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Know Your Role!!! WWE REAL Payback Quiz

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As I am sure you know this quiz is NOT about the PPV Payback but the real juicy payback of WWE.

1.After attacking his wife on Raw, what did Triple H do to get Payback on Randy Orton?

A. Attack him backstage
B. Stage a DX impersination of him
C. Break up his title match
D. Break into his home

2.What kind of match did Finlay challenge JBL to after JBL attacked Hornswoggle after Vince Mcmahon veresed him in a steel cage match?

A. Irish Bar Fight
B. No DQ
C. Belfast Brawl
D. Steel Cage

3.When JBL throws John Cena out of Raw, how does John Cena get Payback?

A. Kicks JBL out of Raw during his title match
B. Disguises himself as JBL's driver and crashes the limo
C. Beats the crap out of the limo with Cryme Tyme
D. Steals JBL's Title

4. How does JBL counteract John Cena's Payback?

A.He hits Cena with a car
B. Forgives Cena
C. Bribes superstars to attack him
D. Throws him down a flight of stairs

5.After Hulk Hogan testifies against Vince, how does Vince get Payback?

A. Fires Hulk Hogan
B. Sues Hulk Hogan
C. Forgives Hulk Hogan
D. Vows to kill Hulkamania and signs a contract in Hulk's blood

6. How does Vickie get Payback with Edge after he has an affair?

A. Strips him of his Heavyweight title
B. Demands a divorce
C. Rehires the Undertaker
D. Has an affair with the Big Show

7. After Vince screws SCSA when he gives the title to Rock, How does Stone Cold get Payback?

A. Throws Rock's title into the ocean
B. Makes Vince pee himself when he does his gun skit
C. Soaks the McMahon's and Rock in Beer
D. Stunnners the entire McMahon family

8.When John Cena disrespects SCSA at Tribute to the Troops with a You Can't See Me, what does SCSA do?

A. Challenges John to a match
B. Stunners Cena
C. Throws Cena into the Troops
D. Thows Cena off the Stage

9. During the RKO vs HHH rivalry, VInce gets "tired" of Orton attacking his family, How does he get Payback?

A. Rehires Batista to team up with his son and in-law
B. Fires Randy Orton
C. Rehires Stone Cold to attack Orton
D. Gets Orton arrested

10. After being screwed by WWE, how does CM Punk get Payback?

A. Breaks the Anonymous Gm Laptop
B. Moves to TNA
C. Reveals all of the secrets of the WWE and quits WWE
D. Puts Mr. McMahon in the hospital

How did you do? Check out the awnsers below and findout What your role is!!!!


7-10 Correct: DX
5-6 Correct: Vince McMahon
3-5 Correct: CM PUNK
1-3 Correct: JBL
0 Correct: Hornswoggle


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  1. WWE Brain's Avatar
    Computer went a little weird awnser to #1 is D. I got a Stone Cold Steve Austin on how well I am able to give payback in WWE

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