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Top 10 moments: TNA Slammiversary

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The top 10 series is back featuring: Top 10 moments in the history of TNA Slammiversary. This is an honor to an event that arguably is the biggest event yearly TNA produces. I don't believe the event gets the love it deserves. So to refresh some memories or moments fans need to see to realize how big the event truly is. The event to me is all about the tradition of TNA wrestling. No question in my mind, TNA Slammiversary has produced some of the best moments in the company's history. Here it is, the top 10 moments in the history of TNA Slammiversary:

10.Jeff Jarrett' shoot 07-Let me first start off by saying, I hate including emotional stuff such as death in top moments. Especially in top 10 moments in wrestling which the blog is about. However, Jeff Jarrett did a shoot promo in the middle of the ring in 2007. No moments really stand out as much as Jeff's shoot. Instead of discussing the sad promo myself, I'll copy and paste thanks to Wikipedia reliable source or not. The following: Prior to the main event, Jeff Jarrett held a shoot interview where he discussed the recent death of his wife Jill, who died on May 23, 2007 of breast cancer Jarrett discussed how she influenced the company during the "early days" followed by saying he doesn't know when or where he'll wrestle again. Jarrett then concluded by thanking the fans for their support on his and his wife's behalf. The fans responded by chanting Jill's name as well as "Thank you Jeff".
9.Gun Money retains!! 11-The issue arose when Roode was unable to defend the tag titles due to injury. This was of course as part of team "Beer Money"! Instead of stripping them of the tag titles, they were allowed to sub in someone which was rumored to be Chris Harris (AMW), but it turned out being a rival of Beer Money. 1 half of the Motor City Machine Guns decided to team with James Storm at Slammiversary. Alex Shelley was that gun because his partner was out at the time due to injury: Chris Sabin. Gun Money successfully defended the TNA world tag team titles at Slammiversary vs the British Invasion.
8.The "new face" of TNA management 06-This marked a highly anticipated debut that turned out being Jim Cornette. He was the new GM aka boss of the show taking care of things in TNA. He was coming to make some changes for the good of TNA. After Jimmy took over, shortly after Jeff Jarrett was no longer in the world title scene after BFG 06 vs Sting. So, can't say he didn't do something right. LOL! After all the bs with Larry Zbyszko with was time for a change. I thought Jim did a great job despite all the near heart attacks he had backstage. When he would announce a big match, I would get so pumped. I remember when he announced the match Jarrett had at No Surrender 2006 called fan's revenge with select fans at ringside with belt type straps. Still got some of those entry videos on youtube today with fans saying why they should be picked. He selected the opponent "The undefeated Samoan submission machine" Samoa Joe. Fans began chanting Joe's gonna kill you along with Jarrett's disgust. That is the TNA I want!!
7.AJ/Daniels wins tag titles 06-It may come as a surprise to some who have read my blogs in the past for me constantly trashing on Daniels. I still do whether it be here in my blogs or in the forum. AJ/Daniels back in 06 were like a dream team to me. 2 TNA originals who I were big fans of basically because how awesome they were in the X-Division prior to this. AJ/Daniels finally won the big one at Slammiversary 2006 vs in some folks minds the best tag team ever created in TNA: AMW. At the time, they were a heel team in the stable of Planet Jarrett. Gail Kim managed the team at the time costing AJ/Daniels the belts time after time. They got their final oppurtunity and succeeded. A mysterious woman named Sirelda came out and made sure Gail Kim wouldn't get involved in the result of the match. It did turn out making a 6 person tag that featured Gail Kim's first match in TNA back in 06 at Victory Road.
6.The "Streak" begins 05-For those who don't know, Samoa Joe made his debut in 2005 at TNA Slammiversary. What makes his debut more meaningful than others? Well an undefeated streak began that night that went on until his first encounter with Kurt Angle which was about 2 years. It is quite impressive looking back of how awesome he once was. The crowd was so behind him with "Joe's Gonna Kill You" chants. He had an intrigue factor that I wish was still there with him today. That intrigue quite honestly died at Slammiversary 2009. That night he became Kurt's um.....female pet. He joined the Main Event Mafia went back to the midcard. Never really has been the same since. That was one of the biggest mistakes TNA has ever made. This was before Hogan and Bischoff too. Sucks looking back on it. By the way, he defeated Sonjay Dutt in 05.
5.Joe=1st champion to retain in KOTM match 08-Up to this time obviously, after all the King of the Mountain matches.....not 1 world champion walked away with his belt after the match. Joe was the first that night when he defeated 4 of the best in TNA. The KOTM match was a great way to stack the deck against the champion. Also put 5 of the best TNA has in one match. A match created by TNA that I love because no matter who the winner was.....they'd be over just simply by winning the match. I would love to see it return. I can see why it seems too gimmicky, but why not just change the rules a bit. Just have 5 men go after the belt rather than do all the pins, submissions, penalty box, among other things. Just a 5 man ladder match. I loved the yearly KOTM match to look forward to for this ppv. It is a helluva lot better than Sting vs whoever the world champion is year after year.
4.A Warrior is sent in to battle 07-The first ever, Team 3D vs Steiner Brothers match was set for Slammiversary 07 til Steiner nearly died in a different country during a live event. The match was talked about getting scratched off the card, but TNA fans were served a surprise....Road Warrior Animal came in to replace Scott Steiner. Team 3D never did get to compete vs the Road Warriors either so it was a special moment for the fans and Team 3D. When you look back and talk about matches that should have happened, but didn' was Road Warriors vs Team 3D. The top fantasy tag team match I'd love to have seen.
3.Raven wins the NWA-TNA world title 05-For those who may not know, TNA used the NWA world title from 2002- summer of 2007. Like all companies, they eventually want to make their name on their own and they have. Raven actually made his debut by stealing the NWA title after a victory by Jeff Jarrett at the Asylum. Obviously it led to a big money match between Jeff Jarrett and Raven. It was like the most sold tickets, ppv buys, or something like that event up to that time. Raven was expected to win, but didn't. The NWA world title was his destiny. 2005 Slammiversary came and his destiny was fullfilled when he won the KOTM match. I wasn't rooting for Raven to win, I was rooting for AJ at the time who was the world champion. Raven didn't have the title that long though. He lost it right before TNA got the spike TV deal on a live event thanks to AMW help for Jarrett to win back the world title. I'm sure no politics were involved there. The thing that sticks out to me about TNA is it feels fake when they are talking about how close the group of wrestlers TNA has. In yet, when Sting gets interviewed he claims politics hurt Joe. How is that possible if everyone is so close? Quote Sting: Joe [Samoa Joe], I know Joe's going to get back on track again. He had the rug snatched out from underneath him, political stuff that happens in our business. He'll come back again.
2.1st HOF inductee is announced by Christian 12-The Instant Classic returned to TNA to make a big announcement which was to announce the first TNA Hall of Fame inductee. Everyone saying who it should be, Sting was one of the main guys on the top of my list. Jeff Jarrett I believe should have been, but obviously....Sting>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ja rrett by miles when it comes to career accomplishments. Sting should and is considered to be inducted in the WWE HOF 1 day. Unlike Jarrett who I don't believe will be ever inducted into that class. Not just because the bad blood that may be there. I just don't believe he was that great, but judging by who has made it.....he has done more than the birdman. You know who I'm talking about. However, Jarrett started TNA which is why I believe he should have been the first inductee. I hate Jarrett and don't like him at all. Overpushed big time and accomplished more than how great he was in my eyes. I don't believe he was great to be honest which is why I'm so critical of him. In any case, Sting being the first inductee was a special moment for Sting, TNA, and fans around the world. I don't believe like some who believe he was just selected just to say language I shouldn't use in this blog to WWE. I believe Sting contributed more than Ken Shamrock among others who many named. I thought more would be added to the class later, but wasn't. However, Sting as many blog readers in the past know....Sting is a top 3 all-time favorite of mine. He helped TNA get the deal with Spike, record #s on ppvs, among other things.
1.Kurt Angle becomes the 1st TNA world champion 07-In 2007, NWA and TNA cut ties with each other. The first ever TNA world champion would be crowned at TNA Slammiversary 2007 in a King of the Mountain match. The first man to hold the TNA world title was none other than Kurt Angle. A blockbuster name as their first world champion. It looked as if TNA has come a long way from the Shamrocks of the world to having 1 of top current main event WWE stars on their roster. The future looked bright, but look at the current state of TNA. Went from Kurt Angle to Bully Ray. Horrible transition if you ask me. If you would have told me than that Bubba Ray would be defending his world title against Sting in 2013, I would have been crying. I am now just thinking about it.

There you have it!! Top 10 moments in the history of TNA Slammiversary. Did I miss a moment? Re-arrange some things? What is your favorite moment in the history of the event? Share that and more in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!!

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by The Phantom Menace
    To say that the could be better would be an understatement! I came a TNA fan back in '05 when they got the deal with Spike & the product was soooooooooooooooooooo much better back then. Jarrett whining about TNA management all the time(and he owned the place) always struck me as funny. Joe was the top monster, AJ & Daniels thrilling matches, a real tag team division that had AMW, The Naturals, LAX, Team Canada, 3D, Diamonds In The Rough, 3 Live Crew. TNA's version of the Rock "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown!!! James Mitchell(they screwed up BIG time with him). In comparisson the product totally sucks but wrestling has always had its ups & downs & we just have to wait this down period out.
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyV123
    I don't think you get my criticism. It's not you sharing your opinions I take issue with. It's that you do it in a blog titled Top 10 Moments in Slammiversary. If you are going to complain about stuff on the current product why not do a blog about "Top Ten TNA Problems Heading Into Slammiversary." Or, if you want to complain about something, say how any of the moments could have been better like "This would have been higher on my countdown but....."

    It's also ridiculous to use ratings to measure someone's time as champion. Using that logic, CM Punk was a terrible WWE champion because the ratings were higher before he got the belt. ROH clearly is terrible wrestling because they don't draw 4 million viewers a show.

    Kajmere, I didn't say Bully progressed as a wrestler. He progressed as a performer from where he was back when he was Bubba Ray. I agree he's been stale, especially on the mic, as champion. I disagree that anyone could accomplish what he did as a heel with that storyline. Anyways, he was getting massive heat before anything with Brooke and Hulk started. He really earned his spot in that storyline with the crowd reactions he was getting.

    I'm not trying to defend TNA because they have many flaws. They had huge flaws back when the product was better too. If I wanted to read about TNA flaws I would either think about them myself or click on a blog that says "Things Wrong with TNA" or "My View: TNA" not a top 10 that rather than really talking about the moments just uses it to bash on the current state of things.
    You are going a bit overboard with your ridiculous comments. ROH has been getting 0 advertising compared to TNA. They also don't have a good timeslot.

    CM Punk's WWE title reign did get stale as does a lot of long reigns do. What's left? Why do you think they turned him heel during it along with aligning him with Paul Heyman.

    I was giving praise to the moments along with comparing where it has gone from that time. I only did this with a couple of the moments.
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