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My Summerslam Card

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Headliner :

Cena (Champion) vs Ryback vs Axel WWE Championship

Axel takes HHH out of commission @ payback. Heyman comes out the following night on Raw and puts out a challenge to Cena who happens to also be victorious against Ryback. Ryback then comes out at raw after Heyman and says he still has his rematch clause because the first match technically was a draw at extreme rules.

New WWE Champion Ryback @ 22 Minutes

Co Headliner :

Randy Orton vs (Champion )Heel Ziggler vs Alberto Del Rio vs (Mystery Opponent) Christian : Ladder Match WHC Match

Winner and New WHC Randy Orton @ 24 min

Tag Team Championship

Team Hell No vs The Shield

End Of Match - Daniel Bryan so frustrated attacks Kane and then walks out- Thus setting up a Feud with Kane.

Winners and Still Tag Team Champions The Shield @ 15 Minutes

Divas Championship

AJ Lee vs Kaitlyn (Champion)
Winner and new WWE Divas Champ AJ Lee @ 8 Min

Intercontinental Championship

Wade Barrett (Champion) vs Kofi Kingston
Winner and new Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston @ 13 Min

United States Championship

The Miz vs (Champion) Dean Ambrose
Winner and New WWE United States Champion The Miz @ 11 min

#1 Contenders Match for Intercontinental

Fandango vs Chris Jericho

Winner and #1 Contender is Jericho @ 13 Minutes

Cody Rhodes vs Damion Sandow

Winner Cody Rhodes

Big Show vs Mark Henry

Body Slam Match

Winner Mark Henry @ 6 Minutes

Alright guys some of this is crazy but I for one wouldn't mind most of these matches. Tell me what ya think. And yes I took off Brock Lesnar and HHH so they can be saved for Survivor Series or WM or RR.

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  1. lucky7pointman's Avatar
    u got all the titles on the line and it's make it more like a fantasy cards. if i was going to pick a midcard title to be on the line that will be the ic title. cuz i will have shield vs taker and kane 3 vs 2 so united states title will not be on the line for summer slam and beside cena and taker u got no big stars book in this match. axel i see him getting a wwe title just not at summer slam or any of big 4 ppv yet. with 2 big stars book is a bad ppv and it's not going to get people who spent money on ppv to buy it
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