may be. Below are my choices to be the new Raw GM.

1. Eric Bischoff
The lawsuit between TNA and WWE is now over. What a better time to bring in Bischoff to help make 3 hours of bleh into 3 hours of controversy.

2.John Lauranitus
After bringing him back a while back, I don't think we have seen the last of Big Johnny. Maybe this could set up a match at Summerslam for a preshow, John vs Eric to see who will be the GM.

3. Stephanie McMahon
We haven't seen much of Stephanie, Shane, or Vince for that matter in the last bit. So this could be the time to see Stephanie.

4. Shane McMahon
This could open up a lot of trouble in the WWE. With either Shane or Stephanie you are going to have a superstar who despises them and they will despise right back.

Everyone is wondering when or how Batista will return. What better way to get under Cena's or another wrestlers skin then he making the decisions. After a while they get fed up and Batista steps in to shut them up.

As what happened with Mike Adamle, Vince could pull JBL off of commentary and put him in the spotlight again. He gives off a GM aura now as it is why not give him this title.

With Edge out of wrestling, the WWE universe needs the rated r superstar. What better way to make Vickie angry by making her past husband the general manager.

8.Shawn Micheals
Recently the Heartbreak Kid has made Raw's ratings shoot through the roof just by showing up. So having him there every week would make huge strides for the WWE.

9.Jerry Lawler
When the King had his heart attack the commentary table proved they could move on. With his childlike humor but legend quality he could make a great GM.

10.Mick Foley
Though I absolutly despise Foley, WWE has been having him show up more and more lately. So is WWE planning something?

What Do You Think??? Could Any of These Be a Future GM? Do You Want to See Any of These as GM? Who Else Do You Want to See? Comment Below

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  1. WWE Brain's Avatar
    The only reason I don't like Foley anymore is the way WWE has been pushing him as a kid friendly legend. Don't get me wrong I respect Foley for laying his life on the line back then by competing in dangerous matches. But I don't remember him as "kid friendly" then. But really now that I bring it up I guess WWE has to make them all PG Material.
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