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The Shield-When Justice is no more

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Hey all, long time reader, first time blogger. Though I'd share with you all a few thoughts I've had on how the Shield angle could progress and end over the next few months.

SO, as we now are all aware the Shield has struck gold, but for the first time we are seeing a slight division ie, Dean Ambrose and the tag champs. As frequently described by JBL, the Shields' power and prowess lies in their ability to function as one, no egos, no individualism, all sharing the same aim. However now that there are two different titles, two fronts to cover.

In my opinion, for the entire Shield angle to end in success for these three superstars, we need to see the Shield combust from the inside, their strength become their weakness. So, with Payback coming up and Kofi, Team Hell No having their rematch clauses, we have a six-man elimination match, winner take all. I'd like to see no holds barred, but it been so close to ER it's doubtful.

Come Payback, we see the Shield winning, with Rollins the only Shield member eliminated. Thus, the Shield take all and the next night on Raw we have the announcement that the Shield are the Tag Champs and the Shield is the US Champ ie any member can represent and defend either title, think Spirit Squad as tag champs or Jericho/Chyna as IC champ. Now we have the Shield back on the same page, as one unit, working together for the Shield.

Over the weeks building to MITB, we see successful title defenses against heels and faces. Come MITB we have, Ambrose and Reigns successfully
defend the tag titles, with one or two teams starting to get a push from now, building towards MITB. However, when it come to Rollins defending the US Title, the returning Christian (perhaps), wins, after Ambrose and Reigns failing to run interference. I chose Christian simply because it's going to have to be someone big that the crowds will get behind. Plus, there aren't many big faces these days, less a heel like Big E or Axel gets it.

This, is our first insight to the Shield breaking. Ambrose enraged and we get early signs of his jealousy as his title is the one lost, despite Reigns and Rollins reassuring him the Shield are the Tag Champs and justice will bring the US title back.

We have this growing over the next few weeks, with Ambrose scoring a pin over the new US Champ in a non title match, his jealously growing as Rollins insists on partnering Reigns in tag matches. This leads to Summerslam, were Ambrose uses his rematch clause . Rollins insists he'll right his wrong from MITB and win back the US title but Ambrose ignores him and walks towards the ring. After an intense and long fight, it looks like Ambrose will get pinned only for Rollins to interfere, causing Ambrose to lose. This leads to Ambrose protesting he was going to kick out and he's lost his opportunity etc....

Later we have the tag match, with the champs in control throughout until Ambrose appears with a chair and behind the refs back floors Rollins and disappears through the crowd for the three count. Reigns looks on not knowing what had happened and after Rollins attempting to explain receives a spear and walks up the ramp to the back(Rollins turns face). We then see Ambrose smiling in the crowd to set up a rivalry between Ambrose and Rollins.

As I said, just a few thoughts I've had, with rumours going round that Reigns will be the first to move into the main event scene this frees him up from Ambrose and Rollins. Who I think would give us the best rivalry.

Comments, abuse, insults, opinions all welcome.

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  1. CM Sizi's Avatar
    Good blog. Its a good scenario, but I have a few questions for you.

    If that scenario played out, the group wouldn't be able to survive. Much like when HHH turned on Orton in Evolution. The Shield would have been together for like 8 months. Do you think they should break up the Shield that quickly? Do you feel that keeping the Shield together for an extended period of time would not only benefit programming but the future of all three of their careers?
  2. Erroneous Fool's Avatar
    It would be a cool concept, each of the shield members being a tag champ or US champ at anytime. Leave good story for like say one member being resentful that he's never the singles champ, maybe two members feuding over the US belt, or even two turning on one. Would make for interesting television to say the very least.
  3. rev_kenobi's Avatar
    I do think keeping the Shield as a team for an extended period would be a good idea. If only for the fact we don't get lengthy story lines much anymore. But the main reason I chose MITB and Summerslam is because I think they deserve their dissolution at one of the big four and with the next one after being survivor series I'd fear a pointless team ambrose vs team Rollins which would take away from them themselves. Ideally I guess WM would be ideal but then it could easily be brushed aside by a part timer beating another one.
    I think it's a case of is there enough of a threat in the current roster to keep the Shield looking powerful and interesting or will their dominance end up working against them which could damage their future careers
  4. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I don't like the idea. Champions should defend their own title. Chyna/Jericho can't be compared to this because they were tied. That is why they defended the title like that. Spirit Squad was basically the same two every time. Kenny was always in there defending the tag belts. I believe Mikey was the other aka Mike Mondo. I think it would be better just to let Ambrose be the first to lose his title to whoever like Summerslam....I know short reign. Anyways, he gets jealous he no longer has no gold. Other two make jokes and he goes out to find a partner on his own. Him and whoever loses, but next tag title match that doesn't include Ambrose. He costs the team the tag belts. Get rematch and lose while blaming each other which ends the Shield. They go where ever.....depends on who you book him against. If you begin booking them to lose every week.....they are going to become a jobber. If you book them strong against the likes of Sheamus and pick up some victories such as Reigns vs him.....he could be in the main event soon afterwards.
  5. DWO's Avatar
    Really don't like this idea, well written but The Shield is one of the best things going in the WWE right now and are coming onto bigger things, and you want to see them dismantled? People would bitch about this to the moon and back

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