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My Summerslam Card

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Hey all, this is my first blog so lets see how this pans out.
Here is what my ideal Summerslam card would be like. Please share your thoughts. Any feedback is much appreciated.

WWE Championship
John Cena Vs Ryback (c)
I don't really want to see these two go at it for the next few months and this feud may probably be over by the time we reach Summerslam but I don't see much else going for Ryback. I predict Ryback defeats Cena @ Payback in the ambulance match.

Special Referee: Paul Heyman
Brock Lesnar Vs CM Punk
Punk returns the night after MITB while Heyman is in the ring with Axle blabbering about Axle's impressiveness so far. Heyman with a smile on his face, welcomes Punk back and introduces him to his new pet project, Curtis Axle. Punk seems like he wants to see what this kids got and offers to help Heyman "Train" him and "Show him the ropes". As a result Punk asks for a match with Axle for the following Raw. After a comfortable win by Punk, with a few embarassing spots where Axle had the upper hand, Punk tells Heyman that he wants his old pet project next time. Heyman then becomes the middleman between Brock and Punk and tries to stop them tearing each other apart. Eventually, somehow Heyman becomes roped in as the special referee for their match at Summerslam after Brock and Punk insist on him becoming the ref. I'm not really too sure on this build nor am I sure if there is enough build up time between MITB and Summerslam for this but it would be good if built right.

World Championship
Dolph Ziggler (c) Vs Daniel Bryan Vs Alberto Del Rio Vs Jack Swagger
Dolph Ziggler should retain his title here getting a clean win as he needs to look more like a strong, resilient and credible champion.

Tag Team Championship
Brothers of Destruction Vs The Shield (Reigns and Rollins) (c)
Shield have been on a roll since winning the Tag titles @ Extreme Rules and defeating Hell No again @ Payback (Where Team Hell No split up, have a mini feud up until MITB and then go their seperate ways). Rollins and Reigns continue to dominate the tag division and go on about how they've defeated everyone that has stood in their path. They issue a challenge to anyone who thinks they can beat them. Jericho's music hits and out comes Jericho. Jericho tells them that he will find a partner and face them for the titles @ MITB. Eventually, his partner is The Miz and they lose to the shield after Ambrose ambushes The Miz backstage before the match causing the shield to get the win on a half beaten up Miz. The following raw, Kane reignites his feud with the Shield as he faces one of them in a singles match. After the match, a 3 on 1 Shield beatdown ensues on Kane. While this is happening, the gong hits, the lights go out, the lights come back on and Kane has vanished leaving the Shield baffled and confused in the ring. The following raw Kane issues a challenge to the Shield for the tag titles @ Summerslam with his brother The Undertaker.

Sheamus Vs Randy Orton
Randy Orton finally turns heel @ Payback or MITB turning on Sheamus at some point.

US Championship
Dean Ambrose (c) Vs The Miz
After the loss to the Shield at MITB because of Ambrose Ambush, this match ensues.

Intercontinental Championship
Wade Barett (c) Vs Kofi Kingston
Something for both men.

Divas Championship
AJ (c) Vs Kaitlyn
Something for both women.

I got lazy and sloppy for some parts so I finished it up quickly and just put it up there for my first blog. I don't really know where Mark Henry, Big Show or Curtis Axle could go. I was thinking have Axle instead of Kofi but that would be heel vs heel and we don't see that very often.

Thank you if you read my blog, much appreciated.

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Half of the matches I don't want to see are on the card. Why don't I want to see them? Because I have seen them like right about now. I'm going to see them in August too? AJ vs Kaitlyn why? Why not Natalya with the long history of Hart Family at the ppv? That is the Divas match I would book for Summerslam this year.

    Kofi is virtually the only man Barrett has beaten for the IC title. Why have them face yet again over the same prize?

    Swagger and Del Rio still getting shots at the world title in August vs the same champion? God I hope not. Why not Orton or Sheamus aka top babyface vs top heel at the moment for the top prize?

    Brock vs Punk is the match I want at Mania. Who else makes sense on a big stage for him to face? He has faced virtually everyone there is to face. Austin isn't returning.....why not start the build at Summerslam?

    John Cena vs Ryback yet again?No thanks.....not buying for that main event.
    This card would not be that bad if this was a couple of months ago. Some minor adjustments and this could actually turn out to be a pretty good card. For instance

    Cena vs. Rollins

    Ziggler vs. Bryan or Reigns

    Miz vs. Axle

    Barrett vs. Kingston vs. Cesaro vs. Wyatt Ladder Match

    Leave Divas match off to have Ambrose vs. Del Rio or Henry

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